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    God Sex Dog


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    Nadherni pejsek s peknim ocasem bere zezadu mladou slecnu,one je moc vzrusena a libi se i to a na oplatku pejsek se do ni krasne vystrika

    Uploaded by ivanasuba · Rating: 4.2 (270 votes) · 46104 views


    love watching his red cock fuck her welcoming pussy

    pussysoak2012, posted

    Good boy luv it make's me Horny hmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!just awesone!!!!!

    lovelynana, posted

    Love this film the lady has such a great body

    silverbirch, posted

    mmmmmm great camera

    wetpetpussy, posted

    this movie is so awesome, it is one of the best movies I have seen. We can see clearly how the mating action is going on, the dog's peny and the girl's pussy cooperate so well.This movie would be even more great if we could see the knot coming into the girl's sexy body.

    everlust001, posted

    wow, great action, good filming, but I think its a teaser for part 2- hope to see that soon

    julie_g333, posted

    awsome movie great angle

    gateman, posted

    Smart filming. With the right leg up like that the light shown on the filming great and for a change you really got to see what was happening. Dog was certainly digging it and so was the chick. Yeah, I would have liked to have seen a bigger dog doing it, but that was well done. Maybe not quite a 5-wank rating, but at least a 4!

    4fingers, posted

    Oh Yeah, reminds me of days gone by with my wife and our dogs

    Ldog492, posted

    want to eat her cum fillied pussy

    bitchdog, posted

    Way hot!! Thank You!! Amazing video, Amazing Lady!!

    lifestooshort, posted

    great view!

    lisa4k9, posted

    So Hot I could almost feel the dogs cock sliding in and out of me..LOVED IT

    SnowBunny, posted

    Just love the slow motion:)

    westland, posted

    The great part was the really pretty pussy and you could tell she was loving it because her clit was swelling up very nicely...too bad the dog couldn't stay in her longer and knot.

    2lvdogcock, posted

    pure art in motion....LOVED IT

    Bashing_bishop, posted

    damn that was hot. great for being so short.

    roverlover, posted

    very nice does your dog need another pussy to fuck

    sherryspatz, posted

    fine , very good

    psbhelkar74, posted

    i wish i was a woman then adog could mount me and fuck me til it cums...

    chrisangela, posted

    That is one lucky dog. OMG what a hot pussy and great view of dog getting everything he wanted.

    boylans, posted

    i wish i was a dog that some hot girl would secretly let me mount her and fuck her till i cum.... mmmm

    mrpleasure, posted

    would love to be fucked like that

    slavetok9, posted

    GRRRRRRRRATE love that pussy and watching that dog cock go in it was awsome

    boylans, posted


    qruscuple, posted

    wish it continued longer

    pkumarswn, posted

    ooooh this one definately made me horny ^^ gonna take my vibrator now

    Hondenmeisje, posted


    hbjst, posted

    oh WOW is it my turn next?

    emmy111, posted

    That is soooo good!!! Can't tell you how arousing it is to watch this gorgeous pussy being probed by this enthusiastic dogs cock, specially nice to see the cum gush from her and run down those shapely legs. More please!!

    kaaty, posted

    fucking hott! instant hard-on material...even loved the slo-mo

    dogluvr, posted

    WOW!! I love the way the cock splits those wonderful wanting wet lips. That pussy loks so wonderful with all that cum running out of it.

    Buzz6182, posted

    Great camera work,

    camihottie, posted

    nice to see that pink cock going into that split lipped chick, wish it was me. lots of juicy cum, love it

    moresa44c, posted

    Oh Wow!!! This is one of the best doggy fuck vids ever! The camera angle is perfect to watch the dog probe her pussy to find the opening, the lighting is great and illuminates all the nice juicy dog cum running out of the lady's pussy. Hope these people make more vids of this quality, super!!!!

    kaaty, posted

    Sweet! Lots of dog cum dripping out of that nice pussy! Pups a good stroker!!

    harleypoor, posted

    need hlp to train my pup johns56ford@yahoo.com bangor maine

    johns56ford, posted

    wow this makes me soooo wet

    redamber, posted

    a very horny fuck and great details in the close up

    eurasiacouple, posted

    Great vid, great action, side action filming with clear view of dog cock sliding in and out of her waiting pussy. Nice shots of cum as it drips from her pussy and runs coating the side of her leg.

    jagger06, posted

    mmmmmmmmmmm amazing video. would luv to have that amount of puppy cummm dumped in my tight cunt.. n knotted n tied too.. looking for a horny dog... anyone have one for me?

    luvs2sqrt4u, posted

    mmmmmmmmmmmm I would love to be that dog's bitch and to clean her gorgeous cunt too x

    Belinda402007, posted

    great nice and slow and excellent photography

    couger1, posted

    mmmm yummie

    Hondenmeisje, posted

    sehr geiles viedeo und ein super ficker

    petfrau, posted

    great camera angle, nice slow mo.

    ralphpjohnson, posted

    cum cum cum cum cum cum cum cum . . .

    porco77, posted

    that was great! hott!

