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    Dalmatian Fuck


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    Woman fucked hard by Dalmatian, she moans the whole while he is pumping his large dog dick into her tight wet pussy. She is loving it.

    Uploaded by Picoides · Rating: 3.7 (256 votes) · 72583 views


    tremenda toma ; lastima tan corta la clabada

    yoelperez, posted

    They both are an excellant fuck.Thanks.

    1billy4unow, posted


    caseysuckscock, posted

    mmm geil mooi

    kangeroe, posted

    i wonder why he told her to pull the knot out?

    longinthadong, posted

    The first half of the clip doesn't have the best picture quality but the audio helps alot it sounds like the women is really into it. The second half is much better altogether the picture is clear and the audio is great. It seemed weird thugh because the guy says "don't let him in" I don't know if he was talking about the knot or they kinda just staged it to make it look like she was getting fucked either way it was a hot video and made my cock hard

    scottwhykman, posted

    wow nice vid

    rusty01, posted

    me gusto mucho se ve que la mujer lo disfruta y le gusta mucho,tambien el perro esta bien entrenado para meterlo bien adentro y ella se lo come todito,se lo deja meter completo hasta que el perro se queda pegao,verdaderamente hace gozar al perro y al que ve el video ,una pena que sea en blanco y negro,espero verla en la proxima a colores y con mas tiempo y mejores acercamientos de la camara

    zebra90, posted

    Absolutely hot and kinky!

    dirk20200, posted

    I wana fuck that dog he seems like a real hard deep pound just the way I like it......what a lucky woman.....sexy moaning!!!

    SexyHornyBabe, posted

    It was o. k. but not enough good views of dog cock in pussy come on people if you are taking the time to do this for us all to watch at least consider the lighting and camera angles, I want to see good doggy fucking.

    moresa44c, posted

    It's a nice video. Thanks for sharing. I just don't like when people in the background start talking.

    ZenfoldT, posted

    Now this is a good bitch she loves the dog cock Listen to her take it and she wants all she can get

    rayray7, posted

    good fuck uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    sanja, posted

    Nice video, wish it would be longer.

    Sortem, posted

    The pup work that pussy over good,loved it.

    repeter41, posted

    go! spot go! awsome vid keep um cummin!!!

    bigdamo09, posted

    sweet does your dog need another bitch to fuck

    sherryspatz, posted

    if he don't want dog in your bitch. don't ask him to mount her. it's knot her falt it felt good.

    forthelove, posted


    ashwanideol, posted

    it's good knot hummm

    peyo27, posted

    bravo. the spotted fuck... too bad her couldn't get better leverage

    paul518simon, posted

    Great video I think she loves to fuck dogs because she didnt listen to the camera guy.

    zenlove1, posted

    Would be great for a view of the dog knotted in her pussy from underneath.

    bonethedog, posted

    I want some of that any gals out there with a dog and wanting a camera man or someone to join in give me a hollar.

    boylans, posted

    loved the movie

    tomhight62, posted

    that was a great fuck wish i could fuck her ass hard after the dog fucked her pussy

    analrod, posted

    so hot her moaning

    piston37, posted

    This woman nice groan,she's really like it.

    orynoko, posted

    sweet sweet sweet. my owners will like this style he enjoys making me bitch and dog himself.

    shonal, posted

    sweet sweet sweet.

    shonal, posted

    WOW now that's a way to please the Boss!!

    cccccccc, posted

    Sweet! Old spot made mamma moan with his cock and knot deep in her pussy!!

    harleypoor, posted

    fair at best.

    ralphpjohnson, posted

    I think its kind of funny, he doesn't want the dog in, She didn't see to mind him in.

    auggie_dog, posted

    good 1

    tarrajane123, posted

    I`v had this flick for years, came from texas. Yawn.

    jayko, posted

    Good action. Picture quality is rough but the moaning helps and seeing that big get pumped was worth it.

    Irishbull, posted

    very nice wish was longer and maybe a tie wouldnt hurt

    couger1, posted

    wish i fuck like him she have niec sexy asss

    sabourluxor, posted

    What happened to male vids?

    shoot2thrill, posted

    Very nice,lucky dog

    bigk9dick, posted

    wow i love hearing these woman taking it they sound like they truly love gettin the dog dick down its nice to see them on all fours taking the knot and cum and swallowing it all from the cock and being owned i wonder how many have been home alone and let fido teart that pussy up before actually agreeing to do it in front of the camera u know they have let them lick and suck and fuck that pussy good before ever agreeing its so hot knowing while were at work our woman are at home letting fido take our pussy and we dont even know that is so sexy dirty little bitches and i mean bitches so hot

    mudhen4fun, posted

    The quality could've been a little better, but great vid non the less. Loved the sound(moaning was pretty hot). You could have used other angles as well, but the two angles provided were well. it was also pretty short. All in all, I'd say it was a pretty decent video, and It still gave me a pretty good sized erection.lol. Would have loved to see the underside of the event, as well as side views. An in and out view would have been awesome, and a the boys knot as well. This is still good material to turn on, but it's mostly like a starter video. Just warming you up for the other videos. Just my two cents. : )

    timmy54321123, posted

    Great video. Loved listening to her moan and you could tell that she really enjoyed it just by the moans. It was funny to hear the camera guy telling her to take him out but she obviously did not want to. Shame about the picture quality as it could have been a lot better and it would have been great to see her wet pussy in a few close ups after. I think the camera guy should have gotten a little closer with a few close up shots. It would have been nice to have seen her suck and lick the dog after. Great video, great moaning shame about the picture quality though.

    welshygirl, posted

    Damn... That was hot! The moaning really adds a great effect to it. But maybe getting different camera angles and close-ups would've been great. A facial expression and a side-cam would be a huge turn on! Especially if the dog is knotted and he pulls out. And a better picture quality would've been another plus. You can barely even see the woman's pussy when the dog pulls out at the break point in the clip. I don't know the whole clip, but any other action would've been nice. Maybe oral to start and getting to see the dog cum again would benefit this clip. Especially since there was a break mid-way through the movie. Possibly get the dog to lick the woman? Overall I'd give this clip a 5.5/10 only because the moaning gave it a great feeling to it. Better quality, more action, more angles, and close-ups. Then the would make it towards the A-list.

    hornycowboy, posted
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