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    Playing With My Dog


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    This is a video of me playing with my dog at home, as you can see he is a very big dog. hope you enjoy it.

    Uploaded by demannu · Rating: 3.3 (839 votes) · 135846 views


    Women seriously interested in K9 sex, message me here on the site. I have a very experienced well hung lab retriever.

    blueyedcwby69, posted

    i would love that cock in my ass

    qhuma4321, posted

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    glowstick25, posted

    Anyone live in the North Central Florida area who has a wife, dog, or horse I can play with? Please message me if you do, thank you.

    YoJambaJamba, posted

    I'd love to eat that cum soaked pussy but I'm in the USA.

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    abdo5180, posted

    Oh hunny turn around and get that cock in you!

    mehoff, posted

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    nickymiles, posted

    Very Sensual

    sogood62, posted

    Sexy girl, sexy dog lets do a three way. Ill be in the middle

    k9cock, posted

    Nice looking woman, nice pussy, big cock. Just need audio. Not bad though.

    junglejohn, posted

    was für eine geile fickfotze.geil wie sie mit dem schwanz an ihrer muschi rumspielt und es geniest wie das sperma überall runter läuft.perfekt

    Heliossus, posted

    beautiful pussy and nice cum! Made me horny as hell!

    marelover2000, posted

    Very nice cock and pussy, should have bent over and slid him in

    tongueyou692, posted

    you have a very beautiful pussy. That's one lucky dog.

    ithinkitis, posted

    awesome but should have shoved the cock up your fanny ==D -

    cable22a, posted

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    yoelperez, posted

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    pepetoni34, posted

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    PASANDRAL2, posted

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    fuckingme11, posted

    Nice looking woman...

    zendan2010, posted

    its not ur own clip.."hun"..its made in south america...and its old one...

    djidji, posted


    lillyfrench, posted

    Dam bb, you are one hot fucking lady!! Would love to watch you take that big cock. Im sitting here stroking my hard cock just watching you two! Wow!

    bparra, posted

    to bad she wasn't brave enough to let him have some, they would have both enjoyed it!!!

    udtdiver, posted

    very nice!

    Prasak, posted

    I think the Dog had alreadt f..... the camera person.

    bottccia, posted

    nice.. got a beautiful hottie there!! hope will see more ur lovely works here.. still go on and dont stop..

    cum2papa, posted

    not the best vid, dont really like dildoing :) but turned me on so must be doing something right

    woofsexx, posted

    beautiful pussy...nearly came myself when those first two squirts soaked her mound..id let her rub mine & the dogs cocks between those lips at the same time, using his cum as lube & add mine. very hot!

    AnimalLover2030, posted

    This is the first time I've commented on a video. I absolutely love the way she is rubs the dogs rock hard knot between her sweet pretty pussy lips. You can tell the dog is enjoying himself by the way he is dripping with precum. The camera guy or gal is doing a great job controlling the camera. I would be so hot I do not know for sure if could control the camera as well as he or she did. I wish I would have been there to tag team her with the dog. I almost cum on myself watching her stroke the dogs cock. I wish it was mine

    joefacebook, posted

    Beautiful well hung dog,too bad he wasn't squirting his juice into that pussy.

    breeder09, posted

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    yaboodle, posted

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    pinkcunt, posted

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    fuckmeraw23, posted

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    summitkid96, posted

    no sound film quality ,not great but alright a little penetration would have been nice even getting his cock to slide along inside her pussy lips, but worth checking out.

    mcnesby, posted

    •Aluzky• Nice video, look old too.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    I'll be your stud's bitch. Anytime, anybreed. Tie me up and impregnate me with his pups. PM me!

    x116, posted

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    gorjul, posted

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    jemiie, posted

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    followdreams, posted

    wish she would do me like that.

    mydogsissy, posted

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    petlove100, posted

    where is the sound but the dog doing its job lol

    rockdalek12, posted

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    abcd1986, posted

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    zengestu5, posted

    pretty hot,a little longer,and some penetration would have been great.

    madmax58, posted

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    BeastyFriends, posted

    Bit of a slow start but hot once she got going. Like to see her taking that cock in her pussy.

    petenw, posted

    iloved the way she took the dogs cock and rubbed it on her pretty pussy. i would do that totally. rub that sopping wet cock all over my pussy

    twinkle3, posted

    good video... i don't doubt that she let him fuck her after the clip ended... too bad it wasn't filmed though!! Still great video.. favorite and whatnot

    havik82, posted

    great video made me so horny,would love to have sucked that lovely dog cock and licked all the lovely pre cum from that gorgeous wet cunt mmmmmmmmm

    goodboyk9, posted

    i'd love to lick her whilst the dog is squirting on her hot pussy.

