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    Little Dog Licks


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    A small little dog licks a woman's pussy

    Uploaded by gronigo · Rating: 3.9 (369 votes) · 48168 views


    this is crap. she's not even acting like she's enjoying it. if you're gonna make a 'porn' at least pretend..

    Quatrepup, posted

    Hot, young, tattoed girl in Chicago looking for first time experience with a big dog!

    conniechung, posted

    This is a really nice, clear video with great sound. The little dog laps at his/her mistress and each and every one of those loving laps is so clear that you feel like you're there. In addition to hearing the lovely licking sounds, you hear soft moans coming from the girl. What a good dog! Two comments though.... 1) try to hold the camera steady, or mount it. and 2) clean your room!

    febfantasia, posted

    id boot her hole look at the state of her fuckin room and here the dirty little slut is getting licked off by the dog!!! she should be tidying up her room instead of worrying about getting her dirty smelly cunt off.....rant over

    judasfanny, posted

    by far the hottest vid on this site

    wasincent, posted

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    michaellj1972, posted

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    michaellj1972, posted

    her bedroom is a mess. nice video though

    thecritic, posted

    Ok my pussy next! :D

    kiplup, posted

    What a good little pussy licker that dog is, just keeps going and going. Made me so wet watching.

    petlover8888, posted

    don't like the music.. makes me think she's under age. it's kind of disturbing..

    thecritic, posted

    very nice love the video my pussy got very wet watching this I came 2 time

    xts3000, posted

    Im distracted by how disgusting herhouse is. Ya know she gotta be nasty too

    eatmypussybitch, posted

    damn made me wet as hell

    jade78, posted

    amazing how horney girls are i swear

    aloc42000, posted

    Dogs will do this all day if you pee a little at a time. I used to have a little poodle that did that.

    cmason54, posted

    I like the parts where we see the smoke detector.

    doggiefriend, posted

    persistent little fella

    dman63, posted

    male seeking woman to have fun with my dog,, message me if interested!

    bianca18, posted

    creepy ass music, good vid

    evangelion89, posted

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    young_one_65, posted

    Love the little girl music box playing while she gets slurped. And she is so horny she loses herself in lust and loses focus on the camera angle. Very sexy honey. And what a delicious looking cunt. Can i lick u next?

    rickywebb, posted

    ils vous lecherait des heurs et des heurs "formidable

    akaxora, posted

    make me so wet to watch this video

    vivalafrida, posted

    this was a very hot video she has a very pretty pussy and really got into it i wished she was sucking my cock while the small doog licked her to multi orgasms she looks very tight in need of some good hard cock

    realthing68, posted

    14 year old boy who lives in Leeds England wanting to get with an older women if you could get back to me would be great

    niceboy123, posted

    Lovely teen pussy getting licked!

    wineman123, posted

    mmmmm love it

    gigant301, posted

    Godd video got my dick nice and hard ladys add me on yahoo s1qL5@yahoo.com

    614qxy, posted

    Good clip, I loved the little wimper she made. The quirky muisc in the back ground was a funny touch.

    bluedestiny, posted

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    ebrusch, posted

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    partyboyuk, posted

    ya she does need to clean her room... but get your pussy licked good first...

    sexygirl209, posted

    clean ur room bitch

    oocumoo, posted

    just too slow

    mistressborn, posted

    The music is from "My Neighbor Totoro" lol. Good movie though.

    Lagzilla, posted

    anyone in the ottawa ontario region of canada need someone to hold the camera for them? if so message me.

    infuse90, posted

    got me very hard

    jonr123, posted

    "Every day 12 random movies are picked from our huge movie archive and made available to our members! The movies are randomly selected and the list is updated on a daily basis." man, whoever posted this video should play the lottery considering how many times randomness kicks in

