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    Horny Rabbit Humping Plushie


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    A rabbit's owner gets him all hot and ready with a bunny plushie then pulls him off so you can see his erection. Poor horny bunny.

    Uploaded by bluerainforest · Rating: 3.1 (22 votes) · 18131 views


    this was not soo good... soo why don't you make a video of you and your bunny???

    ray_0007, posted

    i have bunnys to there dick is not very big=P

    haseo2, posted

    this is a waste of time

    Sondie, posted


    hbjst, posted

    that is kool his little pecker at the end. lol and the girl seems to like it.the picture quality is very clear. and the girl is hot. boy can that little rabbit fuck.probably 2 girls . why do girls like watching animals fuck? bet she played with him. she does this to him every hour of the day. hope to see more uploads like this in the future.the way she moves the toy to get him started just like a real female rabbit by running away and then getting mounted is like in real life. also the girl should of being naked.

    standsalone, posted
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