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    Asian Sucking Dog And Swallowing.


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    Movie starts off with asian woman sucking and playing with doggy cock. Asian woman instructed by man to suck and swallow doggy come. Keywords asian, dog cum. swallow.

    Uploaded by biohzrd019 · Rating: 4.4 (350 votes) · 62607 views


    awesome clip with great audio!

    jayko, posted

    nice blowjob and she even swallows! If i were that dog id make that little bitch my permanent girlfreind.

    wigbug5, posted

    what a sweet little cocksucker!

    titenrite49, posted

    wow thats hot

    Lagwagon25, posted


    fredpotts, posted

    That is one lucky ass dog.

    CJuneau1, posted


    mariesex, posted

    Beautiful girl. Wish there were full lengths of these asians.

    SilentAssailant, posted

    man she doesnt like it at first but she loves it soon after nice dog cock

    ilovedogs24, posted

    Little Asian Cocksuckers are the best in the world, man or beast. I'd like too see her with a horse cock in her hands.

    JJames80, posted

    excellent. a true dog cock/cum lover. she's my hero.

    maryantonucci, posted

    Beautiful! Just beautiful! Couldn't tear my eyes off it. Loved the cum scene. Loved all the scenes in fact! (I am woman!)

    sucez, posted

    Great looking asian girl who seems to truly enjoy giving that lucky dog the blowjob of his life...swallowing that cum was the highlight of the clip

    tinnebil2, posted

    watching that 1.58 sec of that little girl sucking and drinking that hard dog cock was,just enough time for me to shoot a load of cum out of my rock hard 8"cock. she reminded me of my x wife , she loved to suck and fuck dog. cheers

    nytro, posted

    Beautifull great mouthfull of cock.. Love all the cum dripping, cute lil bitch..

    geezer3204, posted

    Thats the mouth of the girls made for! Dafür sind die geilen Mädchen-Mundfotzen gemacht!

    sadfuck, posted

    She did an excellent job! Never waste a drop!

    par_tgirl, posted

    Wow, awesome blow job and swallow!!! Great looking young girl too...gotta put this @ the top of the list!!

    chopper73, posted

    Fucking hot blow job on a dog!! Making me even more wet. Great scene!

    takemestud, posted

    Made me wish I was there. I would have been tempted to suck it myself,although I'm not gay.

    BJ917, posted

    what an awesome clip just submited a review thanks for this.

    tn_xxx89, posted

    All the free seems to be the same. I'm tired of being fucked when I give upmy money to get something better , just to find out I just pissed away my money....

    crusty66661, posted

    that was such a great blowjob. I like it how she like the base of dog's member

    sapphireailish, posted

    Good. Very good. Nice dick and she sucked it with style and grace. I would like to see her down on my husband.

    sucez, posted


    roxanne, posted


    jbeam529, posted

    this girl is so hot and hungry for dogcock and sperm!

    jayko, posted

    Asiatin + Hundeschwanz = Himmel Ich bin dran!

    chang1, posted


    gambonaky, posted

    class dirty Asian

    bren0880, posted

    Asian Clips are the best! I want both. First the dog and then the girl!

    norbert0766, posted

    most def the hottest chick on the site!

    beardown210, posted

    great clip..one of the best

    don_rr, posted

    you can have the dog, I wanna the girl

    nogueira, posted

    wow that made me wet

    redamber, posted

    I don't think I've *ever* seen a hotter k9 oral scene: she really makes love to him with her awesomely sensual mouth & tongue. Cum dribbles across her chin early on, and at the end she shows us that her mouth is full of it. Perfect.

    apuleius055, posted

    im so hard right now

    Billdo22, posted

    nice b/j

    mmaatt55, posted

    im so wet..

    Iliketurtles, posted

    hmmmm....wanna this cockkkk gnamm!!! :P

    xicom, posted


    dolphinpig, posted

    please suck me^^

    chang1, posted

    good sucken

    mmaatt55, posted

    fuckin great

    spshl1, posted

    I wish she would suck me like like that dog

    Stan1960, posted

    Looks so f***in tasty, I wish that was me eatin that!!!

    mmmgulp, posted

    fucking incredible!

    concave_scream, posted

    that is what I want too. Das will ichauch

    heinju, posted

    Great vid! A beautiful job done by a beautiful girl. Loved it....

