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    Girl Is Knotted And Cum Runs Out


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    This is very good quality, with husband filming the action. Girl takes the knot and then camera is focused on the girls pussy as the dog cum begins to run down her pussy until the dog pulls out and then a bunch of cum runs out

    Uploaded by mugrb8030 · Rating: 4.6 (916 votes) · 136758 views


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    Anyone in Illinoiswith a big dog to knot me Freekynurze at hotmail lets do this

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    anyone in ny? i want to be your dogs bitch

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    I would love to be there to clean up that pussy with my tongue - yum!

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    oh that beautiful dog cum coming ut of that very pretty pussy - wih I was there to lap both

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    Please please please make it free to watch

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    make this video free to watch =)

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    Oh baby he is fucking her so well

    MSBETH088, posted

    clip from "bonnie's first" starring bonnie from zooskool she moved to Anaheim CA suprised this is allowed to be posted since its copywritten material...

    serbaal, posted

    This is an absolutely amazing video! Its very rare to see a woman having no holds barred sex with a horse. The horse thrusts in to her powerfully, jarring her body with every thrust. He starts of fast and hard but slows down momentarily to recover, as if attempting to delay his ejaculation. Then after a short rest, returns to his frenzied fucking. Finally, the camera angel changes and you see his massive member fully penetrating her battered pussy as he pumps her womb full of semen. His gigantic cock slips out from deep inside her and shrinks back in to its sheath as his cum pours out of her! This is a must see!

    ChErRyBaBii125, posted

    Real hot. I love a small pussy taking in a large cock, and swelling up when it takes the knot. Her pussy really bulged with the heavy dog cock inside of her. This was better than when my granny neighbor took a large stray's knot in her pussy. Her cunt was so large, that his knot just disappeared in her with no problem, and she held most of his cum up in her pussy, dripping very little. This clip was far better.

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    Awesome !

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    it is the best movie i have seen so far.it is cool to see all that cum run out and down her pussy.to hear her mone in the back grown let me know the dog is doing his job right,and she is deffentley feeling it.there is good detal in camera work more films should be as good as this one.it has good angle and lighting and good sound.i will deffentley use this video to compare other videos to.great job to all that took part in this video hope they make more.i would like to see more videos from the ones who made this.thanks this video made my day.

    getsumsmore, posted

    beautiful shot of the dog fucking that hot pussy

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    young hot female from florida lookin for some naughty fun. message me if interested ;)

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    Great Movie, dog is large and has a lot of thick cum which means he has not bred in awhile. She remains arched for very deep penetration and deep cum. Awesome clip.

    casale1720, posted

    wow that was hot

    Lia1988, posted

    Loved this one because you could see her pussy getting distended inside so her abdomen just above her tight slit ballooned with each thrust.

    abl72lok, posted

    Credits needed for a 49 second clip? Wut

    Frostbite, posted

    I enjoyed watching this one. Nice pussy getting pounded by a dog cock and being fill with doggy cum.

    Stan1960, posted

    best i have seen yet

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    me too!

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    My God, just listening to his cock sliding in and out of her pussy. My girlfriend is playing with her clit talking about laying under her and letting that cum drip into her mouth, then sucking the rest out of her pussy.

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    send a hello to dark725wolf on yahoo if ya have a dog (big would b good) and r willing to share him (in the metropolitan area, nyc would b best) i live in jersey and my name's matt ^.^ let's chat some time :)

    Dark725wolf, posted

    He fucked his bitch, filled her with cum and then fucked it frothy. Good Boy!

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    I just love that feeling of the dog knotted and and giving you his all, the cum filling you and runnig down your lips. Good video clip

    GMV, posted

    What a good boy! He filled her to the brim <33 I would've loved to fuck her arse afterward, using his come to slide in her.

    fullani, posted

    oh fuck, das ist so heiss,suche mann mit hund, für genau das mother60€web.de

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    wonderful- fast and furious, I hope there are more from these two

    julie_g333, posted

    I loved this clip!! Almost didn't need to pull on my cock, dam near made me blow while just touching it as she got pounded. Loved watching cum run from her pussy. Wish I could find me a woman like that to fuck afterwards. Would love to stick my big dick in a dog filled cream pie like that. yummmmmm

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    So Hot!! Thanks!! Hope you will make more vids!!

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    Great dog fucking and knot,sure filled that pussy up.

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    This is great, makes my pussy so wet and my clit swell up and throb. I want that big doggy cock hammering my pussy. Her pussy was loving it too, with his balls slapping at her clit and then the cum running down. Great vid!

