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    Dog Toon Knocked Up


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    A home made toon of a dog fucking a little human bitch that he has already knocked up...its a true story, I read it online!!!

    Uploaded by lunarguitar · Rating: 3.8 (251 votes) · 138930 views


    Really really hot

    kerstingirl, posted

    I would love to get married to a dog, have a dog fuck me in front of the wedding guests, and then impregnate me. I would love to give birth to my husband's puppies.

    tgirlwhore, posted

    realy good but a little strange

    inuyasha86, posted

    Loved it so much

    spookshowbaby, posted

    great job the show was great

    ahles90, posted


    farrunner, posted

    deos smearing a male dogs cum over my cock then fucking my bitch make the puppies mine if she falls pregnant? I would love to breed with my girl.

    mickey303, posted

    "magnificent. as a teenager, I also wanted to get pregnant by my dog.\nafter a few years I realized it was not possible."

    puccipucci, posted

    This video is awful, but I liked it. I'm so confused!

    peterperv23, posted

    this could happen all she needed to do was when it was time was just inject a dog egg into her womb and then be bred by a male dog

    IvaArcani, posted


    birdson, posted

    very good work....this is some super interesting animation here...

    stud654321, posted

    This is a great, great video. Giving birth to puppies is a fetish of mine. I wish I could do that for real!

    navelerotica, posted


    King_Cross, posted


    gallopolveador, posted

    wooo... jeje... fuck que mierda

    Daviszarate, posted

    cool but ive seen better

    anbraxis, posted

    nice but short

    angelcross8, posted

    Am trying to cancel my membership for TWO weeks but they keep recharging me. Does anyone know how to cancel this damn membership?

    xyzcam22, posted

    Why is it that out of all the k9 videos i have seen, none show inside shots(apart from a japanese one that showed a speculum shot of the k9 cum) Is it so hard for cervixplay to be included in k9 videos? Even the euro beast ones dont include this. Just pitiful we have to indulge in animated ones.

    marcusaurelius, posted

    love this would like to see the women giving birth and other movies like this. make me very exciting.

    lynnnottone, posted

    I love this toons bring more like it.

    josephmontiel, posted

    Yes, its cute, I like it. The simple fact is the number of human chromosomes don`t match that of canines, or even apes for that matter, thereby negating any chance of ever succesfully propagating any viable offspring(human, animal, or a cross thereof)via mating. It sure as hell is fun to try though!

    jayko, posted

    amazing clip

    RATTLEHEAD88, posted

    Yes, Masterbrief is correct. Genetic differences would prevent such a pregnancy but lets use a little imagination just for the fun of it. Suppose the woman as a child had seen a female dog give birth to a litter of puppies and for years she fantasized about what it would be like if she could have puppies. The older she grew, the stronger the fantasy became. As a teenager she even began to have sex with male dogs but as gratifying as her matings were she was never fully satisfied. In college she took classes in advanced bio-chemistry, pharmacology and medicine. During her research for a term paper she came across an article about the cellular membrane formation process of human egg cells while in the ovaries. It stated that the membrane which only allows human sperm to enter could be modified by a combination of artificial enzymes. The research was aimed at the reduction of certain birth defects but this woman realized it could also allow the sperm of other species such as dogs to impregnate a woman. This set her mind to thinking. She did more research and found that a group of geneticists had developed a compound to suppress the DNA of the mother's egg cells to make cloning possible. A woman impregnated after taking this compound would have a child that gets all of its DNA from the father and thus the child would be an exact duplicate of the father with none of the mother's characteristics. She gathered all the necessary ingredients and made two sets of medications; one to modify her egg's membrane and the other to suppress her egg's DNA. She had to take the medications for a full month before she was ready. And then the big day came. Her dog was an Irish setter, big and healthy and very well endowed. She called him "Happy," because that's how he made her feel. They had made love many times before but this time was different. Happy could somehow sense that she was fertile. He made love to her with a renewed vigor, pounding deep into her body until his knot had swollen to it's largest size ever and locked them tightly together. This went on for a week, then two. Sometimes they made love two or three times a day. On the 14th day she awoke dizzy, nauseated... all the classic signs of morning sickness. SHE WAS PREGNANT! Her joy was complete. She made herself available for Happy all during the pregnancy. Twenty-two days later she went into labor and produced a beautiful little version of Happy. And they lived happily ever after.

    davlyt1701, posted

    Nice. Love the puppy pregnancy.

    poilkj, posted

    aside from the fact that she cant get pregnant from a dog because of the genetic difference

    masterbrief, posted

    So cute...something I fantaise about every time I get bred. Love it.

    jonniekay, posted

    it's a...furry?

    omgwtfhotdog, posted

    It's cute that she got preggy

    Kura2008, posted

    would love to see an internal knotting maybe butt to butt?

    kbgrogue, posted

    i love when a pregnant woman fuck a dog and she is pregnant with his puppies

    salax, posted

    thats hot!!

    ilovepittbulls, posted

    the movie is worth watching. the bitch is in heat and really wants to bridge the gap between humans and animals. she is into enjoying herself with her furry friend. The video would be better if it was a little longer but does give an idea to what some wish was possible. I wish the video had start out with her not being pregnant and then starting the pregnantion process with a litter of pups inside her till the conclusion of giving birth and feeding them and then being mounted by her own pups just like a real do would do. this is just my point of view some will agree and some will not.

    doggyball, posted

    I enjoyed this toon very much. The author of this video had answered alot of fantasies that I share and some other women also share is being impregnated by a dog. Great visual work to show the impregnated puppies in the womb brought me to a very huge orgasmic state lol. I hope the author can provide more of these videos they are simply amazing. I also hope the author can perhaps maybe make it a little longer though, i had to grab my own dog so I couldnt lose my excitment in this amazing video. The author has a very erotic imagination can help other views of beastiality in our imagination of interbreeding.

    Spacpres, posted
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