    MasterRecruits, posted

    Good clip but could have cleaned the room before shooting and posting :P

    lovemedoggy, posted

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    beastgirlsex, posted

    this one is one of the best!! But my luck i would get right to that point and the dog would stop and leave. lol. so any tips on how to keep the dog in that position and keep licking and stay inside wiht the mount until both have cum? I think i would like to try this so advice

    adb1960, posted

    really liked this video

    chadwantit22, posted

    hi ask all who i can save this clip pls

    modimon, posted

    "Little Dog Licks " mmm mmm good movie, all the slurping of the little dog licks sounds so yummy and inviting. The little dog is so into what he/she is doing. The girl being licked is also very into the little white dogs slurping her, you can hear the girl moaning sighs of satisfaction as the dog then takes advantage of her. You can tell that the girl and the dog in this movie are very close, and spend lots and lots of time together. She spreads her legs very wide and invites her fury pooch. Recomended to anyone who loves to hear or see a great licking

    fffrferfref, posted

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    kangeroe, posted

    Nice licking but good grief, the room is a pig stye

    HONEYCAT, posted

    That atmosphere seemed unique, great quality and a very nice pussy.

    Fapfapfapfap, posted

    Good licking video; girl need to get a tripod. Camera moves way too much

    Hlusinate, posted

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    rolrex, posted

    why does everyone who post a home video have a filthy room? lol... that said... love the sound of the licking, could do without the background music box music

    febfantasia, posted

    this is a nice and good

    rvap, posted

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    BeastyFriends, posted

    waooo q rico c ve ese perrito mamando,,,c v bn delicioso y tierno,,,,,,,,,,

    labellacasexy, posted

    wow wot a lovely looking pussy !!!! the dog fiar got a good lick at that one eh !!! lucky bloody dog !!

    marty197171, posted

    wow i like it

    anil141071, posted

    the sound is great. licking and panting...mmm

    barbie2010, posted

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    BeastyFriends, posted

    i could lick her better than that dog maybe get more vocal outa her :p

    fiftylove, posted

    so like does anyone recognize the music here? it sounds familiar but I can't place it

    rememberthisdog, posted

    @smintt123 - how can she take time to do housework when she has that lovely distraction! I love the sound of this clip! Makes me want a little dog for just this purpose!

    febfantasia, posted

    nice reminds me of my neighbor lady and her dog

    halooflead, posted

    good film she needs to do abit of house work.

    smint123, posted

    would have love more vocal response from this clip music needs to go!

    fluvs2please69, posted

    mmm nice im soo wet!!

    itsasecret88, posted

    think she needs to sort her room out and get some decent music on; boring

    ravensley, posted

    nice movie

    amsy2k2000, posted

    That was pretty hot

    blimp, posted

    very hot

    sweet24fan, posted

    good doggie lick that pussy

    billyum0123, posted

    Your smoke detector needs a new batt. Nice video too.

    swc11, posted

    just wish i was helping the little guy ummmmm

    prs00050, posted

    very nice . hope to see more, in yhe near future.

    kenneth95136, posted

    Very good. Made me feel eight again with mom. just great, thanks.

    Malepuppylips, posted


    hardcorehockey, posted

    freakin' great! thanks to her for filming it! the ceiling shots every time she moaned and gasped is priceless. excellent!

    dogluvr, posted

    omg tha was so fucking hot looks like 1 of my doggis he love to lick also god im so wet now!!!!!

    sexylilbitch, posted


    clod65, posted

    Loved the sloppy slurping.

    jillj, posted


    atomicknifeblah, posted

    mmmmm, I love it. I love when my dog licks me too.

    darkangel79, posted

    very good

    dippie, posted

    this girl definitely needs to post more stuff and show a face :)

    cwcrick, posted

    Little dogs give good lick.

    shybbw, posted

    i think the girl enjoyed it very much had a orgasm for sure

    passion59, posted


    BladeofHate, posted

    such a yummy vid, a nice lttle dog enjoys lapping up hs masters sot puss juices. you can tell he lady really enoyed her tight pussy beng licked by her softs sighs and how she shakes the camera a little during each soft moan. for such a small dog he really does a good job, makes my tight pussy wet everytime i watch it. theres a random music box that plas music in the background but that doesnt take away from this ladys pleasure or this little dogs persistance. I thnk my next pet choce once I train my new one will be a little dog with a nice little tounge such as this