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    Bravo! Now THERE'S a woman who can take and, seeminly, appreciate dog sperm!

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    probably the best video ive ever seen. i am so picky when it comes time 2 what im going to watch to get off to but this is like perfection =) I just masturbated 2 it and it was amazing. =) im inlove <3

    cybershot1000, posted

    i get so hot and wet every time i watch this clip would love to join them in the fun

    doggiedoer2, posted

    really looked good wish i could play with the both of them would love to sink my cock in her after the dog got done with her may even like her nice looking pussy before i fuck her.so hotto watch her.

    mikeandpebble1, posted

    Quite a milky douche! Loved her fatigued moan at the end.

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    Hottest ever movie ever seen. Iloved the dog cock getting clearly entering her ...and not a camera trick. what a lovely pussy she had.....would like to have that dog and her along with me so that after the dog fucks her....i have a tremendous hard on rock entering her very lovely fair pussy.......and dont mind making her pregnant with my cumm...what a lovely butt.....i love the most

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    here I am watching it again will never get enough of this one absulutly the best fuck vid ever!!!!!

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    Whea...what a great shot all that cum... nothing beats seeing it flow out!

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    Ein phantastisches Video.

    360Grad, posted

    i love to see how the cum drips out, very hot!

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    glasreiniger, posted

    I want to have this happen to me. Anyone have a dog I can use in NY?

    xDecadence, posted

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    this is the greatest knot movie i have seen.must have watched it like 100 times.hey people give us more of that kinda stuff........hottesst ever.

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    wow i i would luv to feel him in me ,,, he looks so well trained

    redamber, posted

    This is probably the best dog/woman vid I have ever seen. Dog is great, big, awesome humping; woman is hot..so nice a butt. She may have gotten bred, lol..only thing I could think of that would be better is for her to hold him in longer so she would defiently got bred. Loved the bubbles coming out of her vagina which indicated to me she also had an orgasm.

    jeanshelby1971, posted

    Need more of those knoting shows It was great sailing sloop

    sailingsloop, posted

    I don't think I've ever got so hard so fast!

    itswhatido20, posted

    I so love this clip...reminds my wife of watching a woman getting it from a dog when she was in college.

    VILLANR8265, posted

    There is nothing feels better than being notted up after a good pounding from a dog

    Brieanne, posted

    That is the HOTTEST!! Love the squishy sounds! To be able to clean her up or just go after him would be unbelievable!!

    Jackal_, posted

    One of the best on this site gets me wet whenever I watch it.

    rwn3664, posted

    wish that was me! looking for an experienced and patient teacher in the midwest to guide me along.

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    mohcom16, posted

    WOW..that was Hot, my clit is throbbing

    LoveCouple2, posted

    Finally someone who has both light and sound with a good fucking....Great Job you 2....post more soon!!!!!

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    In the words of Bill from "Left 4 Dead", "Reloading!"

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    If I had to live with just one zoo video for the rest of my life, this one would have to be it, I think.. But I sure hope she had a cup or something to gather the cum pouring out of her, would've been a shame to let all that tasty cum go to waste ;o

    CumDrinkingSlut, posted

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    I love th running cum and the sound is simply exquisite

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    That was a good cum shot and they both enjoyed it.

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    Very hot. Great cum shot. would love to see more. Really nice clip.

    Malepuppylips, posted

    @bredmare and i'm sure the dog behind her was fake too.

    adalgiso7, posted

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    heinju, posted

    that was fake, at that point the dog hadn't even started to pump any cum, and dog cum is clear as water, not white.

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    That really got my juices going!

    KnotBlkTemptres, posted

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    ah so awesome i fucking love it!

    thebeastlybard, posted

    A fuckin classic clip. I never get tired of watchin this one. Well done to the uploader!

    holden90, posted

    Great shot as he fills up to overflowing and just keeps on pumping. Sounds like she really enjoyed it too.

    4fingers, posted

    love the sounds

    silentwolf, posted

    sounds like you girls need to come over and have some fun.. \M/_ > < _\M/

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    What a great clip I love it when the cumms runs out like that it a very speacial feeling

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    that has to be the best cum shot , luv the sex sounds....and sure would luv to lick her clean after he filled her up ...:-P Robin

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    amazing. i love seeing the cum drip out of her pussy and watching the knot slowly come out. hearing her soft, sweet moans of ecstasy.... one of the best free clips i've seen on here.

    concave_scream, posted

    Great clip....it's taken from the zooskool video Busy Bonnie...I highly recommend both of Bonnie's movies. She's young, slender, very attractive and very very eager.

