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    Wife's First Time


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    Here is a fourth part of wife's orgy.Thank you for all comments and please enjoy next part.This is another sesion and there will be one more...

    Uploaded by joekwlsk · Rating: 3.3 (263 votes) · 69543 views


    sexy awesome;)

    CherriesD, posted

    je ziet wel weinig he

    kangeroe, posted

    nice body on women would love to see with better camera man as she seemed to enjoy alot. ralhper uk

    ralhper, posted


    njnm, posted

    A long shot of the mating would be very nice.

    oralguy82, posted

    would have been nice to have a still holding camera

    mailman12, posted

    New to this, and fucking wet just watching, really want to try it now.

    dragonflychild, posted

    The Camera Guy Sucks!

    cansex, posted

    the camera work was not uniformly good, but the sound of her enjoyment was most erotic great when she moved from doggie to on top to complete her fuck go to pet-animal-lovers@groups.live.com to discuss this and other vids, or message me

    hamilton2, posted

    Don't know how this works fully but looking for a woman in the brisbane area to give me my first experience with either a female dog or horse...leave me a message here and ill check it and get back to u will then exchange emails...i dont need to have sex with u if u dont want that just ur dog or horse...must b female animal and person completely straight guy...happy to b filmed for u too...im ready for training

    omgwoothehe, posted

    Wife fucks like a pro! She really knows how to bang that dog!


    She really liked, She really rode his deeply inbedded dogcock good

    Mrknot2, posted

    Love to have seen her expression on her face, she seems to enjoying it, she is doing all the work, nice body......................

    tess88, posted

    I want to be mounted just like that i never hhave been...anyone from south cali wanna help out a neewbie 18 year old;) message mee Oh i have pictures of my pussy and body;)

    freakhh99, posted

    She really liked it...but who can blame her...I would love to have that delicious cock fucking me as well...

    mefirstime, posted

    She really rode his deeply inbedded dogcock good, and enjoyed it .

    jayko, posted

    Nice clip she really seems to enjoy it. She pumps against him to get the most from him. I wish I had a woman like her.

    dcorse, posted

    i wish it was longer with a knot at the end

    pqr_1976, posted

    made me cum

    fishslash, posted

    she was deep with that and was really ejoying it

    mwm4, posted

    interesting.. i like that he was all the way in her at the end and she was enjoying it so much

    kitten2, posted

    that was pretty good! she was really horney for some doggie cock too! All he had to do was sit back and she fucked the hell out of him!

    Jackal_, posted

    Great looking woman with a nice pussy. Looks like its been stretched before! Loved the little hang of her sexy belly while she is getting fucked!

    Bigeightincher, posted

    Very nice, she liked that knot

    cinny, posted

    Very nice, lucky guy

    cinny, posted

    so so it was ok

    superboy36, posted

    Wonderful.She looked and sounded like she was really enjoying herself.

    tillerman, posted

    fantastic movie

    beckycollins, posted

    Good to see a well lit video. Thanks

    newbikerider, posted

    Camera is way to close

    edwardc, posted

    need help to train my pup johns56ford@yahoo.com bangor maine

    johns56ford, posted

    good clip but looks like the lady was doing the work but still it look like fun

    doggiedoer2, posted

    very hot

    xxx6823, posted

    Wow- very nice...if you ever need help with that, I'm a hot and willing redhead- love to lend a hand...or rather, some other part

    curious_chick, posted

    I love it when they cum in me! she sure looked like she was lovin it.

    metermaid, posted

    that is hot and wife looks sexy

    donniehearl, posted

    I don't care about the size right now I just want a doggy dick. (But the the bigger the better

    stormynites18, posted

    i wish in me

    beastkumr, posted

    wow she is so lucky to have him please her i wish i could trade placed with her

    redamber, posted


    stevengt1234, posted


    BARJO, posted

    Great job you go bitch

    easygoinart, posted

    prefer a bigger and harder dick....

    khalan, posted

    Great clip,look like she enjoyed that lucky dog.

    repeter41, posted

    loved it got me hard!!!

    itsjustme21, posted

    would love to see more wow, want someone to take me and my dog.any takers leave me a message.

    bazz1, posted

    I agree, better camera work would be nice. Still good though, you love that dog cock girl!! Keep at it, you"ll be great, making me wet!

    Puppyslutxxx, posted

    a bit longer and a bit less background noise and it's a winner! thanks!

    fzmr9t, posted

    this could be the hottest movie on here if the husband would learn how to hold a camera while filming... cum on get it together man so i can blow my load :0)

    zerodegreesk, posted

    Lucky Man, Luckier Dog!!! I loved the movie...thank you, ask her to be more verbal if she could....Just wonderful!

    dustydoggy, posted

    WOW!! longer version of the earlier stuff, thanks for sharing!! she definately seems to enjoy that hot doggie cock!

    dogluvr, posted

    this is hot clip of a women being fucked by a dog. would have been better if the husbend hold the camera in good position. anyway it is too hot to watch and I wold like to try it on my hot wife.can any one helpe to try this on my wife? she needs a BIG dog cock in her pussy and ass. woman's pussy is an amazing thing, it can even hold a cock as big as a horse.I wish to have a k9 fuck my wife as it has a bigger cock.the experience would be incredible.

    swifter, posted

    I thought the quality of the movie was very good. You could hear everything and see his cock when he slipped out. She obviously loved the dogs cock inside her. I turned me on and got me hard. I would love to see and hear more from her and this dog. It is amazing how these dogs are trained to mount these women and also very exciting to know women enjoy this. I haven't seen anything in person yet but this was very close to reality. This movie makes you want to experience this with a dog. I hope someday I get to see it in person and maybe even experience it.

    maturebi1961, posted
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