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    Dog Kiss


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    hot girl kissing her dog i dont no where i got this clip from but its realy good if any of u no more of her pleas msg me thanks :D

    Uploaded by Daveofthedead · Rating: 4.1 (282 votes) · 63488 views


    wow she is so hotttttttttt,, would love to chat with her,, im dapiggy55 YHmess.... mmmmm

    dapiggy, posted

    wtf this is labeled as free.. but i need credits to watch it?????

    havik82, posted

    The was so sexy her body is so beautiful,how can she fuck the dog and not me. if she like to fuck me is ok, i see the tight pussy make me so hot that iron also can go attractive.

    jokersam, posted

    jokersam dogsexhunter was definately right, i also want tobe her puppy too as long .

    jokersam, posted

    iemand in belgie die dit doet ik zou dit ook wel eens willen uitproberen samen met een vrouw.ik word hier suppergeil van mail mij op kangeroe60@hotmail.com aub groetjes

    kangeroe, posted

    Oh YES HOT!

    Adonia, posted

    I really want to be her puppy.

    DogSexHunter, posted

    nice! where is the rest? you know that dog fucks her and gets a good blow job! someone please post the rest

    2happyhour, posted

    Fantastic kissing wow love to see more xxxxx

    keith962, posted

    Really sexy stuff...love it!

    bottle99, posted

    that is so hot

    nadanada11, posted

    awesome loved this one, anymore like it on this site?

    rarebreed1, posted

    I'd like to see part II and part III!

    bobsky, posted

    She is so horny, she obviously sexually loves her dog as she readily and wantingly excepts his whole tongue in her mouth and gives a little back. What I wouldnt give to spy on an unexpecting lady having fun with her pet like this, must be more of this vid somewhere? Probably gives her a nice pussy licking, I am hoping.

    browneyedog, posted

    one of the very best clips on this site definately. the dog is her lover. nice. would love to see more of her. would love to find a chick like her!!! young white bodybuilder searching for attractive white or latina woman in mid-west USA for fun and who knows.holler: southflexx@gmail.com

    southflexx, posted

    that is so fucken hot

    aceminnion, posted

    that is the most lucky dog i have seen

    aceminnion, posted

    She is so fucking hot! nice toung kissing!

    zoofilia80, posted

    OMG Yes! Fucken Hot! Love it!

    Adonia, posted

    God she is gorgeous, love the kissing dogs thing xxxx

    alrightybabes, posted

    That's the girl from Ark After Dark. Her and her guy had a whole series of videos on the net about ten years ago.....those two were really hard core. She was in a bad accident from what I heard and they have stopped making movies and took down their website.

    knottygirl, posted


    moony9, posted

    what a romantic dog...I'd also want to french-kiss her...she is so hot!!

    fredog51M, posted

    Nice black stockings anyway.


    Loved it!!! Very Hot!!

    BitchKym, posted

    Where is the rest of this?????????? I am desperate to see where it goes. I think she is going to let him go straight into her no fooling no pawplay. I even think she is his owner!

    sepia123, posted

    hi nice vidoes of you by the way i dont kow how to upload my vidoes fucking my pets. and i got german pit bull k9 and snake if u want to see my vidoes dont hesistate to drop a message in my yahoo messenger its leahhotdizon @ yawhow . com. love it:)

    maria123, posted

    nice kiss

    Fxyldy10101, posted


    saalittavaa, posted

    "think i've ever been more jealous of a dog"; screw that I'm jealous of that woman 8D he is a Gorgeous lab

    marshall13, posted

    sweet beauty.

    digitallover, posted

    this is a pretty, horny girl. wow!!

    oohoo, posted

    She was a little apprehensive about letting him lick her in the mouth.. i find it very erotic after my dog licks my pu**y first

    kitten2, posted

    wow pretty girl, I,d like to meet her

    Lia1988, posted


    lihai, posted

    Very hot! Where can I find the whole movie? Has she made more movies? She became obviously horny when making out with the dog. I am sure she loves to suck dogcock and be fucked by the dog too. Want more of her!

