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    girl and dog - first

    Uploaded by janteenjan · Rating: 4.2 (1953 votes) · 215332 views


    camera guy sucked! all she had to do was bend over and she messed that up. OHIO

    spartan6996, posted

    way too much dog handling! She definitely needs to practice taking the dog dick more. He was definitely willing! Women near Louisiana who are serious about K9 sex, message me here. Women only :)

    blueyedcwby69, posted

    Who was the camera man and what was his role other than screwing up the video.

    calchief, posted

    Washington Pa. area here and would love to meet singles and couples to watch and join for pet sex. Please people contact me.

    rokmon, posted

    its still a nice clip, Angie gets it good!

    jayko, posted

    oke this might be the hottest video on this entire site o_o

    LauraOpenShot, posted

    Would have been nice to see the girl in the red dress eat that girl's pussy after the dog was done. If I was there I sure as hell would eat her up.

    dude4mk9, posted

    Poor dog, There are too many hands in the way. The woman could have opened her legs more so he could enter her better. There at the end he was shooting and there was no pussy to take his seed. a shame.

    ewilson, posted

    You assholes that is a child.

    clarke25, posted

    Anyone from Victoria BC into animals?

    ilovecows225, posted

    anyone in MARYLAND with a dog wanna fuck this juicy plus sized pussy?

    CassieBear2007, posted

    Suche im Raum Bayern/Tirol gleichgesinnte Tierhalter und Bauern. Bin 24, habe 19*5,5, große Eier mit viel Saft und bin für alles offen. Meldet euch.

    chang1, posted

    anyone near miami msg me

    explodebam, posted

    love her fem friend watching too

    steve_mids_uk, posted

    I still like this video. She sounds good when she is getting it. Wonder if she has done it more since this vid was done? Anyone know?

    junglejohn, posted

    Id fuck her her hell yeah

    whsepop, posted

    i want to be fucked like that!

    lillygee, posted

    I love her ass,is beauty,nice video.

    Elzorro69, posted

    Nice video! Would like to see the other woman give it a try too!

    junglejohn, posted

    mmm very nice made me very wet thanks for sharing xx

    shygirl1985, posted

    This is my personal favorite video on this site... He takes full control over her and make her, his bitch... and she loved every second of it... but i can say the guy was a little to hand on... let the pup work his magic!

    bigcaboom1, posted

    i love this video i like how the dog just takes that girl and makes her he's bitch and i love that other girl just setting there waiting for her trun.

    ghantry10, posted

    Mmmmm........just like teaching a young boy to fuck for the first time.....so hot!!

    666pedro666, posted

    Anyone WA with a pretty by like this? I'd even be o with filming :)

    gloomgirl, posted

    well done... nice Aussie girl, Ild love to watch this in action in person.... contact me please...dog girl..

    gemini69er, posted

    I'm looking for an older man to teach me everything these sluts know! I'm in the Uk I'm 20 years old send me a message.

    naughtyannie12, posted

    nice vid and nice cock

    runner1, posted

    i want to be fucked llike her!!!!

    lynn7272, posted

    hummmnow thats a perfect tenesee firt timer. :)

    Bluham, posted

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    EpicHorse, posted

    anyone else notice the blackout at 1:08-1:09??? I tried to read what it said, but no luck

    silverleaf, posted

    hot as hell dam she has a lucky man to have a girl like her

    bitchhunting, posted

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    mark119, posted

    if anybody in melbourne fl. and has well endowed dog. and would not mind me haveing sex with him please message me. ps i would not mind being recorded.

    boatman6969, posted

    Wow! You can tell se was expecting it in her vag; but she got fucked in the ass with her first knot. From the size of his cock and the way she yelps, I'ld say that something tore. The way she just sits so still. I bet she has a rip & hemmoriods after this...tape up your ass & try again, get his cock in your pussy "doggy style",...mmm.

    Pergotski, posted

    BoBirdSell She Did Look Illegal But Damn She Had A Nice Ass And Pussy

    ManLovesDogs92, posted

    Angela you're one sexy fuck would love to know both you and the other cuple;eally loe ya'll.

    1billy4unow, posted

    Hey TZ wolf.....any decent human being who wanted to know the real story of why they were doing this and why it was outside....etc., etc., would have the discretion to send these people a private msg instead of lambasting them on a public forum. And do u mean to say that when u first got into this that the animals u were with did exactly what u wanted them to do without any coaxing? Or in ur words...."forcing?" The dog seems to be enjoying it....the girl is def enjoying so FUCK OFF and get a life. I think this vid is hot and i shall commence to stroking my meat to it now and enjoy myself. Have a great day all!!!

