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    Girl And Dog Webcam Lick


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    A girl with small boobs, pink nipples and a beautiful bald pussy is licked by her white and brown dog in front of the webcam.

    Uploaded by fulger69us · Rating: 3.8 (276 votes) · 62472 views


    Not bad, she`s cute, but the dog doesn`t appear to be very hungry....

    jayko, posted

    oh wow! what a sexy girl, look at her perfect little titties and big lipped pussy, clean and her long lean legs spread open, ready for the eager pooch to enjoy her juices and tasty meat. If you ask me, this is a pure amateur clip that is so arousing and it can be clearly seen that both the hot to trot beauty and doggy are enjoying what each is giving to the other. love oral sex beast films, pets licking their owners slits is so arousing, this one might just take the cake, luckily for it the beast already has had his pie, and fully eaten it too!

    browneyedog, posted

    Hello maria: I couldn't help but respond to your invitation to see some of your videos of you fucking your pets, although I'm not sure how you can deliver that, short of posting them here. Never the less I am a most enthusiastic audience and look forward to what you might have to say about how I can become your everlasting fan!! Would be delighted if you have time to drop me line as we seem to have habits in common, that you might be interested in hearing about. My best regards, Lyn (Kaaty)

    kaaty, posted

    really nice pussy, great view too bad the dog hasn't learned to enjoy the taste of hot wet pussy, I'd like to see the dog lick deep without the aid of something food based to entice.

    rainyrain, posted


    c.daughtry, posted

    hi nice vidoes of you by the way i dont kow how to upload my vidoes fucking my pets. and i got german pit bull k9 and snake if u want to see my vidoes dont hesistate to drop a message in my yahoo messenger its leahhotdizon @ yawhow . com. love it:)

    maria123, posted

    This is pretty hot.

    GR910, posted

    Habe Diesen Film mit meiner Nachbarin gesehen, SIE mag Tiere. Es hat uns gut gefallen. Nachbarin Möchte jetzt EINEN Hund. Ich Werde EINEN besorgen und Gemeinsam trainieren :-)

    gutnichtschnell, posted

    Habe Diesen Film mit meiner Tochter gesehen, SIE IST ABER Auch Teeny Etwas Jünger ALS sterben in DEM Film. Es hat beiden gut UNS Gefallen, Tochter Möchte jetzt EINEN Hund. Ich Werde EINEN besorgen und Gemeinsam trainieren :-)

    gutnichtschnell, posted

    Habe diesen Film mit meiner Tochter gesehen, sie ist auch Teeny aber etwas jünger als die in dem Film. Es hat uns beiden gut gefallen, Tochter möchte jetzt einen Hund. Ich werde einen besorgen und gemeinsam trainieren :-)

    gutnichtschnell, posted


    fakelake2009, posted


    fakelake2009, posted

    betterr if is longer

    fakelake2009, posted

    Impresionante, es super morboso......wow

    estiucas, posted

    The turn on is how she is smiling and liking it.

    Nuvat, posted

    Bless her little heart! Easily the the prettiest, cutest, most beautiful girl on the entire site. She looks about 16. Jailbait! I wish that dog had more interest in licking her sweet pussy. Dumb ass dog has no idea how lucky it is! Her tiny titties are to die for. I love small, perky tits. I could watch her get licked for an hour. I wish I could lick every inch of her!

    Viking25, posted

    goood stuff....but hot chick needs a jar of peanut butterrrr.......tnx

    fredog51M, posted

    snagle tooth

    kingdank, posted

    I would lick her without the creme....

    MedionXTR, posted

    One of my favorites--you can tell she starts enjoying it at the end.

    ricksmith149, posted

    hottie, needs to get that dog trained up,,lol

    mwm4, posted

    sweet lady.

    digitallover, posted

    Nice looking pussy would have loved a close up view to see the clit and pussy lips spread wide open...but good video

    Sondie, posted

    so fucking hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ...what, posted

    One of the cutest girls I have seen so far on this site. Really cute and looks innocent; which is probably why she is not experienced enough to get the dog to do what she wants. Maybe in a little while she can post more vids so I can really jack off to her. She has a great little body and face!

    staceysdog, posted

    what a waste of beautiful pussy...let the dog do what we want to see it do sweetie...fuck you!!!...you want your viewers to jerk-off watching you--so give us some jerk-off action...just playing with that pussy isn't all that hot...take the dog dick in your cunt--or your mouth--and let us enjoy the experience

    gfnme, posted

    almost looks like the dog is just learning. would have loved to see more pleasure on her face instead of chewing gumb... maybe a few nips at her titties would have gotten some emotion out of her.