    stjartalskare, posted

    this was a great video i loved the kissing the woman was sensational. i would like to see more of her she has great moves.this video was very erotic not run of the mill. it would be great to see her and the same dog with a man lying beside her with a female dog each kissing their own with great passion and fucking in the missionary position side by side.

    kathysucks, posted

    I would love to be kissed like this especially after he has licked all of his cum from my arse mmmmmmmmmm

    Belinda402007, posted

    I was delighted to find this flick among the "Most Highly Rated". That French kiss at 00.38 marker is true eroticism!! More, more, more of this woman!!

    sucez, posted

    god damnit if i dont find a girl into this in jersey im gonna go nuts! lol

    Jtm5178, posted

    I can't leave this scene alone! The part where they have the extended French kiss is positively erotic! More! More! More of this woman and dogs!!

    sucez, posted

    Why?! That extended "kiss" at about the half way mark drives me up the wall!! Why?!

    sucez, posted

    I passed this title by quite a few times because it didn't sound too sexually exciting, but.......WOW! That French kiss turned me ON!! I can honestly say I don't understand it, but when she locked onto that tongue and was plainly sucking it as in a nice French kiss, it went right into my nipples! Can we see more of her? What a sexy little beauty! Whatever it takes, get her back and the dog too!! At the right kind of party she could make me suck his tongue too! And hers!!

    sucez, posted

    She was gorgeous

    alrightybabes, posted

    there has to be more - PLEASE?

    MrNY, posted


    lillyfrench, posted

    very nice girl, a verygood kissing, she is in love whith her dog, she want to cover by her beautiful dog

    frany1953, posted

    What a body, the bitch is hot as hell. She seems to really want the knot.

    TSHOKKER, posted

    Ilike it like to see more

    stevengt1234, posted

    how do i download or buy the movie?

    smooth11, posted

    this got me soooo hot

    Trinitysama, posted


    murkay84, posted


    johncull, posted

    Hmmm very hot

    lekkersmurfje, posted

    nice kissing job ...but where is the fucking

    s.kkkk, posted

    she's hot

    spam1977, posted

    that was hot...very nice. I'd love to see the rest

    curious_chick, posted

    This is a rea tender clip. She´s like a bride that let her first man enter her body. This clip is brilliant. I am an experienced bi-lady searching other experienced girls. Just write me: sallyright@hotmail.de Yours, Sally

    69sally69, posted

    yeah she's from ark after dark ;)

    Dj_animal, posted

    omfg i want to see more SOOO BAD that was truly soo hot...wow, it really made me horny as shit!

    nielisse, posted

    very erotic, she definately loves her dog! i'd like to see where this lead to...

    dogluvr, posted

    SUPERB kissing action - gorgeous dog, gorgeous girl - WOW!!! MANY thanks for sharing!!

    Prince777, posted

    Very good! Nice Girl and lovly Dog! Das Mädel sieht geil aus und ist auch geil. Der Hund weiß was Mädels wollen+brauchen!

    sadfuck, posted

    Sweet! Both wanted each other! Would love to see the rest!

    harleypoor, posted

    Its the woman from the "Ark after Dark" series - I wish I had more of her too.....

    gualthier, posted

    superb clip!

    Flowerhunter, posted

    real nice looking Bitch I wouldn't mind kissing and licking on that myself,the size of that dog,too. I would have to say Doggy come mount me and fuck me fill me with your knot and give me your puppies

    moresa44c, posted

    nice girl, kissing makes me so horny!

    gaensehaut_m_38, posted

    I love this video...i mean wow, what a body!!! This woman is stunning and i dont think i've ever been more jealous of a dog. She has perfect tits n shes got on some sexy tight/suspenders, she's just gorgeous. What makes this video even better is the kissing...wow, there's nothing i like more than seeing a gorgeous woman making out wiv a dog, it really get me going :). I nowdefinately want to see more of this video and hopefully alot more kissing, and if it involves this woman i definately want to see it. The video ends with a nice little teaser as the dog goes to lick the woman out...damn i wish i was that dog .

    liam112311, posted
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