    666pedro666, posted

    is it just me or does this girl look a little bit to young. like illegal young.

    bobirdsell, posted

    AMAZING--that is.....amazingly uninspired....forced....and dull! Dogs are NOT TOYS to be experimented with and upon! This group of monkeys trying to get this dog's dick into this "I wanna try dog sex" woman is pathetic.....and exactly the reason real zoos are persecuted these days. Stick with the whips and leather and dildos and whatever other garbage and leave dogs to those who REALLY love them. And OUTSIDE? WHY? Because he never gets to go into the house? This is garbage....

    TZwolf, posted

    so hot any1 in reading area can help me out plzzzzz dont mind being filmed

    lesley, posted

    That girl just popped her doggy cherry ^^

    Dastardly-Dawg, posted

    very hot.. she should spread her legs wide and lean down to let him really pound into her..

    FunBrenda, posted

    next time try lettin git be a natural mount from the dog.. i'm sure they both would enjoy it better that way...

    DarkDawg, posted

    türkiyeden köpeği olan bayanlar eklesin

    esparco, posted

    great video. love outside lighting. Only wish the angles were better and that sexy moan was louder. Awesome job!

    stuffs69, posted

    la jeune fille et le chien semblent prendre bien du plaisir tous les deux , bravo au garçon qui amène cette fille à se faire prendre par un chien et ce , en présence de sa copine qui aide à la manoeuvre . C'est super bien

    raygal, posted

    I WANT THAT GIRL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    momo999, posted

    notice the man has to stoke the dogs dick for it to get a boner.

    toctocan53, posted

    that awkward moment when you want to lose your virginity.... to a dog.

    sexybabe1245, posted

    Not bad but definitely agree the cam angles were kind of wack

    bluturbo88, posted

    I love that ass and that cunt. She has got a beautiful behind. And nice legs and a nice body. I'd like to lick her from behind. Lick her cunt, lick her asshole, lick her crack!! The guy is inexperienced and a fuckup. He should've held the dog on top of her, when he was done. The girl was inexperienced too. Wanted to try it out with a dog. @ L A T E R ! ! ! 0603 animalpsychologist 1.

    cleclego, posted

    futastic movie..........im writing this with milky hands

    manukaka, posted

    Very nice, love the "homemade" quality of the film and really looks like they are learning here. And the young girl looks great too.

    JessiMom, posted

    DAM nice vid!I would sooo like to be there jacking off all over her while the dog fucked her.Hope they post more.

    JustJB, posted

    well u now have a very wet aussie girl.. dam . sounded like this young gal was aussie too

    samsamsam00001, posted

    @ Review. Many people (Including me) Happen to get turned on by shots of a girls face while shes being fucked / a girls REAL moans. It's not always about the 'action' This was a home video by the looks of things, The other women was part of the couple helping her do this.

    goldenfucking, posted

    Mmmmmm so wish the dog would fuck me next:)

    horselover192, posted

    Anyway i can watch them without adobe flash player??

    Dogclit99, posted

    any girls masturbating? inbox me

    oocumoo, posted

    nice thighs, nice ass, nice cunt, stupid screwedup amateur guy, goodfucking dog, amateurgirl. 12@animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    dang good video i like how the girl got helped wit soemthin like that xD its funny but stiil good and pretty hot <3

    pieguy555, posted

    Love this one... good close up of penetration. LOVE that. was a little all over with the camera.. i enjoyed seeing the other girl watching. Wonder if she took a turn.

    sincitykitty, posted

    Excellent knot! and she´s got a delicious butt. You sholud try an ass penetration with this couple too!!

    plinky69, posted

    He Knotted her Gooood

    jjdeknotts, posted

    1 thing, I noticed right away, the girl looks good and she has nice thighs, a beautiful cunt and a beautiful ass. The guy is a screwedup fuckedup (tautology?) stupid amateur, who seems to think, just like the storytellers, that a dog needs a hardon, to fuck a woman. But other than the storytellers, who do it in theory on paper, he couldn't get the dog's knot in her cunt. Not that he didn't try. And the stupid shitstorytellers let the dog do it on his own, without outside help. In reality, even with outside help, they can't get the knot in, when they already have a hardon. Still it should be possible. Happy New Year10@animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    Technically, this movie left a lot to be desired, with the camera swing around all over the place, and the dogs unneccesary leash getting in the line if sight too often. The sound was mostly good and natural, and mercifully no added crap music or the TV on in the background. It was informal and genuine, and showed good view of all present - too often a close up of genitalia throughout just doesn't do it in the same way. And for the brief spells that the lab actually got his dick into the young woman's cunt were worth it just to hear her moans of pleasure.