    littlebit3860, posted

    great short movie

    newbieo69, posted

    Damn Hot!! Would love to see more.

    bugaboo, posted

    wow this is so hot. this is what i have been looking for. i have searched and searched for this and finally found what i wanted to see. to watch the dogs cock poke at her pretty wet hot pussy and then to see it go in oh my god it makes me so horny. i could watch this video over and over until i wear it out it is just that good. i am so jealous cause i have never experienced this kind of pleasure but i will and when i do i will post it on this site for everyone to see.

    idontnoaname, posted

    this is a good clip, the camera had a good angel that showed the dog penetrating her rather well and it was a nice short fuck, and with the pullout you could see the cum running out of her which was nice and it looked like it could have been a good looking girl. by the looks of the clip both the dog and the girl knew what they were doing which is a plus for the clip. what wasnt good though was the slow motion and the muting of the sound there at the end of the clip, it should have kept the way it was going

    bluedog0804, posted

    this was a very hot movie. I think the knot went in at the end of it and would have loved to seen a few more minuets. I love looking a dog cum on a fresh pussy and this lady is hot. The angle of penetration was perfect and the coupling was almost close to perfect. I wish more women would show their face and if I were going to point any flaw it would be no face shot and not enough moaning from the woman. If this were a full length movie I would be tempted to buy it. Any more like it laying around? Please post.

    emmitfun, posted

    I have seen many videos on this site and others, and I must admit..this is one of the better ones. The angle was very well done, as you could see the point of penetration clearer than in most other videos; especially free ones. The choice of dog was fantastic, because the white fur and pink cock contrast made for a better overall viewing experience. The slow motion at the end was also very well done, as it was timed with the dog's orgasm. I would have preferred to see a knot go in her, but not all people like that as much as I do, so you might not have to downgrade it for that. I also think that the dog *may* not have came in this video, as I did not see a knot(as expressed earlier). However..I can give this video...a solid 7., a B at most. Had the dog knotted her, and it was longer (but it's free, what can you do) it would have been an A. It was a very good video and I liked it very much. Hope you people like this review.

    kingmajin, posted

    That doggie dick just looked so wet and juicy inside that fat pussy. I wonder if it felt as good as it looked, especially at the end when the cum was just running down that fat pretty pussy! Watching this viceo made me so horny! Would love to see how it feels to have a dog fuck me, but havent gotten the nerve to do it yet. Maybe one day! This video was so clear and I loved the slow motion part, it zoomed right in on that quickie. I definately would have loved to see that go on longer than it did!

    animalfukkker, posted

    This is a great quality film and has one of the best angles you're likely to find for a free video! Watch as this handsome golden labrador slides his pink manhood inside his slim bitch's pussy from a side-on view to give you the best visability! See his cum drip down from her juicy cunt as he pushes his sheath up against her, his growing knot clearly concealed just within, aching to penetrate her. Watch his red length unload his cum deep inside her, overflowing out of her as he thrusts against her, trying to get as much of himself inside her as he can. Watch the last few moments in slow motion as he finishes off inside her.

    ginat, posted

    Great vid, great action, side action filming with clear view of dog cock sliding in and out of her waiting pussy. Nice shots of cum as it drips from her pussy and runs coating the side of her leg. watched this over and over and over again. Great vid, great action, side action filming with clear view of dog cock sliding in and out of her waiting pussy. Nice shots of cum as it drips from her pussy and runs coating the side of her leg. watched this over and over and over again. Great vid, great action, side action filming with clear view of dog cock sliding in and out of her waiting pussy. Nice shots of cum as it drips from her pussy and runs coating the side of her leg. watched this over and over and over again.

    biscuitatus, posted

    Revieuw by Hondenmeisje. I have to admit this is a great movie. It has it all the woman with a very nice pussy, a nice dogs cock and ofcourse cum. I love this movie for all of it. Great action, great angles and ofcourse the slowmotion on the end. I am a big fan of dogsex in this is a movie of great quality and resolution. Non pixelated very very nice movie. However it is a short movie. Too bad I like to see more of these good quality movies. And i think more people will agree on that fact without a doubt.

    Hondenmeisje, posted

    Uaaauuu! What a good vid from this girl and her man!! I think it is the best form to see how you can, if you want... It appear lovely, sweet and very easy to get plasure from this method. The film is very simple!! Only a very very good capture of a dog mounting a pretty girl, in doggistyle, but the moment, the cam position and the velocity of movements show you the best scene of amateur mounting that you can find in a lot of vids seeking. I hope you will add this vid like your favorite, you can show it to your girlfriend with no heavies pictures, and you two can get good sensations from it. Good work, of course... Thanks all you...

    zoosporo, posted

    it was very good, not sound but you can see when the girl creamed and when the dog cummed and the quality was good too just a few times it went out of focus. I just wished that i could have heard the girl moan a bit, and could see the dog, i wanted to know what kid of breed that was. and i wish it could have been a little longer like she could have been riding and kissing the dog. and maybe to make the dog pump more is put a bitch in next to him or jerk him a little. but i would like to see more of those videos.

    superfoxieman, posted
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