• Girl getting her pussy stuffed full of dog cock and cum.She moans as she holds the dog cock very deeply in and lets the cum run out of her pussy.

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    Horny video, fuck that girl, she deserves to take a bath stock to clear all this shit, mmmmmmm

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    the dog not in pussy pumping endured and enjoyed the delicious and tasty, leaving her full of cum, who delights

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    what a lucky dog

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    wish it was me;if I had that dog we would fuck all the time...what a beautiful dog dick. I have got to get me a dog

    sweet3pet, posted

    Nice, just too short.

    Bigbear2000, posted

    nice fuck,,would love to watch a girl fuck my dane,he has a really huge cock

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    Beautiful dog cock! Would be perfect for oral video. Taking that beauty into her mouth and getting a hugely satisfying payload.....that is the ABSOLUTE BEST!

    lilbud200, posted

    love to see longer clip.

    ralhper, posted

    mmmmmm soooo tasty,,i love t eat that cum out

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    original clip is "HECTOR" & this piece is clip 13 & 14. It's my fav dildog of ALL Time !

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    so möchte ich auch besamt werden

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    To short

    daredevil5, posted

    Great I like the feel of cum flowing out of me like that as well

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    nice dog cock let my wife use it

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    Mmmmm fuck yeah baby.....make me want some doggie cock right now

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    sweet care to share

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    love that cock so big

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    Anal is ok but I want my pussy filled with cum

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    wow i want him in me

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    hi.lilbeaver iam here sezyred and hot as hell

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    mhhh loved it- but yes it was to short-bummer any Girls here? I see everybody has a Fan Club but no Fans tsk-tsk

    lilbeaver, posted


    hbjst, posted

    looked hot, wish it was longer

    nikko912, posted

    good but short

    attala200, posted

    i do love it anal. i can just feel that hard cock now.

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    love the dog cum dripping out bof her cunt,yummy

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    quite good, too short tho!

    nn1234, posted

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    good audio of the woman moaning again and again. you can really feel the exotic vibe and pleasure she is getting from her very big thick juicy canine friend with benefits! next time this couple makes a video they should incorporate some different angles to capture not only the attractive ladies body but to show her appreciation for her sexual companions. the video is just long enough to capture the best part of the intercourse as well. it really makes you create your own assumption on how long they actually go at it together. all in all this is a great short clip that capitalizes on something every dog sex lover wants to see; which those main actions and scenarios are watching a monster make a wet cute girl moan and last but of course not least squirting of EITHER the dog in the this case or the girl in some lucky and/or rare cases! thank you and i hope this was a helpful review ENJOI!!!

    thacker333, posted

    I love the way that dick looks sliding in and out of the girls pussy. I know i myself love a big dick deep inside me whether its my ass or pussy. Just wish my audio worked cuz i bet shes moaning real good, i know i would be. Prolly even begging for more. This website does an amazing job witht their clips. Even though some clips are way too short i love the tease. It makes me extremely wet and horny. I just wish i could find one long enough for me to finger myself to and get off. Good thing i got a vivid imagination i guess.

    fackmegood0616, posted

    i thought it was a thorough butt fuck. whoever was handling the dog's thick wett dick gave the lady a nice, moderate pounding in and out of her ass. i mean, if it was possible to see the expression on her face, it would be the look of satisfaction. even though i had the sound off at the time, i bet she screamed out in ectascy. something that will to let the one that is watching the video, know that words alone can't stress how good it is. i hope by writing this review that YOU--the reader--can paint a vivid image in your mind.

    makoman7, posted
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