    audreylovesson, posted

    wow great clear vid, nice youn girl n young dog u can see the dow is new at this and he will get better at it he had a lovely shiny smooth cock his was as horny as hell he could not mount her enough to fuck her it was great to see the dog cock dripping cum mmmmmmmm wish i was there

    wallsvince, posted

    pretty good

    beetle999, posted

    very nice maybe next time there will be sucking too

    phatcock79, posted

    I love this, it gets me very wet when i watch it, I love the scenario of the innocent sweet girl having it for the first time :P

    kitykat, posted


    Mokumm, posted

    okay im a 17 year old male i want to talk to a girl about them fucking dogs and how it feels no im not a homo im just curious

    bvfgh, posted

    Dont think she knew what she got in too, or what she got in her, lol

    jjdeknotts, posted

    I always notice the small details of a vid especially the longer ones like this. One thing is the cloth chair outside, on the porch in the elements, I don't care if you get a lot of rain or not thats just gross and it tells me something about these blokes. Anyway, also noticed the dog house... ha ha "bitches only", thats a good one, with the pooch just chillin in there watching the action. Just like the blonde girl with the red sundress on was doing, just kinda hanging around watching this girl get banged by this excited and horny dog, maybe it was her turn next? Certainly seemed the pooch wanted a bit more after he pulled out at the end, with no knotting might I add, can clearly see it never happened. Overall a decent vid, good amateur action, shows what happens when about four people get together for the sake of fucking animals, kinda awkward when it's your first time but all in good fun. I think the girl might have wished it were better, seemed even a bit embarassed at the end, nobody really knew what to do from there. Or maybe her knees hurt like hell because all the guy put down for her was a shity sleepingbag to pad her knees from the cement slab. Uhhh, maybe she'll try it again, maybe not, hard to know... I'd watch another from these fools and if there were some foreplay and aftercare too it would be much more arousing.

    browneyedog, posted

    awesome very very clear worth watching again and again

    wallsvince, posted

    This is the best

    billamilla18, posted

    Just for the record: the knot did NOT go in her cunt. The knot did NOT get to her and was NOT pulled out and it hurt her none, because it did NOT go in. You can see the guy trying to put the dog's dick in the girl's cunt. But he couldn't. So he gave the dog a bit of a hardon. But as soon as a dog's dick's getting hard, his knot starts to grow. And once his knot starts to grow, there no getting it in a (tight) cunt anymore. Only storytellers can do that in their stories. In reality: NOT happening! You can see, that from the beginning, the knot did NOT go in. The guy tried to push it in, but dit NOT succeed. Only wishful people can see it go in. If you're down to the ground, you will see it NOT go in. animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    Hmmm... a nice tight, young pussy with a very beautiful ass.. i wouldnt mind lickin it a few times myself ;)it seems to me that that was her first time getting mounted an at the end, it wasnt quite what she expected.. but i honestly think it was the knot that got to her the most. as it was pulled out of her tight young pussy it might have hurt her alittle... another thing that makes me think it was her first time is that the pple there asked if she was 'ready' to be mounted an asked if 'she was ok' afterwards... Hmmm.. an by the sounds of her moans during, it seemed like she really enjoyed it..we may have juss gained anther Beasti Ladies an Gents. XD

    FlickLickMyClit, posted

    An inexperienced girl in the hands of a horny guy. What good will come of that? This clip? animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    Shows the physical act of sex but not the love. Would have been a bit better to see more of the girl and her face and how she feels. I know that she has the heavy sweat top to protect from the dogs claws, but put booties on him and show more of the girl. Still was nice and fun.

    JessiMom, posted

    HOT, makes me want to take her place.. feel that nice hard cock in my wet pussy. I watched 10times and cum each time...

    talynndar, posted

    good clip

    evangelion89, posted

    That was great!!