    Branded, posted

    Try some butter next time honey but very hot!:)

    mehoff, posted

    I like her perky little titties, but we can do without the shitty country music, yuck! Don`t use peanut butter, you dumb cunt! Use regular butter! He`ll eat you all day.

    jayko, posted

    hot chick !

    buttknot, posted

    Wow. Such a pretty young girl. Teenage looking. That's nothing but a good thing. Cute pussy and absolutely beautiful little titties. I wish she had the dog lick those cute lil' nipples. Too bad the dog wasn't very interested. Once again no audio. (not really) I love the sly smile on her face when the dog starts licking her clit. I want to see more of her, with a dog who really wants to eat her sweet cunt.

    Viking25, posted

    honey...if we can watch your pretty pussy eaten by your pooch...we can most enjoy it fucked by your dog

    gfnme, posted


    Vicious666, posted

    i love this lil slut....

    rocco777, posted

    doramaar: the dog is NOT retarted. The girl is.

    brokenstraw, posted

    That dog needs to be more focused on licking pussy. Would have loved to get a close up view of her pussy and clit...but I enjoyed it.

    Sondie, posted

    poor girl her dog is retarded. :'(

    doramaar, posted

    yes lucky dog

    ceciliavt, posted

    sweet pussy lucky dog

    spshl1, posted

    try some gravy from Kentucky Fried Chicken. My dog goes deep in my ass with his tongue trying to get it all.

    dickweed1, posted


    Vicious666, posted

    What a sweet little body. I could sure help her get her pussy licked without that nasty peanut butter but she is yummy to look at nonetheless.

    curious_chick, posted

    yummy ^^

    imfake, posted

    i love this shit

    roro1516, posted


    blumpy88, posted

    She needs to find something better then peanut butter. Maybe just get herself real hot and wet first. She is beautiful. I'd play dog for anytime.

    boylans, posted

    her snatch so smelly she gotta trick the pup into eating it.. wash your fish girl..

    bob_saget_bitch, posted

    One year or two and she takes her in ass.

    gknot, posted

    id eat her pussy for hours n show her how to be fucked hard

    analrod, posted

    i like it.i try with cat to lick my cock.its so exitant

    angelgarson, posted


    V3NOMG, posted

    if i become a dog to fuck her infront of cam

    randike, posted

    i want a girl like that

    slickdogg, posted

    That pussy hole is open looks very inviting!

    elittle56, posted

    This girl is utterly beautiful!!! I'd trade places with the doggy anytime and wouldn't need any peanut butter to entice me into a frenzy of deep licking. Such incredibly lovely tits on this babe as well.

    kaaty, posted

    I would love to find out who this girl is so I could fuck her, maybe even impregnate the slut.

    southukmale79, posted

    wish he was licking me

    redamber, posted

    MSN ALL THE WAY BABY!! NICE VID! Even if it is 2mins long...wish I knew this chick!

    ChaseBreen1981, posted

    agree! no sound! it would have helped to put some peanut butter to get him to lick your pussy more. this must have been his first time??/

    sefriendlyguy, posted

    boy would it be fun to have been there...

    jimmy77, posted

    no sound, no excitement

    ralphpjohnson, posted

    The pussy should be enticing enough that the dog should not need anything aother than the smell of the pussy to start licking. Just my opinion. Some dogs are better lickers than others I guess.

    reggy, posted

    i love the web cam stuff and the girls not to bad too, :O)

    indie, posted

    the girl here is absolutely gorgeous, and we see her stripped and full length small firm tits, hourglass figure, good legs, and a sexy shaved pussy she is trying to persuade the dog to lick her, which he does intermittently she plas with herself and gives the dog a taste of the juices from her finger as her excitement grows, from her wanking and his attention, so the tast becomes more and the dog is keener on his job the camera work is great; nothing missed, a close view of her cunt and lips while we can see her body, tits and face clearly; good deep focus work. a pity there is no clear sound; her words to the dog and the noise of her excitement would add to the pleasure more please!