    lickmykitten, posted

    yummy that little white dog is one hell of a really good pussy licker and the girl was ment for the white dog them 2 make a really good video together i love the way that little white dog gos right after the girl sweet little pussy and how he make the girle love every dam min of it but she needs to give him the same in return and make the little white dog just as happy as he did her and there is nothing more to make you horny then a beautiful girl getting lick our fucked by a dog and a girl giveing a dog a really good head jobi would of love to see that little whit dog get up between the girl legs and put his little dogie cock in her and start pounding her really good and making the girl his bitch that would of been so fucking awesome

    wolfman195628, posted

    in this video i love the quality its soo fuckin hot seeing the little shizu eating out this cunt sooo fuking good. soo fuking sexci soo hot i wish i was tha lucky dog. i wanna suck that clit soo badly.. yummy. i wish i cudve seen this girl do sumthing with the dog like kind of thrust her cunt to the dogs mouth. oh and not to point the cam at the cieling soo much but other that that this is an excellent beaautiful piece hot hot hot.. so gunna watch this again. and play with mi cunt. mm i finger mi cunt to this video its sooo hot turns mi on soo bad. i want that dog to cum eat mi pussy while i fuk its tounge

    jes.baby, posted

    she looks like she is loving every lick. that makes my pussy so wet as i pump this hard cock. i would love to be the one spread open and have my pussy licked!!! i like squeezing my ass as i get my pussy lips sucked on. i like how a dog seem to know how to lick my pussyhole deep inside knowing i want to cum. i want my asshole licked and my pussy fucked. i like how i stay juicy, creamy and wet!i love thinking about this sexy moment. my nipples are hard too! my pussy lips are so wet! im a naughty little girl and i need to be spanked. my pussy has been bad! i want my nipples pinched. oh ya!

    gummiwetbear69, posted

    Very erotic movie, with a 'first hand' point of view! By and large good composition and focus (big problem areas in this kind of video LOL). Loved seeing her expose her clit for the dog to lick directly (that must have been an awesome feeling for her). Her sighs and moans were a big turn on, but the music box soundtrack over was annoying. It would have been nice to hear her talking to the dog (by name) to encourage it. It would have been even nicer if she had really cum hard at the end. It would have been even more arousing if she could have set up a couple of mirrors so that we could see the action from other directions. I'm assuming it really was the lady filming herself (even though the contribution was submitted by a man) and would encourage her to make more movies of herself being pleasured this way. All in all well worth a 4.5/5.0!

    gbin269, posted

    "Little Dog Licks " mmm mmm good movie, all the slurping of the little dog licks sounds so yummy and inviting. The little dog is so into what he/she is doing. The girl being licked is also very into the little white dogs slurping her, you can hear the girl moaning sighs of satisfaction as the dog then takes advantage of her. You can tell that the girl and the dog in this movie are very close, and spend lots and lots of time together. She spreads her legs very wide and invites her fury pooch. Recomended to anyone who loves to hear or see a great licking.

    jasminemoniik09, posted

    For dog lovers this movie may be a little slow at first. But you quickly warm up to the small white haired star that performs like a champ. With the human cast, A very healthy young women with a very nice looking (and tasty for that matter) pussy, the movie is shot from a POV as she is looking down her body while slouching in a chair. She gets things warmed up and once the juices are flowing invites her k-9 friend in to share the treats. As stated previously, our star is not one of the expected big breed of dogs, but that doesn't slow him down from his first few timid licks and looking to mom to make sure it's ok, to an all out good tongue lashing. This dog on pussy action is accompanied by soft moans and moist noises that would indicate that this young woman is truely enjoying herself and not just staging a picture for a fast buck. Her fingers continually work her own magic on her joy button and between the teamwork, all parties end up satisfied and rewarded. This is a good 'softcore' beast/dog flick that is very erotic and would be a good interductory video for someone that has curiosity, but not much experience with zoo sex. from here it would be easy to graduate to harder movies and subjects. As a viewer and reviewer I would reccomend this movie and is worth watching, but as a true hardcore fan it is more of a tease for me than satisfaction. My rating is 4 out of 5.

    delavin, posted
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