    Indilwen, posted

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    LosAngelesGuy, posted

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    rolrex, posted

    I really enjoyed this film. The sound did suffer, but they did try and thanks for not playing "music". I don't know if it was her first try, but I really like seeing the women in position even if it isn't a mug shot. To me, it's much hotter than a film being all about the close up. A close up is nice to fill the info, but I like the big picture. Either this girl is an actress or if I read it right, She wasn't thrilled at the end. Do K9's generaly ejaculate so quickly,and if so what about the female orgasm?

    watchindirty, posted

    girl pussy is hot & dog done his job anyway

    Anil3874, posted

    It is all about the build up and realness of it and this one has it all. The only thing that would make it better is if they had a close up.

    sssss12345, posted

    great video!!! it looked like it may have been her first time but it certainly wasn't his first time :) would love to see her again and the female assistant

    rikk469, posted

    Amazing young chick up giving it a try.

    dogfan31, posted

    Amazing young chi k up

    dogfan31, posted

    woooowwwww .....熱的家庭樂趣 ....我喜歡它,我做我的哥哥和他的的GF .....愛的行動 :-)

    chemg, posted

    The girl and the dog are perfect... Fuckin fuckity fuck..

    HoneyMaster, posted

    She has got a beautiful behind. Wouldn't I like to lick it?!! Lick her from behind. Lick her cunt, lick her asshole, lick her crack, kiss her bums. The guy (inexperienced?) couldn't find her cunthole and couldn't hold the dog on top of her, when he was done (inexperienced!). I think, the girl was inexperienced too. Wanted to try it out. animalpsycologist.

    cleclego, posted

    nice movie

    tgirlwhore, posted

    Looks like it was a fun hour!!

    sailguy, posted

    Camera man made me dizzy

    voyeurist, posted


    nayakeli, posted

    take the leed of fuck - head

    lovemydogknot, posted

    sono alla ricerca di un cane..qualcuno puo aiutarmi? simona

    pidocchio11, posted

    Too many people involved, didn't want to watch after first 30 secs

    bootybooty67, posted

    That is great, love the parents helping her learn to fuck the dog. Great one.

    JessiMom, posted

    hum belle histoire de famille dog et nana

    akaxora, posted

    woooowwwww.....hot family fun....i like it, i was doing it with my brother and his gf.....love the action :-)

    GDOGFAN, posted

    This appear to be a family video with the mother and dad letting her daughter have sex with the family dog. I like it! :)

    ilovefemaledogs, posted

    What's with the freaking leash? Ditch the leash.

    minnie, posted

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    maddog20, posted

    i have loved this video since the first time i saw it..never gets old..soo hawt!

    tigerwolf311, posted

    cool vidio, your dog looks exactly like barny hardy the dog who used to allways shag me

    maddog20, posted

    Friggin hot! so want that to be me!

    Looking4you2, posted

    kinda makes me curious to try even though i am a little scared

    debbiegirl29, posted

    parsons6911 great movie beautiful young, was that mom and dad assisting?

    parsons6911, posted

    man that was so hot for the first time she doing the dog today 7/4/2011

    jepcsp50, posted

    Was that her first time,if so very awesome. Hope to see her getting it more in the future great job!

    jepcsp50, posted


    amjr1223, posted

    I love this little girl to bad her girlfriend didnt join in

    mcnesby, posted

    yes very nice girl, good view!!

    cowboyaz, posted

    I was very turned on by this video. She had a nice bod and great looking pussy and arse. Sound like they are from New Zealand or maybe Australia. She was well up for it. Wanted to see more!

    justincollings, posted

    Its a good session and a nice girl too.

    GALOTTA, posted

    Good views, showed that the dog was inside of her, also enjoyed the other lady trying to get the dogs knot inside of her. Made me wet and wanting a biger dog lol

    sellarae, posted

    she is so cute and seems to be getting more than she was expecting

    mcnesby, posted

    wow looks good, make me wanna try

    kitykat, posted

    kmal ho gai ha

    smokecom, posted

    great movie I would love to join in with her, she is so hot

    waynec, posted

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    fulmon, posted

    what a good video

    METALHEAD660, posted

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    zuyder, posted

    Love it wish it was me

    bisex8, posted

    Girls 1st time , getting started the guy says it is so much differennt doing your first one .... she is a champ in my eye . hung right in to the very end .... i wish she was my girlfriend

    MG1487, posted

    It is one of the BEST clips on this site , i think it is her 1st time , also they could have ran out the video a little more for her to show off the amount of dog cum inside her pussy , also after the 1st good penetration she encourages the dog to remount by slapping her right hip... one of my favorites

