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    Dog Fuck


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    fuck a doog omg omg fuck a dog nice girl fuck a dog like at the front page nice one i need to see some more videos

    Uploaded by lolorider · Rating: 1.4 (316 votes) · 254242 views


    And me

    dinger1980, posted

    Therapy for you

    dinger1980, posted

    hi you a nice wife ot movie er

    geilerer20, posted

    there is a longer verison it was super she really got into it with pouch

    9inchhorsecock, posted

    make a longer one if u was able to submit that one, i wanna see more of u doll...bet u can put on a show :)

    codwod, posted

    Waste of time. Lame! I get more action here at home ;)

    ilovepetsex2011, posted


    hebr63, posted

    totally fucking LAME!

    jayko, posted

    This is worthless....not even promising.

    jayko, posted


    slapshots, posted

    she's absolutely gorgeous where can you see moreof her?

    ravensley, posted

    lol fail

    mynamewastaken9, posted

    it was'nt a total loss she has nice tits

    tom438, posted

    waste of time no fuck and very little dog

    Scarletslut, posted

    ye dammit wasted one of my frees

    iamthebeast2, posted

    Guess you can see why it is a Free Movie... there was like 4 seconds of... of... well there was about 4 seconds.

    Wonderers, posted

    you guys are idiots! this is fukn FOUR SECONDS long.

    lickmyasshole, posted

    should be a long movie I look a little like her but my tits are a bit smaller and firmer. I love the taste of myself also like the taste after getting a load or 2 from man or beast, it is very difficult to get the knott in after it has swelled on my dog anyway very large, and no problem getting it out after he looses his load in me, you just have to do it slowly and no it does not hurt in fact it feels great to bad men did not have one, a little like fisting but with fisting there is nothing in the front ( penis) and nothing shoots a load. PS if the knott is outside it feels great having it ram against my pussy lips

    needfull, posted

    so cool but make it little longer

    capulet, posted

    obviously.. i wanna see more.. it's so innocent

    kitten2, posted

    to short

    oman58, posted

    the girl is really cute, great body, nice tits.

    oldlonelydoggie, posted

    make those movies a little longer will ya

    sunnykasar007, posted

    she is very erotic.

    echo7, posted

    What a tease!

    ravensley, posted

    she is sexie,short and sweet,thank you

    echo7, posted


    rickademus, posted

    short but sensual

    qwedsa, posted

    oh yeah fuck fuck you watch those movies oh god randomness randomness more mindless randomness

    silentdane, posted

    gorgeous little nymph that I'd like to seem more of, hope she makes another movie of her and a dog where this one left off

    kaaty, posted

    that;s cool

    lordlee, posted


    madcyril, posted

    only a few pics teasing us:{,but still nice,it's the thought that counts right?

    mesophile, posted

    like to find a lady around bangor maine for some fun

    johns56ford, posted

    shame it was so short!! :o( lol

    indie, posted

    short but sensual

    natalia2269, posted

    nice idea and teasing few pics of what happened...wish there as more

    dogluvr, posted

    Hot little lady, I would love to see more of you sweetheart! Please post some more! :-)

    Cruzer, posted


    ak_kev_007, posted

    Naja, was soll man dazu schon sagen ... mein Toaster hat mehr Elan als dieses Video ... es regt nicht mal an da es viel zu kurz ist und im "HD-Zeitalter" auch noch in unterirdischer Qualität. Bitte liebe Frau, das nächste Mal trau dich ruhig die kamera etwas länger laufen zu lassen ... niemand wird dich dafür verurteilen! Wenn man wenigstens Etwas sehen oder erahnen könnte wäre es ja schon ein kleiner Anfang aber wahrscheinlich hat die Gute dann doch noch Muffensausen bekommen und schnell die Kamera ausgemacht oder der Ehemann der heimlich seine frau dabei gefilmt hat, hat keine Ahnung wie man mit Schneidesoftware umgeht und hat uns statt des Filmes die rausgeschnittenen Stellen hochgeladen. Das nächste Mal bitte ein wenig länger!

    gamestar01, posted

    This movies was way too short, for the most part the dog licked the muff and was finished. Like most viewers we would like to see allot more action. Nice looking lady though. For the likes of me I just really hate watching movies that are short and no action. The thrill of seeing a woman get a dog knot is over exzillerating. Watching here deep throat a huge long hard dog cock is my favorite. I would have to say also lots of cumming. In the end who ever can make the dog cum the most and suck and fuck the largest dog cock of course hands down wins every time.

    dan1943, posted

    If you like amateur girls who have an innate affection toward members of the k9 species, you might like this one. The low rating is probably because it is such a tease. You have a beautiful girl and she is obviously getting licked by her dog. That itself is nice to see. Though if your looking for penetration and raw dog in pussy action look elsewhere. I give it 4/5 stars. You can see her bare naked ass. Tits hanging out and its obviously a bedroom setting. Makes you wonder about the woman in the picture. Who she is whats she like what more does she do with her k9? Well maybe someone has the full length cam session.

    doncupidk9, posted
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