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    Girl Raped By Troll


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    Well, It's a girl getting raped by a Troll. From Demonic3D. It's only a preview, sorry If this movie already been uploaded before.

    Uploaded by Shao · Rating: 3.8 (83 votes) · 51281 views


    What the flying fuck shitballs bull fucking duke doushe creampie shotballs apple sandwinches

    fury2013, posted


    rushofthenight, posted

    WTF did i just watch 8(

    curiouspervert, posted

    Troll from lord of the rings

    regiking555, posted

    me like it in my nice tight gay ass

    barryboy56, posted

    Love the video, very hot

    xxxgirlxxx, posted

    Love it!!

    adimen, posted

    law-ay nga porn ni???

    kean20, posted

    i would luv to be captured and tied up like that, but i want to be raped by lots of trolls

    littlelover, posted

    oh i love this!

    ingedb, posted

    Most of us women have had the thought is taking a large dick that would push so deep that it would feel like it would push through the cervix and into our uterus--and even further. . .this seems to align with that fantasy. . . This works on several levels and that's why I voted for it: There is the BDSM aspect of the woman suspended and helpless to what ever would happen to hear. These is the animal aspect--this creature reminded more a gorilla than a troll, but I guess that might be splitting hairs. Lastly, as the troll organ presses into the helpless woman from behind and her stomach bulges, I was reminded of the various times I would massage myself externally while a man was deep in me. . .I could feel through my vaginal walls his dick moving and both my man and I had wonderfully intense orgasms. . .Girls--next time you are riding, press deep in your pubic area and feel his dick in you and give both of you a deep massage. . . you will find it worth your while and I know he will!

    morgan_faye, posted

    anyone want to do that to me?!

    babylicker, posted

    That looks painfull and enjoyable at the same time. Hottt

    Mmmnice, posted

    not a fan of the animation style but can definitely image village virgin captured by troll and then used

    bob54321, posted

    loved watching his huge cock stretch her tummy

    spookshowbaby, posted

    i could watch that over and over...any trolls out there?

    snowbunny623, posted

    are trolls animals?

    Flowerhunter, posted

    That is just hot!

    jayko, posted


    littlelover, posted

    I think it's already here.. or else I've seen it some where else. But it's still at nice video.

    shadow, posted

    I havnt seen this one posted before, nice vid though, keep on postin.

    redfox40, posted

    this movie showed a great pov and the sound were amazing this got me so hard i hard to fap to it. the animations were all so very well done one of the best free 3Ds i have ever seen around. I cant decide whether or not to give it 4 or 5 its a very hard choice but after a few times i have decided to give this video a good four and a half out of a five. I love 3d porn i love 3d porn i love 3d porn nerd nerd nerd nerd love love love love love love love love lvoe love love love

    profilegii, posted

    Very good video, i like animated/3d porn and it found that it was very good. Alot of 3d porn is good but if dealing with larger dicks they dont show the stomach getting stretched which this one does which makes me enjoy it more. The woman moaning/screaming in pain sounds amazing and definately turns me on. Would LOVE to see more of these videos by the same author. I went and watched the video 3 times through just because i liked it that much, and its not very often i watch a video more than once. Very good job

    alex.hume1997, posted

    This looks like it hurts But also if would feel good at the same time Heck what am i sayin i wished it was me getting it from behind like that But back to the point very good graphics looks like a very good bondage scene But other than that a very good video for 22 seconds!!!! O and the troll was very life like and so was the girl great looking body and titties on the girl and for the troll the dick look real as well and one more thing the graphics were amazing ii thought the scene was very life like indeed the pixels were amazing!!!!

    norman41, posted

    That looks painfull and enjoyable at the same time. I that it was good and interesting. if i knew you was the maker of the clip. i would want to see more videos like this one. Very good never the less. ."watching his huge cock stretch her tummy" was different and i liked it. Animation was a little different for me to see but still. good. All in all, a decent video and would like too see more. Keep them coming. I don't know what else to say about this video. I thought it was good. I just watched it again to see if i can think of something else to write about it. AND I can't think of nothing else. Hope to see more videos like this one though. Like I said before, and I will say it again, KEEP THEM COMING, it seems to me you post good videos.

    stenz, posted
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