    Seasol11, posted


    ccho12345, posted

    This girl is from the MAD gloryquest movies that are popular in japan.

    marcusaurelius, posted

    Love those Asian women they love to please. I agree that she needs to be naked and would love to see her knotted to her lover.

    rahen60, posted

    Okay Rex Move over I'm next!!LOL

    mehoff, posted

    great movie

    steve_mids_uk, posted

    jsut awesome, from which film is this, i do recognice hte girl.

    grotsoppa, posted

    Great vid! Loved the swallowing!!

    Hamilly, posted

    amazing stuff. very good video

    oheymate, posted

    Very hot! She sucked that dog dick like she knew what she was doing, and like she knew that she was going to get something to swallow! Very good clip!

    chopper73guy, posted

    Jam three dicks in that bitches arse. She fucking needs it.

    southukmale79, posted

    i'm not gay but GODDAMN THAT LOOKS TASTY.

    bodacious8069, posted

    FUCK!!!! I just LOVE Asian bitches and K9!!!! Very nice! That little chick needs her ass fucked too!

    different, posted

    rock and roll. That is awesome!

    orangemailbag, posted

    i could not play the whole movie !! i make the 3 update preferences .. & still not working ,,what seem to be the problem !

    lovelysweetguy, posted

    great blow job would have liked to see tits and some pussy lickin

    fuckmelots899, posted

    nice action & she loved it all

    stockman43, posted


    tonycrawford69, posted

    Really nice juicy action for a change :)

    anotheruser, posted

    Lucky girl, I also want cock and cum ;(<3

    CumDrinkingSlut, posted


    aaamarco, posted


    movies44, posted


    movies44, posted

    Great the way she sucks that huge cock and swallows the cum...the things I love so much.

    katemaes, posted

    Thanks for sharing, nice great sup job, very nice lady too, sad i can see theyr titts.

    rainbow100, posted


    rogueky, posted

    wow your so sexy i want you ph no mmmmmhot

    ferrit55, posted

    She is beautiful,, I'd marry a woman like that. I'd love to kiss that face, dog cum and all.

    freakie, posted

    what an amazing cock would love to suck all the cum from that MMMM

    capriman, posted

    absolutely wonderful!

    xcentric1, posted

    oh how id love to have this cock to suck

    slavetok9, posted

    Delicious and yummy! Great job.

    Malepuppylips, posted

    I LOVE seeing a girl who can swallow dog cum better than many girls can eve swallow human cum!

    zyrox, posted

    sehr geil

    dirk2305, posted

    goog oral i want that cock and com in my mouth

    cuntslave, posted

    i want to mary her. fuck this is hot

    cockhound5150, posted

    wow wish i had his cock in my mouth

    redamber, posted

    wow, it was the best sucking I have seen for a long time...GREAT. I want more of that...cum on girls...

    oldman60, posted

    always nice to see cum in their mouths

    Johnnyreb, posted

    Great sucking and the cum ,mmmmmmm. Best oral i've seen for some time

    Jillnjewels, posted

    Really nice action and good photography.. First oriental video I've seen where they aren't crying. She is good and when she swallows at the end is a huge plus

    sildolan, posted

    can i be next plz,great n sexy

    inall, posted


    geoff, posted

    AMAZING oral action here!! FAB movie, many thanks for sharing!

    Prince777, posted

    nice, i think i would like to try that. any ohio guys here

    eager, posted

    hot nice and delshous this discribe a dog dick between the lips of the most sexy models in the bestiality porn movies industry. am not gonna speak more just watch it and you will never regret the time you spend on this sexy movie. this site contaien the best home made bestiality movies in the whole world these people may look unpro filming gays but when you see there work you may want to do it with you self. eather you were male or female you can't resiste the taste hot cum which slip on here tits you will even try to do it with your own self so prepare your self for the unlimeted joines of the bestailaty which brought to you by (PET SEX ) the best of the best porn site.

    playa911000, posted

    This is one of the best doggie head movie clips I have seen in quite a while. This bitch really plays the role, you can see that she loves to keep that cock in her mouth as much as she can and seems to want more. The squirt shots were on the money and the video quality is outstanding. There needs to be many more videos of this quality here, and I will definately keep an eye out for this woman. This video is a must see, and the camera guy needs his credit too. Thank you for giving us this to see.