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    Nice,cum makes it extra hot. ;p

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    it looked great to me! Very squishy and fun sounding.

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    cum is propably fake, or mans

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    This a great clip, she finally make noise at the big pullout.

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    Very nice movie~ Clear and tempting, it would be much better if we can see the girl's expression.

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    This woman is utterly stunning!!! Even her doggy partner must know he's getting some of the best! Man this vid gives me a real boner, hope you guys make and submit something more with this lovely lady

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    this is Bonnie from zooSkool

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    donnie111, posted

    This is one movie that is very hot to watch. I especially love the part where the girls pussy is so full of cum that it starts leaking out and dripping on to the floor. This one is going strait to my favorites. It starts out immediatly with nice hard sex and goes straight to the climax. It would have been nice to see the dog sliding its knot in and also maybe a scene in the end that shows just the pussy with cum dripping out, that would have made the movie perfect but other than that, this movie is top notch. I enjoyed it very much and I know that you will too.

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    This is one for the books. This type of movie comes few and far between, where the action sucks you in hard and fast and your left satisfied but begging for more. Though it is short, the sheer quality of the content more than makes up for it. You are immediately faced with a very lovely lady receiving some loving care from her canine companion. Though there is at least one man speaking in the background, the audio gives excellent life and excitement to the display. Passion and intensity are captured excellently as her lover takes her viciously, making you feel you really are right there seeing and hearing every thrust. What truly sets this clip apart is the ending. Even while remaining tied securely, the juices manage to pour out, giving for a scene that would leave even the most prudish viewer drooling in ecstasy. If you're looking for something that has amazing action and a spectacular finish, this is defiantly one for you.

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    SOLO96, posted

    This team has experience and it shows. Although the lighting could have been better, it was far superiour than many I've seen in the past. The dog knows what he want and isn't nervous about getting in there and giving it to her. The lady, what can I say, she also knows what she likes and takes it like a good bitch should. And what can I say about that sweet creampie at the ending.. OMG she has an ass to be shown around the world. I personally hope to see a lot more from this team in the future. Thanks for sharing.

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    This is one of the best short clips I have ever seen. The woman has a fantastice body and is obviously into the scene with the dog. I Love the dog cum running out of her as he pounds away at her puss so hard and fast. It is a very good view of the penetration and the knot inside of her is wonderful. I will watch this clip over and over. The lighting was pretty good, although the night vision was a little harder to see. I give her and him a 10 for their performance and will be eagerly anticipating seee more of them in the future. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    firebuck, posted

    Like it says in the title, "girl is knotted and cum runs out." But juicy as it is, that sentence doesn't do justice to the sheer filthy awesomeness of this video. We never see much of the girl -- mostly just closeups of the aforementioned knot stretching her pussy -- but we do see enough to be sure of three things: she's young, she's in shape, and she's really fucking into it. The kind of into it where she's moaning and grunting and her stomach muscles are fluttering as she comes around a cunt-full of dog-cock. And if you've ever wondered what a cunt-full of dog-cock sounds like, wonder no more: they clearly used a surprisingly sensitive microphone, and you can hear every last squelch. The clip ends on a beautiful shot of slippery dog cum oozing down her fucked-out pussy. Hopefully she didn't let it go to waste -- I know I wouldn't! If I ever do get fucked by a dog, I can only hope it's this picture-perfect -- but until then, I have this movie to tide me over.

    talithacumi, posted

    a very good first video to see apon arriving at a new site, it was wondeful finding something this exotic for free, on a site that dosen't infect your PC with viruses is splended and such a breath of fresh air, as for this video, the camera man did a very good job at making this one of the best non-professional pieces of footage that I've seen yet, the only small complaint (if you could call it that) is that the video is very short, but it's much better than the four seconds of a teaser you might get from other sites. over all this was a very good video to see apon discovering this site.

    hanime11, posted

    This is a fantastic video, short and sweet. This is one of the ones I didn’t think would be very good, but a pleasant surprise awaited me, as this is one of the best short videos I have seen on here so far. It’s fairly well shot, and the dog is very energetic, that’s for sure. The girl is incredibly good looking, and the whole thing is shot very well, besides the lighting. The part where the dog cums is super hot, and she makes it even better. Overall this is one of the best beast videos I’ve seen on the net.

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