• This is a sequence of movies where the pet dog takes over and fucks the women in family, starting with the daughter and then the mother. I might make some more to add at a later date.

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    It would be nice to see the movie, but it is not LOADING

    devilII, posted

    its ok

    wulfrik, posted

    well worth the watch, good fucking, segment could have been longer, good looking lady who really looks like she is enjoying it.

    randyoster, posted

    an incomplete movie

    rajman1968, posted

    I wish the segment was a little longer

    thewatchman, posted

    Wish I was her...

    DuranDuran, posted

    hot stuff... you have great talent. is it possible to put them all in one video?

    battle3, posted

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    It was okay, I mean, animation is cool, I wanna see something where a dog is fucking a chick and actually seeing it, Uh, this isn't quite pleasurable for male viewers cause nothing much is happening. Animation is cool but only if you do it right, I say, give an animation from the dog mounting her doggy style, then camera from floor aimed at her, to see pussy shot and all that good stuff. Animation is really the only way to do it the best, cause of camera angles in normal. I mean, I'm sure the whole installment of this series is good.

    justguest, posted
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