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    Bitch Fuck Dog


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    Woman fucking dog several time until she is screaming of pleaure when the knot is burried deep in her vagina. A good dog fuck for the both

    Uploaded by salax · Rating: 3.8 (32 votes) · 4519 views


    Any ladies within 100 miles of Dallas who would care to communicate with, and educate, a guy who just found this site last week, please message me. Thanks.

    likkrman, posted


    totolata001, posted

    "Do you wanna suck that d..k?" Would like to see it!

    Brughel, posted

    I voted 2, much too much close-up, cant see whats going on....

    oldman60, posted

    There were some very nice moments where you could hear the stud's cock sliding in and out of his bitch while she made some very nice moaning noises. Unfortunately the camera work was VERY poor. Much too close in most shots and I suspect there were several bits of looping early on. When the stud finally managed to get well mounted and in good breeding position he really gave it to her. She moans and whimpers very nicely as he gets his tie and the knot starts to swell. There is a very nice shot of the stud's knot starting to emerge from his bitch then popping out. In one of the few cases where I believe it's acceptable to loop, or re-use a bit of footage, we get to see a lovely slow motion of the knot pulling out of the bitch. This is followed by a clip of the bitch leaking their combined juices combined with a replay in slow motion. Not a great clip, but, better than many. Could have been edited down to better advantage.

    Kymfur, posted
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