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    Slow motion of knot trying to enter a tight pussy. Good quality clip. Knot is not that big but a good visual of what is suppose to happen

    Uploaded by mugrb8030 · Rating: 4.1 (1867 votes) · 219929 views



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    is right. The woman is attractive. But if she enjoys the sexual actions with her dog? I don't think so. She is more focussed on the camera. She wants the camera to see the dog's dick in her cunt. But to say such a thing of chubby women? What else can you expect of stupid people? Stupid people make stupid statements. By the way: chubby women are VERY attractive. Chubby women have nice fat legs, a beautiful fat behind and big fat boobs. They have a big head (as opposed to the mousehead that of slender women often have) and nice arms and last, but not least, they have a beautiful big belly and a big waist. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. harperreese is not such a beholder. Besides he got fucked by the title, just like all the other people. About 1 month ago, I already wrote something. Let's go with that! animalpsychologist.

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    Travisbickle, posted

    The reviewer is way off! For 1: The dog is not deep in her pussy. And the strokes, that the dog performs... At first I thought, there was a man standing behind the dog, pushing the dog against the woman. That's why his dick wasn't hard enough and his knot did not come up. So, no wonder he couldn't knot her. But I saw no man in the rest of the movie. Which does not mean, that he wasn't there. But I'll give him/her the benefit of the doubt. And he did NOT manage to shed a full load of come into her pussy, since he did not come. The dog has stamina. But he didn't need it, since he hadn't come yet. The second time the dog got on the woman voluntarily. But the woman lifted her leg, wanting to show the camera the dog's dick entering her cunt. But by lifting her leg she made it impossible for the dog to fuck her properly and he couldn't get his dick far enough, long enough inside her to knot her. So... there is NO knotting in this movie. As soon as a dog gets a hard-on, he starts squirting secretions. These secretions are NOT his cum. The reviewer (and everybody else) saw, what he wanted to see, what was in his head. NOT what is in the movie. And he told you, what you want to hear. animalpsychologist.

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    HEY! You can't fool me! This is "God Dog Fuck" renamed! AND. What "Knot"? AH,...mean, Where is the knot(ted)? LOL!!!! You guys are drunk most the time, aren't ya'!

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