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    Dog Knot


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    Black dog fil in nice shaved pussy.Log knot.Knoting scene.Dog knot.Dog knot.Dog knot.Dog knot.Nice knot.Full cum.Dog knot.Dog knot

    Uploaded by loupeznik · Rating: 3.6 (302 votes) · 63493 views


    An awesome clip where he knew what to do and she also knew to hold him and he could do a double;) Was extremely clear and great pussy...now I am so hard too!!

    CherriesD, posted

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    shangjii, posted

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    elitepoo, posted

    i love it when my pup sits on me like that, hes quite warm lol

    GermanHalo, posted

    I wish it was me being fucked like that!!!

    mefirstime, posted

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    adelaidestud, posted

    wish i could find a girl like that

    virgle45, posted

    great camera action love to see the whole movie real juicy

    gateman, posted


    incubus44, posted

    fucking hot I wish i had a hard dog cock in me

    dreamergirl220, posted

    I love to see k-9s tied and breeding their women and filling them with hot potent and strong sperm !!!

    mehoff, posted

    That was great! That was a huge load of cum he was shooting in her. He just kept shooting and shooting. I sure would like for him to knot me like that.

    Knot4me, posted

    luv the vid shot. just wish we could have seen the entry of that beautiful knot or the withdraw. great shaved pussy.

    crusty66661, posted


    erdalpoli, posted

    entered the whole blindness is

    sanja, posted

    What a beautiful shaved pussy, just like my ex wifes, (I wonder if she tastes the same?,only I don't think I could have ever got her to agree to fuck a dog or a horse, which were both great fantasies of mine),a good knot, but a shame we didn't get to see the pull out.

    BJ917, posted

    Not bad the lucky pupp hung in there.

    repeter41, posted

    Beautifull pussy exposed...Good!

    horsecocksucker, posted

    Wow. I liked the scene

    Jcao, posted

    That is a beautiful site of a male and his fem human lover locked to gether in sexual bliss! I love to suck her pussy lips as her fills her with his hot seed to breed with her.

    mehoff, posted

    this is a beautiful thing so hot!!!!!!!!!!!

    arh1tony, posted

    Very good....only the pull out is missing....

    Hammurab, posted

    Very nice, Must have been a big knot. would have liked to have seen it pull out.

    cinny, posted


    yinlang3247, posted

    great knot would of liked to have seen the pull out

    mrbreeze68, posted

    So they are tied together, but where is the action

    st_benard, posted

    Gee....nice to see that cum ozzing out!

    Comet68, posted


    erika2009, posted

    She's one lucky woman.

    sophieb, posted

    Very nice thanks. Would be nice to hear her say what she is feeling.

    lumberjack16, posted

    would of been nice to see the knot pull out of her. She has a very nice pussy

    doggiedoer2, posted

    beautiful pussy on the woman, one that needs to be licked while she is knotted.

    luvembig, posted

    i want tobe the camara man

    50centdog, posted

    Mmmm ...

    Lotte, posted

    nice lips :P

    sexyjess69, posted

    very nice indeed, although not hearing her moaning while he's filling her up sucks, and its too bad we didn't get to see the dripout shot to follow that lengthy tie-up

    redmandog, posted

    Awesome tie and knot! She got bre good. He got to release all his built up sperm into her vagina after they mated.MMmm.

    mehoff, posted

    not bad, little action, mostly after effect

    newbikerider, posted


    hbjst, posted

    Also, she has a real nice pussy and I am not gay.

    2lvdogcock, posted

    That was great, but would have loved to see the dog's big cock...he had some nice balls. Reminded me of the black german shepard that fucked me....mmmmm.

    2lvdogcock, posted

    Verrrry Nice. Would have liked to have seen the action leading up to the knotting. The lady has a very nice shaped pussy and the oozing of the dog sperm is good camera work. The camera work would have been a little bit better by panning the scene of the knotting and the lady being knotted.

    prplfxs, posted

    very lucky girl who enjoy dog knotting her.nice very nice movie.

    shonal, posted


    pelanariz, posted

    Awesome to see a bitch's cunt pumped full of k9 cum!

    different, posted

    she should be rubbing her clit and cummin hard on that knot!

