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    Milf And Dog1


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    this horny milf wife loves it doggy style while her man tapes it for her. this is the real doggy style where the name came from. very vocal

    Uploaded by dogdip · Rating: 3.5 (257 votes) · 65360 views


    looks like they need a younger dog with a little more pep...or maybe they just wore that one out?

    dano13, posted

    nice boobs......i also want to fuck this women

    mahabhart, posted


    rottweilerman, posted

    This is amazing to see her husband coaxing the dog to licks her pussy and put the dog in position behind her swollen pussy ,that dumb dog still doesn't know how to fuck her ,he just stroke the dog penis and the dumb dog arches his cock in the vagina. I think the man well wait for his turn in the pussy.may be he well get a missionary fuck too.and pregnant with a baby .

    jokersam, posted

    girl took it pretty quiet wish she would have moaned

    ryno4343, posted

    Herrlich, wie die Titten wackeln, da mal mitmachen!

    dmueller, posted

    ay que mejorar la calidad del video y usar un perro mejor entrenado para este tipo de trabajo,el perro hubo que practicamente obligarlo tienen que buscar uno mas activo pero ella es tremenda la forma en que se lo monta es salvaje y como deja que el perro se entre completo hasta que le echa toda la leche adentro

    zebra90, posted

    Knot bad...I wonder If hubby got some first or did he settle for messy seconds?


    Absolutely kinky! I adore her swollen pussy in heat as she assumes the position and arches her back to take it all inside! I also adore watching her nipples swell with arousal as she comes on the dog cock as it comes inside her hot pussy!

    dirk20200, posted

    I agree that her sucking her husband and getting dog fucked would have been awesome!!!!

    mailman12, posted

    they needed to turn down tv so you could hear her moans when the dog mounted her,and YA shave that shit

    debdog, posted

    i wsh someone help me I so want it big time zzuke@hotmail.com london

    ianmax, posted


    Prasak, posted


    lawless75, posted

    Hey, what channel they watching on their TV.. i wanna buy some cookware? What's up with this.. if their not interested and interesting than i'm not interested neither!

    kitten2, posted

    once he got the idea the action was great!!

    t4two8, posted

    was it just me, or did anyone else notice how her nipples went from erect to soft and once the dog penetrated, back to erect again right before your eyes!!

    drt1, posted

    loved it. our lab lilly loves to lick my wife kim's pussy

    dragonfly2009, posted

    would love to see more of her

    mwm4, posted


    lickitbitch, posted

    My wife's cunt is shaved clean and dogs seem to love the taste. She has been tied with a dog for ten or fifteen min. before he pulled out. The huge gush of cum is always fun! I do blow my nuts in her mouth while he fucks her from behind, always gets me off!

    Bigeightincher, posted

    THis is my favorite video clip because it shows that beastiality goes as far back as the 70's.

    MR_MAXMAN, posted

    lovely would love to join in

    doggiedoer2, posted


    coolboylov, posted

    nice mature MDLF

    digitallover, posted

    wooooooo hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo wish it was me

    pippi47, posted

    Would have liked to have heard her and not that damn background commercial crap.

    jayko, posted

    Dustman said "either this video is from the 70's (hopefully it is judging by how shitty it looks), or this bitch really needs to shave that shit, yuck" lol- this is def from 70's if you hear that dumb ass commercial about the "new silverstone" in the background...but the shaving thing cracks me u...like the dog is concerned about a hairy pussy.

    curious_chick, posted

    hi all looking for a lady from around bangor maine johns56ford@yahoo.com need to train my pup

    johns56ford, posted

    either this video is from the 70's (hopefully it is judging by how shitty it looks), or this bitch really needs to shave that shit, yuck

    dustman5000, posted


    indie, posted

    Overall this is a hot little video clip. The gal has body built for nasty sex; I love the way her big titties are flopping back and forth. Her canine lover seems to mount her pretty solid and deep. I'm curious how much louder she would have been if the canine would have been giving it to her in the ass. Her man that was also in the clip, looked like he was hanging a larger than average cock. I imagine he loves shoving that dick down her throat while the dog fucks her. I know that I really get off on having my gal swallow my meat while our dog nails her. Have the dog mount her ass while swallowing your dick and I guarantee you won’t make it to a count of 20 before she’s choking on your load. Thanks, the Dogfather

    persnljams, posted

    Woman gets it from her dog from behind with some licking first to get things going. Husband or boyfriend helps guide the dog. Obviously the dog needs some help, but once its there, it seems to know what to do. Probably shot in the 70s or 80s, this is grainy and not very clear, but still not a bad effort. The woman looks like shes having some fun, so thats good. Some nice swaying of her boobs with the dog's thrusts, which adds a nice touch to the movie. Wish there was more to this video - at a minute it is wrapping up just when things are starting to get good.

    sevenironguy, posted

    I found this clip to be highly arousing. The way the man that is helping has a hard on. The dog is help to mount her and gives the sweet girl a ride to remember.He knots tight in her cunt, as he releases from her, his nut spills from her hot pussy. I watched this clip a few times. It made me very wet, I have never been mounted by any animals, but my fancy is to be mounted by a dog and driven into xtc. The climax that i reach when watching these clips and masturebating is explosive. I have even sqiurted a few times. Can only dream of if it til it happens. Hope you enjoy.

    oohlaa, posted

    This was a fantasic movie about a MILF and a beautiful dog. This movie involves an older woman being fucked by a blonde and white dog. The woman is on her knees on the floor and the dog is behind her. There is a man with a very hard penis in the video who helps the dog mate with the woman. He does this by helping the dog to mount her. The dog lines up his cock with the woman's pussy and then after a moment begins to fuck her with his hard cock. While the dog is fucking the woman, the viewer can see her hard nipples and pretty breasts bouncing back and forth under her. It was a great video that will inspire many to try and have petsex with their own beautiful and loving animals.

    poxie, posted
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