    AnimalLover2030, posted


    joseph3336, posted

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    sklemby, posted

    love this so much..help me please.

    moony9, posted

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    246748ajacs, posted

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    BeastyFriends, posted

    Would have been so much better if she had done something more than tease the dog.

    cincinnati_bi, posted

    anyone in Vegas....I am a Doggy Virgin too...but want it sooooooooooo bad!

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    lesley, posted

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    extremehunk, posted

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    his dick is drippping alll over wish my cock was like this oh am so horny now

    dogfucker03, posted

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    jadu555, posted

    I wish I were her dog!

    bumscum, posted

    Playing is the right word, cock teasing a lovely dog cock.

    Scarletslut, posted

    love the way she plays with his cock!!i hate to watch these movies without sound!!!without hearing the girl moan and hearing the wet sound of cock in pussy--at lot of the thrill is missing!!!

    satyrone, posted

    wish I had that beautiful cock in my hand would love to put it in my mouth and then put it in my wet pussy and let the dog fuck me hard!

    kcfucd, posted

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    sanja, posted

    Would love to see that well hung dog mount her and fill her good. By the size of the dog, I bet she needs some courage to take him inside her well trimmed snatch. Maybe later vids show her pleasing her faithful companion.

    becauseican, posted

    what a huge cock this dog had.. why did she not allow the dog to penetrate her with that dripping cum out his cock. but it was good too. i like the way she played and massaged his cock. then she rubbed it over her pussy and let the cum drip all over her cunt. i would have liked the dog to lick the cum off and eat her out afterwards, it would have been awesome. just thinking about that huge cock and drippin pussy i am wet and my clit is erect. i would only love a huge cock like that inside me, fuck and knot, it would let me cum more that once, id also like to such that dripping cock and, put my tongue down its hole and let it fuck my mouth too... i enjoyed most of it and my dog is wanting to fuck me right now... my pussy is open and waiting... wait, wait... its in. oh god!! it good. can any man fuck like this dog can

    danking, posted


    hotman1969, posted

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    londonmale, posted

    Knotty shows no signs of slowing up in her quest to have as much doggysex as possible, as often as possible. And it's only the beginning, since her recent move overseas - more on that at a later date. Her 2 lucky boys get a shot at the title in this episode. Dressed suitably sexy for the occasion, she starts out easy with a little pussy pumping from her Boxer. He slides in and out of the Lady, planting his cock where it counts. With a puss full of Boxer cum, Knotty turns up the heat with some eeexcellent missionary action with her monster dane. We all love real missionary, the problem is usually the lack of view. The Lady does what she can to give us a great view, before her big boy slides in and rocks her world, marvellous. When she is sure he's finished with her puss, she finishes him off with a great blowjob - giving us the opportunity to see just how big his package is. With a whang that big Mr Dane needs no sports car to get this doggy girl. Love hearts and lots of good fucking, enjoy the movie.

    lafluer13, posted

    WTF!she has a gorgeous cock in her hand and she doesn't suck on it or put it in her pussy? I would have done a whole lot more than just hold it and rub my pussy with it!

    kcfucd, posted

    Well done. One hot looking pussy. One great K9 cock. One great video. Makes me want to come back as a dog in my next life.Keep UP the good work and post some more of your K9 escapades for all of us to cum over.

    smiley1956, posted

    good cock

    lars123lars, posted

    wow if she ever needs anyone to lick her clean, damn sexy vid.

    jamieboxer, posted

    She is hot lady. The dog was well hung and made it ideal to play with. She probally exploded a few times rubbing his cock on her pussy. Well done lady and good camera work as well.

    stiffrider, posted

    Hot pussy and cock

    newhorse, posted

    I agree she should've let him fuck her, but very hot...

    Gwendalyn, posted

    would love to see a lady get sprayed like that just for me

    Pacific, posted

    I'd fuck him so good.

    ilovedoggyknots, posted

    Nice cock an pussy being sprayed but what a waste of cum but cool vid! She should have let him ut it inside her lovely pussy!