    yourholeinone, posted

    Oh my god. This girl is so beautiful. My wife and I both watched this video and my wife got very turned on from it. She really loves the young tenage looking girls. For the girl to be playing with a dog is even better. I was licking her pussy while she was watching this video and she had a mind blowing orgasm. This girl should have used more peanut butter or at least played with his cock a little. After a little more experience, she may be able to handle him better. I would love to see her getting fucked on video. Her gorgeous little tits and beautiful pussy makes me want to cum all over her.

    sagrzmnky, posted

    A nice video of a pretty young girl training her dog to lick her pussy is the best description I can think of here,It is obvious that the girl is enjoying herself and that the dog is a willing pupil.It was highly enjoyable and certainly left me with my pants feeling a little tight.The camera work was very good and we were treated to some excellent shots of the dog licking a sweet young pussy that any man would love to eat and fuck.We can only hope that she and her furry friend had a wonderful time after the camera work ended.I would definitely recommend it and will be watching for more clips of this lovely lady and her furry friend.Hopefully,in the future she shows us some hot fuck scenes to go with the sizzling oral scenes we were treated to here.

    sugaride, posted

    Very good movie. Picture quality was excellent with great angle. I love how I could see right into her pussy and had a nice view of her clit. She must have tasted great. I would like to see her suck the dog off next time. She has perfect tits maybe next time we could have some of the dog licking on those as well. I really look forward to seeing more of this girl GREAT performance. The webcam never pixelated like some videos on here very clear. the lighting was great. I would have loved to have had some more sound and maybe have heard her talking dirty to the camera. I love it when a woman is being licked or fucking a nice dog like that one and taking dirty. It makes me feel as though I'm in the room having fun with her.

    sexypornfreak, posted

    Its nice to finally see a pretty girl in a natural setting, really enjoying herself and her dog. I enjoy seing these videos in thier amatuer settings and even though the focus and lighting could be better, we could all see just what we cam to see, a nice sexy girl letting her dog pleasure her. I normally prefer to see total cock penetration and for the girl to get knotted, but this time the licking worked fine. I would like to see much much more of this young lady and watch her progress and enjoy many many more sexy fun times with her dog. Maybe have another person there holding the camera so we could get a better view.

    txroy, posted

    The video is of a beautiful girl with delicious looking tiny tits and a gorgeous shaved cunt. The dog is cute and looks quite interested in licking her yummy cunt. It's a shame she has to coax the dog with peanut butter but it's hot none the less. This is a girl I'd like to lick without covering up her flavor; maybe the dog feels the same way. This duo definitely has potential; I'd like to see more. Good camera angles and view of dog licking and the girl’s pussy. Nice video and totally worth viewing, especially if you are a fan of licking.

    rainyrain, posted

    The girl in this clip is really hot!!She Has a Pretty face with the perfect body to go with it. She shows the dog what to lick and he does it very well done.It would be great if i could switch positions with the dog, I'm pretty sure i would enjoy that pussy as much as the dog lol.The only thing missing is to teach the dog how to mount you everything was great,Wow I'm so jealous of that dog getting to lick a tasty pussy like that it must be graet being a dog :D.well im looking forward to your next clips to bad i can only watch 2:00 or lower : /.That would be another reason why this clip is one of the best becuase its enough to get you going and enough to where the free members can watch and enjoy.

    gamerera, posted

    The girl in this movie is absolutely hot! Pretty face and perfect body with beautiful small tits. She knows what she wants and gets the dog to do it. I would love to be in the dogs place for a while, enjoying this sweet young things tasty pussy. How do I reach her? Please let me know! Maybe the dog would lick my ass while I am licking her... Maybe I could suck on her little tits while the dog licks her pussy? or maybe she would like to have a real man fuck her while the dog watches. Who knows. To the girl in the video: please email me, I think I am in love with you!

    bigblu, posted
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