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    Dog Lick Pussy


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    cute teen is getting licked by a nice looking dog!!! she truely love. The dog is a very good ''licker'' actually there no sound, i'm sorry for this BUT its still a great movie!! enjoy it

    Uploaded by cervan110 · Rating: 2.9 (509 votes) · 102666 views


    Where's the sound!!!

    bellski, posted

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    reaper93, posted

    Women who are seriously interested in K9 sex, message me. I have a very well hung/experienced lab retriever. Looking for real time only - so be serious if you message me. :)

    blueyedcwby69, posted

    I see people gripe about no sound or this thing or that on here all the time and usually don't chime in with my thoughts....if you don't like the video, make a better one and add it so we al can judge yours. I doubt this girl ever knew she'd have her video on pet sex. Also it was from a web cam that she obviously was sharing an intimate moment with her dog with somebody she trusted - it wasn't made to be shown here. She' sexy and had fun with her dog. Not all K9 play is about the knot and cum dripping from a pussy all the time.

    blueyedcwby69, posted

    SO sick of all these videos with no sound. Ugh.

    dertydertyderty, posted

    if anybody in melbourne fl. has a well endowed dog or pony. and wouldn't mind me have with them please message me. ps i wouldn't mind being recorded.

    boatman6969, posted

    heerlijk geil

    cock-19, posted

    That dog cant seem to get enough! Lucky girl

    silkysweet86, posted

    Where is the web show

    Lilric83, posted

    There's nothing like the stars loving what they are doing she rewards him with her nectar as he hits all the right spots mmm : )

    ramrodo69, posted

    She's a goddess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just want her and her pooch.

    1billy4unow, posted

    The woman is hott. And she shows her face. Which is hott too. But where is the sound? I'd like to be the ladies friend. Please add me to your yahoo messenger and lets talk. My address is pit_bull64@yahoo.com I would like to have a full lenth movie of her. Please contact me, Thanks.

    k9fan, posted

    She gave that dog a great treat and she was enjoying the dog licking her pussy. And what a beautiful pussy it is. Gorgeous young woman has a beautiful body and a great ass! I loved it, when the dog was licking her from behind, was licking her cunt and her crack. And what a crack that is. Made me hot and made me cum. The girl was hot, nipple ring was hot, and the licking was hot. and the very willing puppy was eager to lick her! @ L A T E R ! ! ! 2002 animalpsychologist 1.

    cleclego, posted

    recorded with a fucking toaster.

    whodafukeats, posted

    wtf is she doing? I thought, she was enjoying the dog lick her pussy. But she didn't really make it easy on the dog to lick her pussy. And what a beautiful pussy it is. She has a beautiful body and a great ass. I loved it, when the dog was licking her from behind. Made me cum. HAPPY NEW YEAR! animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    Gorgeous young woman! I wish I could go down on her sweet pussy!!! Thank you for sharing! ;)

    south2, posted

    Nice vid.... wish i had her ass, but ill keep my own tits..

    FlickLickMyClit, posted

    It was enjoyable too watch, however it was 1 fp every 3 seconds. The girl was hot, nipple ring was hot, and the licking was hot.

    bluedestiny, posted

    hot lol

    57bomber, posted

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    xxxturkuazxxx08, posted

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    lightnin01, posted

    very sexy girl, eager dog, but shit poor cam... might as well be watching a slide show... come here for movies sooooo... despite the action and subjects being very arousing was bothered by the quality.

    browneyedog, posted

    Anyone with a male dog, message me.

    shangjii, posted

    She gave that dog a great treat ....loved it!

    resther, posted

    Some horny girls out here? Add me if you wanna cam! :) hornydutchdude@hotmail.com

    dentamana, posted

    she is a sweet thing the dog would know as you can see he has good in women

    chessrocks, posted

    beautiful ass, lovely dog

    love_mature88, posted

    tight male ass here. if ur a woman or a male message me lets fuck

    summitkid96, posted

    She is lovely, what a lucky dog, would love a girlfriend like her.

    ericc, posted

    Cute gal that was nice enough to show her face and body. I think the guy copied it off a web cam, which is why the quality of the vid isn't that clear, but a 3 out of 5 in my book.

    jackf9, posted

    Cute gal that was nice enough to show her face and body. I think the guy copied it off a web cam, which is why the quality of the vid isn't that clear, but a 3 out of 5 in my book.

