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    Amatuer Dog Lover


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    Different clips put together of Amatuer dog lover as she is being mounted and fucked by a really nice long red dog cock. She masturbates the dog until he cums in her hand and then she sucks his beautiful cock.

    Uploaded by Pitboss1952 · Rating: 3.6 (258 votes) · 49849 views


    does anyone know the name of the girl in the video? shes extremely young I saw her other video online was wondering who she was and if there were anymore videos of her online? Or anymore of when u shot this? If whoever posted this could reply and let me know i would appreciate it. Thanks.

    pppxxxccc, posted

    this is great vidio

    webbslngr1, posted

    Could have been a great movie the girl seemed sexy you see bits and pieces of her through out she has a really nice looking ass and pussy you see her standing at some point and she has a nice body you also see ehr face. OVer all the camera moved way to much and was rarely holding still long enough to capture the really sexy fucking she was getting it seemed like it could have been really hot almost down and dirty as she was half clothed and bent over kinda seemed like she just really wanted to get fucked and didn't even wait to full undress just bent over like a slut mm

    scottwhykman, posted

    shake the camera some more why don't you? damn. the only thing i could clearly see what the hand job, which was the least sexy thing. could have been great, but it wasn't. >:(

    concave_scream, posted

    Nice K-9 cock, great tits....sucky camera work, let me film them next time.

    becauseican, posted

    very eager doggie

    dsjanes, posted

    Fire the camera man!

    sweetk9girll, posted

    Awesome clip!!

    cmy6incher, posted

    giv me a go i bet i can do it faster ;)

    conorfuckedu, posted

    MM yummy action....I loved the smooth cock to be stroked ............

    Cathy2, posted

    very good amateur, very similar to "luke and angela" vids

    victor6969, posted

    looks like fun

    Fadingspirit, posted

    nice cock shots:) would love to suck it and get fucked by him

    ilovedogs24, posted

    good video

    windstar, posted

    First time using a camera?... Never mind what the dog is doing, he's doing fine, just operate the damn camera.

    grokkor, posted

    Wow, nice clip! I have nothing bad to say...for a change, lol.

    jayko, posted

    hey looking to talk to older men about there experience im a pretty gurl 19 f tx if you would like to chat and share stories or vids prettyyoungthing0809@yahoo.com please no scam and tell me your asl.

    creamgurl, posted

    i liked the dick part of the clip.. that was good

    kitten2, posted

    any one have more videos or pics like this send it to my emial maxowaxo781@yahoo.com

    lilwayne781, posted

    good ass video!

    HPIraacingpimp, posted

    Every time a man is involved, the man always ruins the video by either dropping the camera in his excitement or by grabbing the dog's dick and trying to take control. In this case the idiot did both and ruined everything. Too bad, cuz the woman was young and pretty, and the dog was eager.

    lilgia, posted

    damn put it back in please

    kcfucd, posted

    not to bad for but would have loved to see the dog knot her

    Branded, posted

    If he could have stayed in alittle longer he may have tied with her and bred her. nice vid though

    mehoff, posted

    actually not bad

    jpkkmk, posted

    very nice 10+

    strikeeagle, posted

    its better whendoggie makes all the moves the girl ita to hot

    cajeta3829, posted


    Hans333, posted

    some great shots, but the camera work was too jerky (perhaps he was jerking off!) and we lost track

    yourholeinone, posted

    Angela loves that dog cock. This is the same girl in the homemade dogslut video. One of my favorites

    bonethedog, posted

    dude, invest in a tripod for cam. A small one would be mobile and when you set it down the picture isnt all shaky.

    talldavedude, posted

    The girl sounds like she really likes what she's getting, and there's cum everywhere!!! but what's happening with the camera person? Hope this couple make some more vids, they certainly get my vote!

    kaaty, posted

    id love to have that K9 cock deep inside me with cum pouring down my legs while he is knotted in me

    slavetok9, posted

    I thought it was VERY hot.. and the woman was VERY into it and gorgeous. And I am waiting to see more!

    chaos666, posted

    Camera was all over, but still nice... sensual fondling at the end!

    jayko, posted

    need help to train my pup johns56ford@yahoo.com bangor maine

    johns56ford, posted

    not bad!! she loved it and thats a turn on!! hope you enjoy

    indie, posted


    john44890, posted

    not real great but a few seconds of good clips, here and there. her sounds of pleasure were good and th close up of her playing and sucking that hot doggie cock were excellent

    dogluvr, posted

    Good movie, womens very hot with a nice pussy! Clip starts with the women full dressed. Then her skert is pulled up. the dog beggens to hump here the gets in her hot pussy.Dog pounds here goodfor about 30 sec. then the guy reaches in to play with her wet freshly fucked pussy.Then she gatheres her self shirt pulled half way down, bra exposed, would love to her her its. then begains to suck the dogs big throbing cock, finishing by strocking his cock. Camra work was a lil shaky, but i cant blame the guy. Hope to see more from these guys! thanks alot !

    texasmanxx, posted

    The movie starts out some what shaky with the camera. The sound was great. There shots were good with the time allotted to the short scenes. Would love to see the full version. Would have liked it ore to see the girls face in the penetration phase and during the the blow job.The hand job could have lasted a little more and also the blow job. It would make someone want to see the full version for sure. Would also love to see her breast and pussy shots move with and without the dogs dick. Also needs to include a knotting. From the sort version there is a definite interest in seeing the full version. i am sure this is a keeper for any dog + woman viewer.

    mpl632, posted

    A lot of great material for such a short video. It starts out with some text on the screen setting things up for the viewer explaining that the video is a compilation of short scenes. The sound was also excellent. You could hear how much the woman likes to bend over for her rover. Her moans are genuine and sounds like she misses her dog's cock when he pulls out. There is also a shot of her chest in a sexy red top showing her bra and nice cleavage. She even enjoys returning the favor and giving her K9 best friend a blowjob first (you get to see the tope of her blonde head) and then next she gives him a handjob. She lets him cum on her hand. Well worth watching and hoping to see a full extended version of this video.

    alpha31968, posted

    This one could of been so much better but it was still good. Despite the shaky camera and the stop and go shots it keeps your eyes moving. You could tell by her body that she wasn't old and loose and that she was young enough to keep you interested. From my view it didn't look to old of a movie because of the lighting and camera quality. So, hopefully with time and a little bit of practice these three could make some better quality videos that we wont be able to say anything but wow great video.

    MrWanker, posted

    The movie is not bad but you have to handle the camera better because your seeing nothing. The next thing is you never see the girl and want to if I see a movie like that and another thing is show the pussy and ass first.Another thing is your not able to see the things around them.Please do it better in your next videos for the free area.I think the girl is hot but I can't see her anyway.It is a real problem that the sounds in the backround are so loud.Do it better in your next videos.

    Maju_Garzett, posted

    This video features a half-clothed, sexy woman being taken from behind by a dog. The breed of dog is never disclosed, but, honestly, does that matter to most of us? The setting and the setup of the shots is great. Very normal surroundings, outside on a tarp, enough to turn on any guy. However, the shots themselves are not planned out as well as most people would like. The camera is a bit shaky, and the camera-man cuts off the video camera between each shot (during penetration, after penetration, before oral, then again before the final masturbation) A good video, but because of some minor camera afflictions and a fairly short length, it is not as good as it could have been.

    taste_the_razor, posted
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