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    Girl First Time 1


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    This girl enjoy the dog for the first time , she get helped by a guy. 70' stuff i think , the girl is pretty and willing to learn. Hope you will like it.

    Uploaded by Brughel · Rating: 4.2 (57 votes) · 6183 views


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    Tolkatore, posted

    it´s a very good vid, please more.

    Lup, posted

    The part i liked was when she was sucking the dogs cock and somebody was fucking her. the gs didnt want to be sucked at first.

    fredpotts, posted

    very nicely done

    johnlob, posted

    Lovely to see how the dog's cock starts small but grows to a really good size with the woman's oral and manual attention. Very nice thanks. d

    deluge58z, posted

    Für DAS ERSTE MAL war es ganz gut.

    360Grad, posted

    good old days vid.....

    Prasak, posted

    Best copy of this clip I have ever seen.

    tonacious_p, posted

    Pretty good clip for beta-max!

    Irishbull, posted

    this bitch is soooo fucking hot! sucking a huge spurting dog cock while getting fucked by black cock! doesnt get any hotter!! i dumped 2 loads while watching this flick!!!! i need a woman like this. are you out there? contact me if you exsist

    cockhound5150, posted

    this movie is very nice specialy when the girl wanna try the red nice cock of the herder the movie is also not bad quality they are no problems at all soo its an good job they are many movies on this site with bad coulor and size of the movie and als its nothing but i have no bad comment on this the girl is also hot very hot and horny ass hell so as you can see and i just wanna see more of this movies of girl who try's some thing new and some thing special but not all of the time you get seeing this soo keep up the nice work and lets the movies come in grtzz Doggiestijlo

    doggiestijlo, posted
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