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    KNOT! KNOT! Who's tied, INDEED! VERY nicely done short clip. The joys of a lovely horny hot woman having k9notty fun at home, while the hubby helps out with the k9notty chores at hand! The wife has nice hot body, and her tight pink shaved bald pussy is so achy-breaky for the wildly thrusting K9notty redhot cock!

    Uploaded by ybay · Rating: 4.2 (279 votes) · 46110 views


    Shawn loves that big knot in her hot asshole!!!!!

    jayko, posted

    that is one fantastic work of love...great camera angle and she was so sexy hottt being knotted and loved!!!

    CherriesD, posted


    hungry4it, posted

    whoa whoa whoa, wait, MOM???!!! EWWWW!!!!!!!!

    hustle2stars, posted

    VERY VERY HOT movie

    mudang, posted


    K9_Curious_CDN, posted

    Great Review, congratulations !!!!

    riumddd, posted

    Loved it, just a great close up of the knot and cumm... Mmmmmmmmmmm...

    Malepuppylips, posted

    ohh ! beautifull girl ! liked knot in ass ?

    caoseis, posted

    ouch! ouch! ouch! :)

    kitten2, posted

    lucky girl! great shot of that big knot cumming in her ass!

    littlelana, posted


    hbjst, posted

    I love all of Patshawn`s stuff, just perfect.

    jayko, posted


    hbjst, posted

    excellent...! picturisation .. pl. add some more clips. thanks..

    rrathod, posted

    great knot as always with shawn

    gateman, posted

    I would fuck that ass so hard after he was done with her <33

    fullani, posted

    sahane olmus

    erdalpoli, posted

    Beautifully filmed, especially the withdrawal with all the cum spread about.

    BJ917, posted

    that was awsome show more

    hikoo32, posted

    Ok, that was great. Would have luv'ed to see the penitration prior to the knot coming out.

    crusty66661, posted

    I would rate this movie much higher, and love the genuine amateur qualities - a hot close up of a very hot couple with their beloved pet.

    jburn, posted

    amazing!!!that was awesome.....

    damndog, posted

    Amazing. I'd love to drink the cum out of her ass.

    uncleanly_knit, posted

    I so want this, what a lucky lucky bitch mmmmmmmmm

    Belinda402007, posted

    Nice...good film quality. I could have done without hearing him refer to her as mom, but that's just me lol

    curious_chick, posted

    Belinda, you can be my bitch if you want.

    Stan1960, posted

    Beautiful, simply beautiful

    Jazzguy55, posted

    mmmmmmmmmmm my tight arse is begging for this, I want to be someones bitch x

    Belinda402007, posted

    What a sweet cunt and a lushes ass. Love the way she takes it all. I'd love to have her pet up my ass.

    boylans, posted


    hbjst, posted

    fucking hot. :D

    foxface, posted

    wish my arse was knotted like that.

    paulb, posted

    my wife loved your video, she loves to get knotted

    spotman4u, posted

    love that knot

    hikoo32, posted

    love my arse knotted like that

    budgieboy, posted

    oh dear , that was so hot i wish that dog would take my ass

    redamber, posted

    Very hot

    robokitty, posted

    OMG I love it I adore it I so want to feel a knot stretching my arse like this, what a lucky lucky bitch mmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Belinda402007, posted

    Great Movie! Hot Woman! We Loved it!

    qruscuple, posted

    Well what a team, just so into there doggy play and loving it. Fantastic close up of anal knotting and withdrawal. Beautiful filming and loving partner helping both partners to make a great shot at successfull knotting.She just loves her anal and takes the knot easily. Lucky dog is very well behaved and has had heaps of experience as there is no problem with control. Thanks for a very good movie that has had a lot of patience to get to this stage. Fantastic couple, not to mention the cooperative and lucky dog.Good technical skills,just loved it, Nudge

    nudger52, posted

    Very nice camera work. Listening to her handler talk to her about how it feels was a turn on. Her vocalizations were more along what I have done and what I expect rather than the over acted moaning and whining that often accompanies beastie flicks. I love the view of a slick, wet knot sliding out of a woman. The video could have been better with more camera angles but it does provide a well focused close up of the tie. I expect part of the reason for fewer camera angles is to protect the anonymity of the woman being bred.

    Kymfur, posted

    Closeup is a short little movie that delivers precisely what it promises: a close up of a woman getting pounded in the rectum by a thick dog cock, and then gets knotted. Apparently, we're only shown the knotting part, but I'm sure many a man is not complaining about this one. We're first of all greeted with the slapping of this dog's balls against the woman's pert rump, perhaps a scene most males would enjoy, gay or straight, depending on what perspective you take (For instance, gay males will love the sight of those thick, warm looking balls bouncing about, and of course straight males will quite like the tight, warm asshole of the girl they're staring at). The film does go out of focus every now and then, which is a distracting element of the film. The camera is shaky too, perhaps because the husband is waxing his carrot while pervaying his partner (or presumably his partner) being thoroughly fucked by a big canine like this. Such a film demanded a tripod, whether or not he wished to catch all of the action. She seemed to be quite stable upon all fours and wasn't moving all that much to need a tracking shot with the cam. Perhaps I'm being mean on a home made film, but this is a review after all. We come to the climax of the little clip with the thick dog knot pulling out from the tiny hole, making a waterfall of dog semen cascade across some pert pussy lips that appear to be well whethered (which leads me to believe that this man is almost definitely the husband). Over all, this little piece is an interesting one to beat off to, and does make myself wish I was in her situation. I allocate the small film a sturdy 7/10, despite errors in cinematography, and crude lighting. Well done.

    Damostat, posted

    A very good close up of a post-cum anal tie situation! The video is of very good quality and features one of the best parts of a dog-on-human situation; being stuck to the very dog who just slammed into her asshole and pushed his throbbing knot inside her! Watch as his fuzzy nuts hang over, his cum drips down over her wanting pussy, her round, plump ass hugged by his crotch as he holds onto his sexy human bitch and unloads the last of his cum into her. He then pulls his manhood straight out, leaving her butt hainging in the air to recover.

    ginat, posted
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