    jackf9, posted

    very nice looking girl good vid needs sound any girls who want to web cam or send private photos my email is beh8@hotmail.com

    heavyd8, posted

    i think girls have sex with dogs more than guys.i use to think guys did but not any more what do you guys and girls think.i watch a black girl fuck a dog when she was 7 and made me fuck her too after the dog i was 5 she said her dad fucked her better than i did

    getdownonit, posted

    What a lucky dog! She is gorgeous!

    midnite3, posted

    •Aluzky• Cute girl and dog, but horrible video quality.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    damn sexy hot love the body damn she is hot and one lucky dog

    mrbill63, posted

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    leek2009, posted

    Eine leckere linke Brust;-))

    baerchen3465, posted

    show more

    pigslove308, posted


    anubas69, posted

    this gal is very cute, has a nice body, a great bottom & a very willing puppy! would love to see more posts from her! thanks!

    deexx, posted


    Tyler, posted

    Uhmmmm beautiful girl nice ass but pity no sounds

    suckbigdick, posted

    Reminds me when I would come home from school and the dog would be waiting on my bed for his afternoon lick !

    DIRTYSUE, posted

    schoon vrouwke mmm

    kangeroe, posted

    pity some of these beautiful girls do not take credit for there work .love to be dog.

    ralhper, posted

    geen geluid ?

    kangeroe, posted

    Would have been better if it had not been filmed with a shit webcam. Audio could have had some or not doesn't bother me. 4/5 for the quality.

    havik82, posted

    very good clip.i would meet sluts whitch love animal sex..

    mortred1, posted

    Great clip , you want this and you live in North Germany , than look to my Profil.. Du willst das auch und du lebst in Norddeutschland , dann schau Dir mein Profil an. LG Ralph

    betsy69, posted

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    cookiestuffer, posted

    that is a lucky girl, perfect angle, that dog knows how to do it, i want some tongue too

    petlover75, posted

    sie weiß wie es geht und wie geil es ist also frauen bitte melden ebru1978@gmx.de gern mit gut erzogenen anhang

    ebrusch, posted

    This vid makes my TOP TEN list! I usually like more variety and action, but this clip, in spite of the slow speed web camera feed, is AWESOME! This beautiful, young body, wiggling to the excitement of that rough, wet, large dog tongue pressing against her pussy, clit and ass (what a beautiful ass) are just too much for this super hard viewer! Her breasts and nipples in almost every frame are spectacular, but that ASS (did I mention it already)! I hope this beauty gets pleased by this loving dog every chnce she has to get naked. Please tell me that there is more of this beauty somewhere for us to see. This clip and this website come HIGHLY recommended by this viewer!!!

    johnnywadd23, posted

    Wirklich schöne Titte mit dem leckerern Piercing!!!

    baerchen3465, posted

    Her puppy really loves her pussy, but she keeps moving around making it hard for him.. he has her hot and bothered at the end of the clip, her nipples ard hard. Gawd i love dog sex!

    kitten2, posted

    Fully agree with kitten2!!!

    mefirstime, posted

    I fully agree with kitten2, in every way!

    Flowerhunter, posted

    maxowaxo781@yahoo.com send me some pics or videos or some good websites wit great videos like diss one

    lilwayne781, posted

    I seen this one before, and it's obvious someone stole it from her webcam and the girl doesn't know it's been put on here, thats not good cause i'm sure it was privite between her and her friend. I do like it though, but it shows that women are not respected and there are a lot of creeps out there!

    kitten2, posted

    would have been lovely with sound

    shirlyrhau, posted

    a little sound would have been mmmmm

    bobcjau, posted

    would love to see a smooth, continual motion video of this girl and her dog - love the different positions and particularly those towards the end - would love to see the dog also licking her beautiful nipples - and a more wide open view of her cunt - glorious body!!!

    ridgerider, posted

    oh.. i like this one.. she was being so naughty and her puppy liked her :>

    kitten2, posted

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    hotman1969, posted

    Great ass! Worth watching horny young girl!

    weezee111, posted

    Mmm very hot video! The girl even has her nipple pierced :D nice. I wish you could see more of her face though, and a bit of her canine friend getting some action.

    mmmbongo, posted

    had the potential to be great...maybe I should come over and show you how it's done, lol

    pablodiablo, posted

    no sound !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    chaucer, posted

    too bad this girl wastes this dog he seems to want her pussy but she is afraid or something its not a good clip waste of time to watch she needs to get woth it

    kellyanne, posted


    lawless75, posted

    I wish that was me I would have put my legs on the armrests and let the dog lick to his content

    kcfucd, posted

    she does have a bangin ass!!!

