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    Bitch Fucked


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    Blonde girl screams with delight as she gets it from behind from a huge German Shepherd. Another dog watches and waits his turn. I think she is liking it.

    Uploaded by oniac · Rating: 3.9 (225 votes) · 79898 views


    loverly short clip possibly her first time !at mating hence her position ! practise for her and things will improve .... for doggie and her self

    junglebunny, posted

    gret dog shame she can't realy take him , maby she will get better with pratice

    houndog69, posted

    It's such a shame she doesn't look like she's enjoying herself... I know I'd have been enjoying if it'd been me locked in that room with those two studs ;-)

    lilnekomimi, posted

    OMG!!!! This Woman has Little smaller Titties and What beautiful hair! She has the kind of hair and build I like.............So Beautiful.........Wonder if she's married???? If I could fine one like her, I would kiss and love her no matter how many Dogs she FUCKED!!!! Love your Picture Baby! :-)

    Texasdont1944, posted

    that bitch need a collar !!!

    ultrastud1, posted


    nailmesweet54, posted

    wasnt long enough to enjoy

    joycecole69, posted

    I just love seeing other slim females getting fucked by other dogs its such a exciting sight and always makes me drenched and want to share one with another slim female like myself its the best feeling in the world being fucked by a dog and seeing another slim female being fucked by one too.

    dirtykinkydiane, posted

    WHAT is with all you ding-a-ling men with girl names ???? YIKE

    ThisMan, posted

    hot, but short... I love her cries as she feels the hot cock filling her with spunk... would have loved the bonus of watching the next dog

    talynndar, posted

    The video is good but a little bit too short..

    Maskman, posted

    I just love the little titties on this girl!!! Man that dog was quick to give this lovely lady a nice big injection of spunk that comes flying out when he dismounts her!! Good video but would like to see a longer one of this girl enjoying it more, maybe with a dog that isn't so hyper and takes his time when penetrating this exceptionally nice girl.

    kaaty, posted

    hot but short

    sexanne, posted

    da is goed meer van dit

    kangeroe, posted

    Good clip, but somebody needs to chain that bitch's head down so she can't push Him out.

    Darksidehntr, posted

    Mmmm, so so hot. :)

    kerstingirl, posted

    absolutely gorgeous!

    jonathan45, posted

    I am delighted with this film

    orynoko, posted

    wonderfull video,i enjoyed it

    nobbym, posted

    hot would love to have that dog breed in me mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    sherryspatz, posted

    Our k9 friend hammered that bitch...Bravo!

    different, posted

    thats my friend Gaby shes get fucked often and hard

    SusanneS, posted

    need help training my pup johns56ford@yahoo.com near Bangor Maine

    johns56ford, posted

    Love it!!! I saw a movie on limewire, "stary x, 8 dogs in one day" remindes me of that a bit, too short though. I would LOVE to be fucked by 2 or 4 different dogs in one day, just lay there & have someone bring them to me is one of my ultimate fantasies!!!

    Puppyslutxxx, posted

    I love this girl. Exactly the way it should be done. Bitch on heat on her hands and knees. Totally naked. The dog mounting the natural way. Added bonus with other dogs waiting to take her pussy. She is yummy!

    bitchboy, posted

    I love this girl. Exactly the way it should be done. Bitch on heat on her hands and knees. Totally naked. The dog mounting the natural way. Added bonus with other dogs waiting to take her pussy. She is yummy!

    bitchboy, posted


    naveedvicky17, posted

    Short clip but after a few times her screms made me squirt:)

    Girl4doginSFL, posted


    GATANEGRA, posted

    Nice Vid ;)

    Serrdar, posted

    how can i find these kind of movies in a good resolution for free, is there any blog?

    ni111, posted

    great movie but too short to enjoy really thank you for sharing

    poleugenia, posted

    sudhawonderful n enjoyed every second of the movie.

    sudhanair.pv, posted

    Beautiful! I loved it and would gladly have sloppy seconds after the dog.

    bitchboy, posted

    very good video! she got nicely doggie fucked! lots of cum spewing out when he popped out! i definately think she likes it

    dogluvr, posted

    good movie.

    shonal, posted

    its good

    devisrinadh, posted

    spam, re upload, nerd

    tragat, posted

    Even though this clip is only 20 seconds long it is VERY exciting to watch. The bitch is ready and waiting when the stud is brought in. It doesn't detract from the breeding that he is on a leash. He's obviously enthusiastic as he charges at the bitch and mounts fast. Nice camera work, very well focused, excellent distance from the stud and bitch. We get a chance to see her entire body as she's being bred. After climbing down we get a great view of his cock and good sized knot Having the harlequin Great Dane in the background eagerly awaiting his own chance was a hot bonus especially hearing him bark. It was so easy to imagine that the Dane would follow the Shepherd at getting to breed their bitch.

    Kymfur, posted
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