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    2 Ladies And Dog


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    retro two women and a black dog enjoying each other together in bed dildog lickin flood playing blonde and brunette love to have fun with the dog

    Uploaded by alahan · Rating: 2.2 (716 votes) · 112397 views


    Where's the sound very poor

    bellski, posted

    Men,25 years old looking for some animal action in austria.

    Serberus, posted

    Old clip, not very clear and not much action.

    junglejohn, posted

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    samyalii, posted

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    samyalii, posted

    Female from Russia, searching zoosex talks and advices.

    milena1980, posted

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    milena1980, posted

    looking for female that loves big dogs and would like to play

    henchman71, posted

    this would be good if it had sound.

    cheezst8ke, posted

    no volume WTF lots of clips on here have no volume, or is it jus me

    69superbadxxx, posted


    biancalingerman, posted

    Hello, ive made a few of these comments all ready but ^^. Look at my profile maybe msg me :) Im male and 100% bisexual so its all good ;)

    young_one_65, posted

    dog never got any pussy

    geosanford, posted

    I just love these vintage clips of these beautiful women that still have their pussies hairy!

    breeder09, posted

    lovely dog cock

    judasfanny, posted

    A total waste of time. Dog not interested - maybe the girls should have got it off together without forcng the dog

    petesfolly, posted

    toju loosik vosolfkiet equxvin

    tsmith5143, posted

    dont waste my time like this, u should not show this videos unless you want to lose viewers petsex beware!

    esparzascc, posted

    This vid is a waste of time.What a waste!!!

    JustJB, posted

    I feel bad for the dog as the chick that is handling his cock is acting like she has a rubber dildo in her un exspieranced hands and will probably hurt that poor animal.hope not as it is a good dog

    monsterlove9, posted

    anyone want to trade pics?

    pnksk8er220, posted


    a_lodie, posted

    pas d'accions

    a_lodie, posted


    PLURG, posted

    ive never had a girl to help me always guys but we live in hope

    pinkcunt, posted

    oh my god that was so good turned me on so much. ive never let my dog do that but my nans dog who has sadly died used to lick my clit he was a white boxer dog.he was amazin and licked it sooo good made me come every time getting his tongue right in there.this video made me so horny im tempted to try it when i have a free house. any tips or hint please feel free to give me advise for my first time. i love it when a dog licks your clit allthought my boyfriend does a good job theres something different about a dog they never stop and put there tongue in really deep..i dont have a dog but my boyfriends mum has 2 and i am due to baby sit i tried to see if they would lick it but for some reason they didnt any tips to encourage them to lick em out? c

    twisterr06, posted

    I hate dildoing a dogs dick.. it should be more natural with the dog humping the girl..

    beastialitygirl, posted

    is pretty cool she was fucked by the dog or was dog sucking it.

    samsonsam123, posted

    what a waste of a big, thick dick, he should have banged her pussy.

    maddy4, posted

    To bad it takes too long for them to get into it, there's no sound and the vid is all pixelized!

    jackf9, posted

    •Aluzky• 2:00 minutes and nothing... at least if the video had sound...

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    sweet blonde.

    digitallover, posted

    to much talking not enough action

    fredpotts, posted


    birich, posted

    mikkilik21; idea of 2 woneb % a dog.great not any way realised.too bad.

    mikkilik21, posted

    Netter Inhalt, leider sehr undeutlich in der qualität

    baerchen3465, posted

    two lovely ladies and a big dick dog! :)

    south2, posted

    pruts pruts pruts,huur mij maar in,dan word het een sexfeest

    gerard007, posted

    bello peccato che è sfuocato

    giuseppina, posted

    Boring show, grainy picture and soundless, but we do at least get a brief view of an all-too-rare hairy twat.

    freddie5152, posted

    useless an pointless. as are pretty much every single video upon this site. glad I don't pay and am waiting to see how long it takes for this site to close.

    tiberious, posted

    dog seemed more interested in the lady in black ,nice dick

    horny53, posted

    good thing didnt pay for this one. have seen alot better.

    adb1960, posted

    nice one

    yklucky, posted

    bad quality, bad sex, its a joke, not more please

    mirojo, posted

    it would been a better movie if it was in focus and the dog got some actual fucking in it would have been great.

    billyum0123, posted


    tiberious, posted

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    rolrex, posted

    ITs as if the lady in black is trying to share her rotty but he only has interest for his owner.

    ImDaBitch, posted

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    rolrex, posted

    looking for fuck ptgs to talk with

    jerk69, posted


    hoangvan315, posted

    päch,billige porno mist,,suche frauen in meine nähe,ebru1978@gmx.de

    ebrusch, posted

    The asses were cute. Underwear and stockings were very sexy. The quality of the movie is crap! Still rates a worth watching by me.


