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    Arab Women Fuck Dog


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    arab women fuck dog and housband watch bitch wife coming girl juices on dog cock A good fucking and a lot of semen in women vagina

    Uploaded by salax · Rating: 3.7 (265 votes) · 78544 views


    plus that u dont know how to spell. n dont u think ur mama's the bitch.

    ckimbrough, posted

    Shit movie, no anal, and whoever wrote the review on this needs to be dragged into the streets and beaten with a rock.

    Nekkofox, posted

    she is not arab woman see

    erbiyah2010, posted

    really not worth watching. the movie is poor.

    rjzmt, posted

    hate that, when a woman has to rape the dog, that's bullshit.

    2lvdogcock, posted

    hell yeah

    blooded, posted

    Seit sich meine Frau regelmäßig von des Nachbars Hund Ficken läßt ist der Sex mit ihr richtig gut geworden

    leidenschaft, posted

    Yes,she was beautiful girl ,with nice body ,her hubby ask her to make love to the dog, and she was very tired. the dog cock was big and her pussy was pumping in and out,the dog is enjoying the ride ,

    jokersam, posted


    kangeroe, posted

    nice =D

    krazyman153, posted

    great video nice knoting ,good lighting good sound and the after show was awsome the cum all in her was great.arab lady u have a beautiful body great knoting .luved the size of it when u got off the dog .would luv to see u stay with it next time .

    doglicker69, posted

    Surly there someone that can lend me there dog to get on pestsex Heathrow London zzuke@hotmail.com

    ianmax, posted

    Surly there someone that can lend me there dog to get on pestsex Heathrow London zzuke@hotmail.com

    ianmax, posted

    arabs kill their daugthers if they cheat on their husbands to save their honor. if this girl's family finds out that she is fucking dogs i wonder what they ll do to her.

    seivom10, posted


    lilom, posted

    Hot, erotic, sexy, and very kinky!

    dirk20200, posted

    Your follow-up video work was great, but the most important part at the beginning didn't show good subject action; too close to the two of them, and would have been better from the side. Better yet, show how the dog got an erection in the first place. Worth trying again!

    Donnatto, posted

    Jayko...because they're speaking arab. Also, just look how dark that asshole is. What the hell?

    dickbutts, posted

    she`s arab? How can we tell?

    jayko, posted

    do me do me, oh to be one of the lucky ones

    cumhungryOR1067, posted

    wonderfull good ... hpe to see more of her

    rocco16, posted

    wow that was very very good would love to hve been there x

    devonfencer, posted

    like it when she says oh it is so good mmmm

    madcyril, posted

    I rated this one high and added it to my faves. . .partly, I am connected with the woman who is enjoying her K9 lover: her rhythmic breathing and the sounds of the doggy dick slipping in and out of her moist pussy is something I know and appreciate (enough that my panties are wet from this viewing). . .the man's hand is a little intrusive and there are some tight pictures of the vacated pussy and anus after the woman has orgasmed and contracted her dog's dick from her that seem gratuitous. Nevertheless, I would recommend this one with some minor caveats.

    morgan_faye, posted

    Even after she dismounted the dogs cock the cum that leaked out was nothing compared to the load he shot deep in her that was still there inside her pussy!!:) Way to go boy!! Good boy!

    mehoff, posted

    this good, the lady has a great ass. i like it a lot!*****

    esparzascc, posted

    Very nice

    shaygirl, posted

    great views

    stiffrider, posted

    What makes her an Arab woman?

    ponypoker, posted

    fuck her pussy!!!

    damndog, posted


    alibaba2009, posted

    Soaking my pussy!!

    takemestud, posted

    nice pussy with perfect ass!! i want some piease!

    bigdamo09, posted

    very hot

    EZMoney, posted

    the lady is absolutely SEXY SENSUAL erotic luscious & desired she was AWESOME with a gorgeous delicious asss & cunt irish6925@yahoo.com cum play

    fun, posted

    this is not arabic,but its nice,for horny ladies;kamelo666@yahoo.com or massenger,

    kamelo, posted

    assume luved seeing her buried to the hairy sheath.. what a wet spot too

    paul518simon, posted

    worth watching my wife wants 2 try this so much

    drogerson, posted

    beautifull ending. i just wish there were more videos that ended this way

    dedode, posted

    very nice movie

    movies44, posted

    i just read the description and noticed alot of things that were mismatched... this clip does have sound, i dont see any part with her tits hanging down, and theres no part with the dog licking her...

    neonblackstar6, posted

    lovely k9 and woman

    mikiyrogers, posted

    i wish i was there whilke this was happenin :)

    jerry15, posted

    nice girl and fucking

    cuntslave, posted

    Really really good humping movie. Girl gets a huge doggy cock in her pussy and loves it. The movie starts off with the doggy cock already in her and progress's as she starts to ride it harder and harder, You can tell the cock is growing bigger as the scene goes on because she starts to moan harder and harder, eventually it gets so big that she stops and lets the dog cum in her, when he's done she pulls the cock out and cum sprays all over the place, the movies ends with her bent over showing her pussy to the camera and playing with it and the doggy cum. Great if you like girls who ride dogs, only bad part is you don't see her face or tits.

    jordo2001, posted

    the movie was perfect, just perfect. her pussy bouncing on that dog's ass; the motion of that dog's dick... i wished i was there in her place at points!! I saw her squirt too which was cute... just saying. overall the movie was great and it will be enjoyed by all who see it! 5 stars guys 5 stars! well thats about all i can say because im sure i will have reached my limit by nows. so anyway bye bye to whomevver is reading this. oh and if u have female dog... im looking to mate with one.. badly

    noxesftw, posted

    a wery nice arab lady , with a dog , and a man , she are makeing love to a dog , you can hear her breating , she is turn on , very horny , she hase lite skin and butiful body , her love makeing gose into her soul , der is some ,nice close up behinde the dog and staiht up to her pussy, very nice close pic , you can her pup hair , and the anal very close , i sår it pumping the orgasme , anal , the pussy vere open after big dog dick , on her leg there was dog semen ,on her leg the good dog look happy , but tired

    sortey, posted
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