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    Wife's First Time


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    last part for now.thank you for all kind words and please enjoy final chapter of wife's affair with best friend.maybe there will be second part?

    Uploaded by joekwlsk · Rating: 3.9 (255 votes) · 50467 views


    she was into it,experienced she is

    wizard1000, posted

    I liked that the hubby is helping. I love this hot and sexy vid .....

    kittylicker38, posted

    It's nice to see a couple that loves playing together

    mailman12, posted

    That wife is a fuck machine! Very experienced!


    what a ripoff!! same clip as "arab woman and her dog"

    larwil321, posted

    love to see girls have fun

    likesitwetbaby, posted

    excelente very good good video, & i love the talk would have been nice to see her knot him.

    Mrknot2, posted

    I would love a man to film me with his dog...I get so turned on thinking about it

    SnowBunny, posted

    Wish I could find a man with a trained K9 to have my first time

    debdog, posted

    for sure, it won't be her last time....she LOVED it! woudn't mind that kind of action myself!!!

    fredog51M, posted

    very hot vid - want more

    K9_Curious_CDN, posted

    Sounds like she enjoyed herself. God for her. But am I the only person who found it really grating that the cocker with the camera's only real contribution to this movie was saying "he nutted big time" repeatedly?

    Nekkofox, posted

    I wish i was her mmmmm my man needs to get a big dog!!

    piggabbit, posted

    Sounded like she really enjoyed her first time. Love watching a man help his girl being used by a dog...

    Branded, posted

    Great show... I like 2 cum inside her 2.

    nickasri, posted

    I wish I was her!!!! I cant find a man with trained k9 :(

    sugarbaby71360, posted

    Very nice for first time

    voyeur18, posted

    she looks like complete pro

    hariharan73, posted

    very nice

    BigsMcNasty, posted

    Very sexy hot....sweet pussy to lick clean darlin' xoxo

    slav2luvu, posted

    i want to try that too, anybody from Vancouver that needs a dog to be trained?

    mmmmgood, posted

    Damn! I need a woman like that!

    ksman675, posted

    any ladys in Maine i need help training my pup johns56ford@yahoo.com

    johns56ford, posted

    wish my wife were that horny.....

    MedionXTR, posted


    xanadu, posted

    Very nice doggy fuck, seems as though the woman enjoyed it immensely as well as getting encouragement from her man. Difficult to tell exactly what she was saying but she does seem to have an British accent. Is part1 of this vid available?

    kaaty, posted

    very nice action

    bigk9dick, posted

    goood, love your videos, make me so horny

    beastlover2222, posted

    Good vid - would have been nice to see her knot him.

    emanforu, posted

    great action!!!!Another movie except lets see the whole thing from the beginning... she sounds like she liked it..... maybe a little oral action on her part!!

    racer188, posted


    carlosgil, posted

    very good good video, & i love the talk & her pussy looks so good!! mmmmmmmm

    littlebit3860, posted

    Joe, She is wonderful....it seems his knot was in the sheath....maybe next time pull it back and he can get it all in.....terrific just the same! Thank you, Dusty Doggy

    dustydoggy, posted

    nice film cud have knotted him though

    billymean, posted

    "Wife's first time" is one of those movies that you can tell is very real and sincere, and makes up such an important part of submissions from the community. The movie begins with a woman already impaled by the hot pink prick of her canine breeder, and enjoying it from the sparse audio included with the movie. It is a bit difficult to tell exactly what position the two lovers are in due to the fact that the camera is essentially fixed in a single location for half of the movie, but I imagine it is either doggie style, or with the bitch squatting on the cock. There isn't really much action at that point, but about halfway through there is a beautiful pullout shot, then the rest of the video is spent with a "dog's eye view" of he bitch's ass and pussy. It certainly looks like it was her first time, and maybe the husband's first time shooting a K9 video as well. All in all, it's not a bad movie, but there is a lot of room for improvement. It might get you started, but it won't bring you to where you are going. (4 out of 10)

    lpolar, posted
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