    JesseandApril, posted

    This movie was amazing. I loved how she was sucking the dog off, licking just right, and how you could hear him whining and panting. She licked his shaft all up and down, and even took it deep down her throat, and her dog was cumming the entire time. They were both obviously loving every second of it. I just wish she would have taken a huge load on the face to end it... There needs to be another one of her getting her tiny Asian pussy pounded by her dog, and she needs to be naked in more movies.

    Dumant, posted

    This movie was great and i loved it i love how passionate she was sucking the dog off and you can hear him panting the whole time. Great vid of the dog cumming the whole time she even takes it deep down her throat and seems like shes loving every second of it. The only thing is i wish she was naked and showed more maybe even taken some on her face or added another dog otherwise this is a great video. there needs to be more videos like this one on the site and she needs to be in them more often.

    panther8, posted

    The young Asian woman in the movie was absolutely beautiful. She can suck me off any time she likes. The way she licked and teased the dog before taking the dog's whole cock in her mouth got me nice and hard. No wonder the dog was panting, so was I. I had to watch it again and again. It got better at the end when she showed her cum filled mouth before she swallowed the dog's cum. I would have like to have seen more of her body though. If someone has her phone number can they send it to me?

    Stan1960, posted

    A vary Sexy asian sucking on a vary large dog it was a mild turn on to see the girl sicking away would of loved to see the dog knoot her but regardless the dog seemed to enjoy it just as well Vary sexy, two thumbs up wil be watching more. the aisan girl was extremly hot with Nice big tits would love to bend her over and push it deep in her once again would love to see the dog do it She sucks nice a good and would of made me cum if she sucked me like that

    Divine2k6, posted

    A totally hot but too short of a clip. Had a bit of a problem with the picture quality, that was distracting. One of the best unsensored asian clips, I have seen of the short type. I have seen the dog before on MAD vids, if this was longer, that girl would be drowning in his cum.She sure loved it in her mouth and swallowing it at the end. These dogs seem to cum forever. I loved the way it dripped out of her loving, tender mouth. The lady, what can I say, she is so sensual and loving of the dogs red, hot meat stick,You could tell she was really enjoying sucking the dogs cumm filled cock. I don't know what I want more.That beautiful lady sucking my cock like that, or me sucking that beautiful cock like that. How about both! yes, that would be best.We could take turns sucking him. She could suck me at the same time. Then we would switch and I would watch her sucking and eating dog cum, while I fucked her, in both love holes.

    squrm, posted

    This movie was set in a very good light, and it seems that 50 percent seem to have bad lighting, but not this one. lighting was great and the phototragher was in the right places at the right time. This hot little asian babe really looked as thow she was enjoying the hard dog cock in her young little mouth. She accually sucked the dogs dick with the intensety of a women wanting to be fed hot love juice from this stud dog.Would of like to seen her hot little cunt being bumped hard and fast by this big cocked dog. The sound was good and that movie was great.

    monsterlove9, posted

    This is probably one of the few asian dog cock sucking videos, where the woman is not doing that stupid, idiotic,crying that the asians seem to think is so neccessary, to include in there woman/dog sex movies. This girl does a wonderful job of taking a dog, shooting cum, into her mouth, swallowing his cum, and continuing to do so, all through the scene. This is a fine looking asian woman that takes a beautiful dog and sucks it to completion and lets the viewer watch as he ejaculates into her mouth and continues spurting as she continues to lick and suck him. It is a fine looking dog cock of good size and color. The camera work was very good and clear. He got in good and tight, so you could see the cum and fluid spurting out of his dick onto her face and eventually you so her swallo a mouthful.I would love to see the full movie of this as it is the best asian movie trailer, I've seen. sildolan

    sildolan, posted

    This young asian girl really gave it to this dog. She started out mostly licking with some sucking thrown in for good measure. It didnt take long though and her mouth never left his cock...even taking it deep into her throat a few times. The look in her eyes as she looked into the camera with her lovers cock deep in her mouth was priceless. The video kind of cut it short....but it looked like she started to smile after swallowing the mouthful of cum she had. Wicked hot video. Will make me take more notice of asian women!

    fetish4cum4me, posted
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