• this is a short video clip of my jacking off my dog Charlie for the very first time it was first for the both of us

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    awsum.id love to lick that doggies end clean

    kellovesit, posted

    wow that is so fucking hot...charmer1941@gmailcom

    jtovar5988, posted

    wow I just jizzed

    cal-106, posted

    am a kay9 lover wish to cam with a chic while fuck my pet an she plays for me ,is that too much to ask seamen_of_d_c@hotmai-l.com plz no gay boys am str8

    rolrex, posted

    this reminds me of my dog! i love the warmth of his little fur!

    GermanHalo, posted

    Simple but very effective movie. Made me cream.

    onlywow, posted

    Practice, practice, practice

    Jillnjewels, posted

    thanks for sharing, missmiradelenn!!! a bit tough videoing as you play but it's nice to see you experimenting with the doggie cock and sheath!

    dogluvr, posted

    good first try but you have to lick it nect time

    attala200, posted

    WOW nice first try. Please follow us up on your sexy boy :D

    pastasaladwhat, posted

    not much payoff, but i stll would love it to have been me.

    nn1234, posted

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    wow big big thanks for sharing this. that is really one hell of an awesome movie. ooh,it really turns me on how the dogs cock is starting to get bigger and is being pleased and rubbed by that women while she is rubbing the dogs massive shaft.his precum is dripping from the tip of his big juicy cock and in the end he licks that precum all away for himself. nevertheless i am sorry that she didnt put it in her mouth or spanked that nice cock to full size and swallow the dogs full load. its really exciting to see her experimenting with that dog shaft

    Becool_m18, posted
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