    42dd, posted

    Reminds me of my dog and I. Just connected to each other as he fills my pussy up.

    sexyjenny16, posted

    nice shaved pussy but no sound :(

    sjacker, posted

    the sexy WOMAN is in total control has dog's cock imprisoned IN HER as he drips hi sjuice sinto her GORGEOUS SEXY DELICIOUS& DESIRED CUNT irish6925@yahoo.com tom xx

    fun, posted


    bbellaa12, posted

    lovely pussy,the dog cock vibrate in the woman vagina its fabulous! an authentique mating!

    frany1953, posted


    hungry4it, posted

    What a hot vid! What a pity we did not get to see the pull out

    wouludoit, posted

    Lovely Pussy, just needed to see the pullout. That would've made the wait worthwhile.

    mikey412, posted

    WOW lovely pussy x

    chrisangela, posted


    hbjst, posted

    wowww its the most delicious pleasure what a girl can have damn im craving a dog's dick the knot is in the asshole or the pussy??

    cajeta3829, posted


    congcave, posted

    well thats a really cute pussy and very full of cock and juice..luv to see it dripping out,really looking foreward to seeing the rest of this vid..luv her manicured fingers too hurry Robin

    sharintoys, posted


    hbjst, posted

    Kinda like watching grass grow. The only thing that moved in this video was at the end when the fickle finger of fate gave this gals exposed cunt a exploratory poke!!

    kaaty, posted


    hbjst, posted

    that is super boring, at least show the pullout then it wouldnt have been a complete waste of time

    blitzen01, posted

    How fucking boring

    sildolan, posted

    Not bad. Audio would be nice.

    mtmdude, posted

    great vid...........

    indie, posted

    very good thank you

    caperzjs, posted

    Love it!! You just know she did too.

    malcolm4572, posted

    very good thank you

    bigdogontop, posted

    a very awesome tie and knot! although not being able to hear her moaning while he was hard dog cock was deep inside her tight pussy filling it up with his hot cum sucks it is an extremely great clip...i would love to see a longer clip with some sound but short of that this clip is a great one of a great k9 fuck. instead of just seeing how long the knot stayed in her it should have showed a bit of him fucking her just a little footage of him pounding her with some sound would have made this a perfect clip

    sweetwishness, posted

    great movie. the woman has a really pretty pussy, especially when she reaches back and spreads it when a little cum runs out. The enjoyment looked very mutual, they both hung on to his knot for sometime. I love how the dog just stays there, and pumps her full. They connected very well and when a sexy woman gets a good fuck and orgasm, its a win win situation for everyone. this is a pretty decent movie, although ive seen better ones. this site has some of the best movies ive seen yet, thus being one of them. The only down fall this movie had was the fact that it had no sound. when you can hear the juices and the wetness of her snatch while the dogs just pounding away, that makes it soooo much better. :)

    deer10, posted

    great looking pussy. especially as the woman reaches back to spread the dog's hot cum around her warm pussy lips. she must have enjoyed the fuck as she seems to hang onto the knot for quite some time. would like to have seem more of the action, but truly enjoyed viewing such a lovely pussy. would also liked to have heard some sound while viewing this clip. i wondered if the beautiful woman enjoyed the fucking part of the encounter as much as it appeared she might have. good-looking women getting fucked nice and proper are always a turn-on. keep up the good work. clearest clip viewed in quite some time.

    watcher53, posted

    Would love to see a little more action but just looking at this sweet pussy filled with this dogs big knot and his cum dripping out out running down her pussy makes me really horny I would love to just lay under her put my tongue on there lick all the dog juices off her pussy would love to have this dogs knot in me mmmmm like watching her rub her fingers up and down her pussy feeling his wetness and playing in it looks like a guy gets a finger in there also would like to see him fingering her pussy while dog stuck in there

    sweetness727, posted

    wow,,this very sexy lady takes a huge k9 cock deep in her pussy. You can see the dog cum dripping out as he fills her with his juices. She reaches back to feel to hot cum dripping out of her pussy. This lady takes a knot very well as you can see in the vid. It doesn't show the pull out,,but shows a very good close up of her sexy pussy with dog cum leaking out as the dog fucks her.This lady needs to post more vids as this is one of the best andf clear vids that i have seen..

    luvmysheep, posted

    Ohhhhh yeah this was frickin' hot! From the start we see a tight pink pretty little pussy getting knotted from a black dog. This dog is in it to the hilt. MMMM yum yum. Not much actual action, this boy is in good and tight!!! This is definetly a great quality video, even though it only lasts for a short time. I would love to see the rest of this one. The hottest part of the video? I love to watch, seeing all that yummy cum spurtin' out of her tight little cunt. Great close up shots of little spurts of cum. Damn my pussy is soaked.Can I have seconds please?

    creamg79, posted
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