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    vintage group sex / home made movie women and dog on the floor very very very old movie 1930 not really good quality enjoy all of you

    Uploaded by idand · Rating: 3.5 (19 votes) · 2242 views


    ich mag alte Filme zeigen sie doch,das geile Frauen und geile Hunde schon immer sich gefunden haben,und ich kann alle Frauen verstehen,denn selbst ein Dachel hat einen größeren Schwanz mit Knoten,als die meisten Männer mit ihren 12-15 cm und darum liebe Frauen, schafft euch einen Hund an

    toooooby, posted

    The Werewolf review: It may be old. It may be blurred and in black and white, but this awesome piece of Americana tells you something about all generations from the beginning of our species. There is a certain portion of the human race that is attracted to the carnal, the animal and this movie gives me more proof of my theroy. Four human sex partners and three dog sex partners are split into 3 different clips. A gentleman opens and closes the door for a very attractive woman who proceeds to breed with a canine in a short but sweet mount. The 2nd one was better as you saw the dog's knot in the woman and both of them seemed to be having a good time. The 3rd clip is a double taboo as two women make out with each other while man's best friend butted in to finish the job on both of them. Worth watching and remember, you are watching history. Just think what people will think about us 100 years from now when they see all of this.

    6were6wolf6, posted
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