    wanda09, posted

    YUMM wish I was her!

    bamaalltheway, posted

    sweet lady made for love

    digitallover, posted

    What is the reason a beautyful woman like this to get into this in such way ? Money, weed,loniless or bi-polarism ?

    nogueira, posted

    Very sweet looking babe, sure love to see he knotted.

    easyload, posted

    As others have well noted this video is full of "chop" and additionally lacks any audio - the woman ( as others have also said ) is certainly in better shape body wise then a significant number of other brave participants in this sort of thing. It takes a great deal of courage to profile yourself in such activity not to mention uploading or allowing the upload of such on the world-wide-web. All in all the video would have been rated higher if not for the consistent lag and zero sound - even so the picture quality was very good which makes one wonder what the cause of the lag really is. Look forward to reviewing more.

    stumpbusted, posted

    it was all choppy

    troop1987, posted

    less licking and more fucking would have been better.

    billyum0123, posted

    is there anyway anyone can help me? we changed to comcast and now the videos keep buffering every 2 seconds, i love going to this site, but i hate not being able to see the movies. ive tried almost everything to fix this. PM me if you can help me

    addictingkisses, posted

    there was some nice pussy licking to be done lucky ass dog

    billyum0123, posted

    wow she is hot and erotic,

    echo7, posted

    looks good

    pabst1232000, posted

    cute slutty girl, probably did an on line show for a friend and that dog is better than a boyfriend, it does not need prompting. the nipple ring is a nice touch.

    luvembig, posted

    man, what I wouldn`t do for the audio to this!

    jayko, posted

    Wish I was your dog for a day...Any maybe's?

    kuderdog, posted

    this is very good

    zphs1_cur, posted

    boy that dog is lucky i would love to lick that

    donniehearl, posted


    90imtiaz, posted

    This was a hot ass movie!!!! def. worth watching.. the girl in the movie was a sexy young teen with a tight little pussy getting licked by the dog as she quivers it makes my dick rock hard. im so jelous of the dog in the movie i want to lick that sweet teen pussy all night... the con review of this video would be the lack of video quality. this could have very much been better to increase the viewing pleasure. saying this im trying to suggest that i really wanted to see that sweet teen pussy alot better the quality was a little to fuzzy to get the full experiance.

    lotsoquayludes, posted

    VERY nice big dog,a very nice body. its very sexy and i think you should do more vids i really like this video best one so far i like the very sexy body you have and that creative position this is a must watch to all new veiwersthis is what pet sex is all about! very good vid. next maybe you should let the dog hump you. thats the only other best thing other than that sweet body of yors.. the dog looks VERY loyal and hes enjoying it as much as you seem to be. i think its the best video i have EVER seen.

    918kid, posted

    Wow what a video she is smoking hot for starters and she cant get enough of her dog not sure what his name is but it should be Lucky he is a hard worker some might even call him an Eager Beaver Eater I could only wish I was him. Maybe next time they will have sound but that's okay leaves more to the imagination. I was hoping she would let him mount her I'm sure that would be hot to. Amazing movie they both like one another very much that is easy to see by her expressions she is enjoying it big time. Hope their is another movie in the future can't wait just keep watching this one till then she is easy on the eyes. A1 video loved it.Hope to see her again soon.MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL

    rubberhead, posted

    i have already watch this one 3 times and really cant get enough of it. its greats shes a cute girl, and the dog was going town licking that wet little piece. i would have love to have seen the dog hit that . i mean that would just have top the cake. all in all it was a good little short film with out sound but great i love it. also id love to hit that my self. make me wish that i was that pup. that dog is one lucky pup. i really have nothing else to say. it was just that good.

    montecarloss88, posted

    WOW, this is without dought one of the better movies i have seen on this sight. Reason being is this girl is so freaking hot and young,nice tight body and her young little cunt must taste great because from the looks of it the fine looking dog she had eating her love hole did not want to stop. I have never seen a gog go for a love muffin like that before, useaully they will lick it for a very few seconds and the move away, but this girls cunt must be sweet as honey for this great dog kept after that hole.Also the guy with a hard cock ready to fuck her after the dog got finished was a real treat as you normally do not see that. So i give this movie a ten.Must see

    monsterlove9, posted
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