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    caddi1983, posted

    Was not a high quality, lacked the pleasue of being able to view and find oneself excited. On a scale of 1 to 10.....pushing it...maube a 1+.

    lovemyfurrypets, posted

    not even worth posting a coment

    horniedog, posted


    Prasak, posted

    that was frustrating!they both wasted a beautiful dog cock they didn't even suck on it

    kcfucd, posted

    does either one of them know anything about this at all.. why was this posted??

    kitten2, posted

    what a waste of time

    stevetrindle, posted

    No action but the anticipation that something going to happen was alway there. It was good to watch what seems like amateurs trying to get it on with this well hung dog.

    stiffrider, posted

    Looks like it was the blond's first time with a dog. I think the other woman should have helped the dog to mount the blond instead of trying to pull him into her it would have been easer for him to fuck her.

    cincinnati_bi, posted

    Should redo this one and get some help let the dog mount you

    needfull, posted

    4.56 min's of nothing, the poor pet seemed like he just wanted to get away from it all and was not into it at all, maybe with the woman in black but definately the woman in white. should've tested it 1st and screened ur movie after, cuase it was a waiste of ur time and viewers as well! better luck next time.

    bowwow69, posted

    was not impressed with this movie. it seemed that the dog wanted to bone the other chick

    harolddogpony, posted

    even for a free movie, this one was a waste of time.

    hofstra, posted

    terrile not worth to watching

    xxx07, posted

    waste of time...

    glocar, posted

    very disappointing.

    tannerlaughs, posted

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    leek2009, posted

    No penetration during the whole movie, What a waste of film and time. Please do not post time wasters like this one.

    boosgomak, posted

    It looked like the dog was use to getting the dark haired woman. He was ready to mount her but she wanted him to fuck the blond. The blond did not seem to really know what to do and the dark looked like she wanted some lesbian action also. Maybe after the blond was fucked by the dog. I didn't like that their was no sound. It might have been more interesting with sound. The blond did not get into it. Maybe she was just learning. It would have been better if they could have gotten the dog to mount her. Maybe next time.

    unaboss, posted

    Unbelievable!! Awesome!!!

    raginghormones, posted

    so good

    snakes69, posted

    The dog looked like he had fucked to dark haired girl before but was not sure the blond would take his hard cock. Would like to see him fuck them both.

    cincinnati_bi, posted

    yeah, force the dog dick in her!

    Prasak, posted

    This one is lame. You shouldn't have to force the dog cock in her!

    lovek9knot, posted

    practice makes perfect! :)

    kilkennykid88, posted

    so cool !!!

    jimi-jumu, posted

    girls need to practice before repeating the movie. must be camera person first day on the job.

    flypaper, posted

    Pity the quality was shit. Both girls looked like they love some doggie cock and puppy juice in them, pity we didnt see anu of it. Both girls were fuckable by man, dog or both.

    ihope2cu2, posted

    not worth the time to watch this--poor video quality--

    tanalia, posted

    2 women and a dog and none of them knew how to do it!

    cincinnati_bi, posted

    Oh! let the poor boy make you his bitch the way mother nature intended!! Let him mount and knot you and fill you with hot puppie makers in your pussy!!!!

    mehoff, posted


    teddybears, posted

    if she able to get the dogs cock in her pussy it would have been a better movie.

    billyum0123, posted

    worth nothing. this shit is really boring

    adisa, posted

    would have been much hotter if the dog had been in control and the dog definitely wanted the brunette.

    Decemberist, posted

    nice girls, not ready for prime time-sucks

    escowbpy, posted

    The move itself is not a great thing, but the girls are lovely....

    nogueira, posted

    Get some pracetise this BEFORE you record bitches. This shit is lousy.

    Stepiwolf25, posted

    the concept is good, however; the execution isn't.

    luvembig, posted

    The woman in black held more of an interest for the dog, to bad. That would have been a good movie!

    djw, posted

    Waste of time, lousy photography, boring as hell. Not even worth being free. Glad i didn't pay for that shit

    sildolan, posted

    What a load of shit.

    bitchboy, posted

    Piss poor

    sildolan, posted

    No experience maybe? They're using it like a dildo on the outside, not even letting him penetrate.

    Kdo, posted

    damn ladies...that's no toy just to "play with", you dick teasers. If you won't give him pussy, at least put that scrumptious looking dog-meat in your mouth.

    dickweed1, posted

    not a great movie

    lehlohonolo, posted

    Agree poor film

    billymean, posted

    not much

    tarrajane123, posted

    show something more

    charru69, posted

    The movie was quite interesting, but I feel like the quality could have been better, and the choice to dildo the dog instead of let him naturally hump was a bit odd, personally. I think having the dog do what its bred to do normally is the best way of doing things. I will agree with others reviews that the women seemed entirely interested, which was definitely a turn on. On a one to ten rating scale, I would give this a 6, great interaction between the woman and the dog, but personally, not as natural as it should be.

    lunareclipse, posted

    this was good, the dog had a good size dick, it took a bit for them to actually start doing anything, and I didnt like the fact that there was no sound, the quality wasnt that great as well, but those are my only complaints, the video was good, the dog seemed very interested, as well as the two ladies, they seemed to be yearning for it, as the one in white was already bent over and ready to take it, the one in black still had her clothes on, but she seemed just as interested in wanting some as the lady in white.

    CyrelIzerius, posted

    This was awesome the dog has such a nice penis size. I bet those women are completely satisfied. The dog was just as anxious as the women to get it in that was so special. Hey...where can I get one like that?!I would like to see how that dog feels inside me! Those women seem to be enjoying themselves. Wish it were me but I will go get me a dog just like him he knows what to do and everything!!I bet that tongue of his feels great too!Enjoy ladies and I will envy you til I get one.

    Mzpat39, posted
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