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    My Dog Fuck My Wife


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    this is a very good movie with my wife and my dog shi is very happy and my dog foud a bitch and i love my wife

    Uploaded by boonobo · Rating: 3.4 (178 votes) · 298585 views


    anyone kik me at kev699

    kev699, posted

    good clip... Looks like the wife was enjoying it as much as the dog. hope to see another. kisse for her.

    1robert, posted

    OMG YESSS great dog awsome woman great cam

    houndog69, posted

    he coulda handled the video camra better

    bestialitylove1, posted

    the video is good and sound clear,his wife is enjoy too.

    samsonsam123, posted

    nice, hope you gave your wife a verry big bone afterwards.. she desrves it.. xx

    maljack, posted

    you know maybe they need a small stand for the dog...so it gives him a firmer stance

    dano13, posted

    I suppose that when you take a portrait of your girlfriend's face, you hold the camera about an inch away from her nose, right? Point made?

    Donnatto, posted

    let's see more

    frog11, posted

    shameful camera work

    MasterRecruits, posted

    its great to see the knot buried deep in her pussy

    undoy, posted

    loved movie.. want to see more

    Bubbaul, posted

    how do you guys get your wives and girlfriends to do this?

    talldavedude, posted

    hi need help to train my pup johns56ford@yahoo.com bangor maine

    johns56ford, posted

    loved seeing that pup gripping her and just pumping away, looked like a nice fucking for her!

    dogluvr, posted

    loved it (go Fido go)

    sliped, posted

    Nice subject matter and the woman seems to be liking the dogs attention but the camera man appears to be only half focusing on recording this incident and beating off with his other hand. Still a pretty good vid and hope there is more from them in future.

    kaaty, posted

    great clip

    doggiedoer2, posted

    DUDE your a tard!! learn to use a camera couldn't see fuck all!! moron

    Italianmeat, posted

    nice but the camera needs to be more focus and not jumping all over

    banner, posted

    Nice clip, I hope we get to see more of your wife and pet . Misty Morisson

    MistyMorisson, posted

    Great movie .. dog has a lovely cock ..

    lazarusheights, posted
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