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    lil_slut, posted

    Love this the amature stuff is the best!

    billy_clyde2000, posted

    I loved seeing him squirt his hot load all over her. I'm so wet. Where's a good dog and his master when you need them?

    bellabtown, posted

    Good video but would like to see more.

    bandt56, posted

    nice humping

    billyum0123, posted

    its the best i've seen for awhile ,plenty of dog come and you know she is going to fuck it , or she as ,its tantilizing rubbing her cunt with the dogs dicks, cant wait for more nice and slow

    ezzjoll, posted

    hey the cock goes inside? yawn

    cuntlovesdogs, posted

    She should have let the dog fuck her

    Stan1960, posted


    aryuredi, posted

    I know some people get off on just seeing the dog's dick, but that's not my kick. The little squeeze and tease didn't do anything for me either.

    Darksidehntr, posted

    The whole movie I just waited for her to stick that dog cock into her hot pussy.

    marelover2000, posted

    could do with sound

    pauline19702009, posted

    ella es muy caliente y el parro es bonito tambien.

    luvembig, posted

    Well done, good clear camera work. Hope you post one with all that dog cum squirting all over her tits and mouth.

    arrdee, posted

    Boring, boring, boring

    sildolan, posted

    excellent video! loved seeing her rub that nice doggie cock on her lovely pussy lips. she obviously likes all those dog juices spurting from himonto her MMmm...i wonder if she wore that dog juice all day...thanks for sharing!

    dogluvr, posted

    would have been hotter if she was wearing thigh high stockings. still i loved seeing the dog cumming on her.

    cockhound5150, posted

    lol !!!!!! holton i bet most the ppl here are not what they say! ....nice clip and nice snatch btw ^.^

    wuffy, posted

    Your profile says you're a male over 100 years old. The person in this video is a female.

    Holton, posted

    OMG, I've seen a lot of these vids, and I have to say this was the hottest one so far, even though there was no actual penetration! Seeing her rubbing that lovely cock juice all over her very pretty pussy got me as hard as a rock - if he had entered her, I'd have shot my own load there and then! As it was I really loved the way she handled that cock and the way the cum just kept dripping from it, and the camera work was very good too, some lovely clear pictures. I want more from this couple ...........please!

    dogquester, posted

    I would have loved to see some penetration as well from this woman. But overall it was a very good job. Camera work was excellent and it was very clear except for a couple of shot transitions and movements. I would very much like to see more from these two in the future. I often wonder how people progress from novice to expert in this scene. This clip was from over 2 years ago and I would like to see something more current with this pet or another one. Doesnt anyone start with licking and sucking and go through the whole mounting process? I know that clip would be long but with editing I think it would be very well received. Anyone out there near PA or MD wanna do such a clip?

    nsafunm, posted

    What an awsome clip this is. I loved seeing this woman play with this dogs cock. The dog had a very nice hot cock. It was so awsome seeing this dog cum all over her pussy as she rubbed him all over her pussy. The woman also had an awsome looking pussy that was nicely shaved. The only way this could have been better is if there was any penetration.The dog was a beutiful boy with a nice hard cock that was pretty big and maybee this is why she did not let him mount her but no the less it was still great to be able to see his awsome cock rubbing on her pussy and seeing her handle that huge cock. hot hot hot.

    funanimal37727, posted

    A very sexy lady with a beautiful-looking pussy. She seemed to really enjoy rubbing her warm, wet pussy lips with her pet's hard cock. Her wanting, wet pussy glistened with the cum of her pet. Watching her play with her pet, made my cock hard as I wanted her to play with my cock in that same way. Her caressing stroke appeared to be sensual as the dog's cock seemed to be very hard. Watching her pet cum onto her sexy pussy made me want to also explode onto her. I would love to see this beautiful woman take her pet's cock deep into her beautiful, wet pussy. Boy, would that make for an exciting climax.

    watcher53, posted

    I loved it made me cum hard just wish i was her i wish my dog would cum like that. i'd love to be her getting his cum all over me yummy i'd be his little B**** his cock looked so yummy i'd suck on that for hours i wouldn't get enough i'd never need anyone other then that dog. i came so hard and was still horny from the thought of being under his big cock. I want that dog more then i want mine and i have to two nice big male huskies that love fucking and man they do a great job but i think her dog would do a lot better getting me to cum over and over and over i'm going to try and post videos of me and my boys going hardcore one day.

    DogDickLover90, posted

    This is so hot. It made me want to cum on the spot. I loved how she handled that dog cock. Too bad she didn't lick or suck it. Very sexy when the dog cum sprayed her body. Next time she will lay down and allow the hot dog cum spray all over her face and breast. What a fine lady handling that large dog cock. Grabbing the hard dog cock and rubbing her clit is just unbelievable. Keep up the good work and send more videos. Your videos will always rate very good with me. Thank you very much, Hal

    hal1956, posted
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