    MG1487, posted

    cant you people see that she didnt get into it ..........it sucked ...she loked really ashamed.maybe her first time dumbasses

    teddybears, posted

    I love this girl!!!! You are my hero!!!!

    kalimale, posted

    i always liked this clip.

    duderino321, posted

    such a wonderful dog, such a great cock to be sucked and milked with all its lifeseed filling it

    slavetok9, posted

    love how we get to see the bitch's face

    papi_papi, posted

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    jokersam, posted

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    masterverdin, posted

    Super HOT Grrrrrr!!!!!Want to see More!

    iutoo69, posted

    I bet she thought it was all worth while trying. Her moans showed just how much she was enjoying herself when they got the hang of things.

    pats69, posted

    love it !

    DIRTYSUE, posted

    GOD! This got me so horny.....

    nance18302, posted

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    rolrex, posted

    This is simply the best home made dog fucking movie doing the rounds. These Aussies really know how to have a good time with a trained Labrador. As soon as she bends over to get a big dog cock in her the dog starts wagging his tail and mount her, thrusting with his hips. He gets a bit of guidance from his handler. After a few attempts the lab is off and racing pumping his cream deep inside of her. She clearly enjoys it by the excited squeals that she releases. The best thing about Labradors is that they just keep on wanting to fuck. Even though he falls out of her wet pussy he still wants to come back in - and does so with a bit of help and gives it to her real good. Even the pretty girl who unfortunately does not get involved shows her surprise at how far he is inside. The girl mounted at the end must have felt the big dog cock as she is questioned if she is Ok - she will want to go for another ride soon, I am sure! Excellent film. This is what home made is all about.

    arc4500, posted

    I want that dog in my pussy <3

    dreamsex, posted

    I really Liked this clip,it seemed like her first time, and she was suprised at how big the dogs cock was, and how it felt inside of her. the audio really help make this clip complete, I wish he could have fucked both girls but,it got my attention enough to watch it more than once, so its good.

    djaml, posted

    Lol I love the sign on the doghouse. An the guy who asks if she's okay is hysterical. Of course she's okay! She just got fucked!

    rookiegirl, posted

    oh. this is really hot. ^_^

    checkinthis15, posted

    A real amatuer first time. More please! she has a great ass.

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    Oh my god this is one of the best things I've seen

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    Great video

    Adonia, posted

    Very origional and very homemade. You can almost smell the pussy and dog poop on this one!


    Hot movie!

    mrwhiskrrz, posted

    Love this vid, I've only had my pussy licked by dogs but I'd love to have a good hard fuck. Any tips?

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    squidhound, posted

    Pritty good movie, nice girl..

    gsare, posted

    bom d+++++

    massagista05, posted

    I'm really hating this retarded player. They really should update it

    SkyFox, posted

    Geez, the person that uploaded this sure sounded disappointed and picky in the description. If they don't like it then why watch it?

    shinypidgey, posted

    would have been beter if it was easier for the dog too find his way threw thoose legs and if you could see her vag let alone find it...not into big girls sorry..

    0mgitspink, posted

    That was raw and real and pretty much perfect. :D

    StanleyIpkis, posted

    buenisimoooo buen perro y buena chica

    fernanxxxd, posted

    Would have been better if she would have lowered her ass so the dog could find his way better and get deeper in her. Definately looked like her first time as she didn't really know what to expect. Handler needed to let the dog go at it on his own, but other then that she did have a lovely ass and I wouldn't mind giving her a shot after her was finished with her.

    becauseican, posted

    would be keen to find someone who would be keen to try this with me and dog.

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    sameer660, posted

    very good movie, one of my favorites ever. love the way she positions herself

    dogfucked66, posted

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    bigcaboom1, posted

    spot on best out of the bonus clips for a while just wonder if she wanted it or not maybe regretted it after first time girls lol

    filmmakeruk, posted

    spot on best out of the bonus clips for a while just wonder if she wanted it or not maybe regretted it after first time girls lol

    filmmakeruk, posted

    i think this was the best movie that i have seen so far

    animalfun2, posted

    best one so far

    animalfun2, posted

    Absolutely great, I love this clip!

    DanishMale, posted

    I like this one more each time I watch it! Angela rocks.

    jayko, posted

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    how old is the girl in this video, like 16 or something?

    Krystal, posted

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    BeastyFriends, posted

    i love this one, but the fucking thing wont play anymore. can some1 send it to me? let me know

    wishmeluck, posted

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    gfnme, posted

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