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    Wifes Bang


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    this is part of a movie we made some time ago the picture is good with sound hope you all enjoy and lets hope theres more to cum

    Uploaded by magsey47 · Rating: 3.1 (452 votes) · 132045 views


    I'd love to be fill with that much seed.

    VirginWoman92, posted

    film the banging and then the other stuff :D

    thebattle, posted

    This is really lovely,it is so intimate to watch a doggy knotted in your wife filling her with his seed,very lovely.

    breeder09, posted

    little action

    uli123, posted

    Hi all I loved this website, but unfortunately I traded in my pc for iPad and now I can't few these as I don't have flash player on this, if anyone knows a site like this that is iPad friendly please mail me I am an active girl and would love to chat with like minded people. Look forward to hearing from you xxx

    popsadoodle, posted

    damn I wish I had a male dog to fill me up and breed me

    YoungWolfie89, posted

    very good movie

    darryl32903, posted

    What good tie. that is exactly how every mating should end. Tied,filled with cum and well bred bitch.

    fiknot, posted

    not spectacular but so exciting

    franckp4, posted

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    alin_webcam25, posted

    lovely pussy

    ralhper, posted

    That was awesome she can hold there with the dog cock in her vagina .and still the dog push his sperms in her pussy.she just breathing with exhaustion and pleasure.

    jokersam, posted

    Thank you !! I had the upmost respect for women who will let their pet mate with them and doing it properly with out interupting natures plan for him to breed!! I think it's beautiful a woman knotted with her dog and enjoying eachother sexually

    mehoff, posted

    Great clip. pity it was not longer.

    smithfield101, posted

    Absolutely sexy, kinky and totally erotic! More please!

    dirk20200, posted

    show 10 minuts movie to decide for membership

    shahar, posted

    Short but good clip, clear shot of the dog knotted and tied to his bitch, while pumping his seed in her. She has a nice body, good sounds, and you can tell she has come to realize she is not a woman any more but a bitch in heat being bred like she was made for, a shame doggie cum can't knock up her up!!

    St88man, posted

    That is a cute ass! love to eat her out right now!




    i love this clip.. it's sexC and good :)

    kitten2, posted

    Well, l did enjoy it, if anybody wants to give me hints and tips, they will be welcome, l am a female willing to have a good doggy time, will start with licking hummmmmm...dukesa4all@yahoo.com

    dukesa, posted

    A hairy pussy would look better.

    charterguy, posted


    digitallover, posted

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    adelaidestud, posted

    That was great.want to see more please.

    daredevil5, posted

    need help to train my pup

    johns56ford, posted

    Nicely trimmed pussy clamped around that swollen doggie dick as he pushes to be deeper in her vagina sending jets of hot sperm into her as they complete thier mating and making love with one another as nature had designed;} Makes me cum every time I want to be next to be with her :)

    mehoff, posted

    Would have liked to see more fucking action that led up to the tieing and knotting. But just that I know what it feels like when they stop and are swelling up inside the pussy is enough to make my pussy drip. Makes me so hot for a nice big doggie cock that I just gotta play with my wet pussy now until I cum. Sweet!!

    2lvdogcock, posted


    hbjst, posted

    1 little puppy, 2 little puppy, 3 little puppy......... She's well bred

    dutiful9, posted

    Cute couple...luved hearing her heavy breathing and moaning..cute pussy...can we see more..:)

    sharintoys, posted

    loved listening to her moans as her dog filled her full of his delicious cum

    Branded, posted

    It would have been more exciting if the woman had worn high heels.

    Lenny2007, posted

    This was a pleasant shot and wish there was more of it. Please make more and longer.

    alreadydidbitch, posted

    women pussy must have enjoyed lot.

    naina, posted


    uuuuh, posted

    Great camera action

    bushwaacker, posted

    very nice knot

    gateman, posted

    A great knot. I wish he was knotting me.

    Knot4me, posted


    hbjst, posted

    elınıze saglık goood

    erdalpoli, posted

    anyone wanna play with my dane?

    timbone, posted


    sssyyymmm, posted

    EXACTLY! The way it should be done. Remember! You are HIS bitch.

    bitchboy, posted

    This is a crisp, clear clip of a dog with his cock buried deep inside a pretty, prone woman, his balls resting on her thigh as he gently rocks against her. I'd just love to see more of this scene.

    apuleius055, posted

    nice clear clip, would like to have seen the cum dripping from her pussy

    doglover21, posted

    thats a well educated dog---standing still ;-)

    classicmalts, posted

    any 1 know of any good pet sites?

    indie, posted

    wow is good man dit is goed.

    leukzo, posted

    when me and my girl freind saw this movie she demanded for such dog ,i m looking for a nice dog like that.when we have it then i m sure we both will enjoy.

    zaimal, posted


    hbjst, posted

    dogs are realy very pety

    sindo_shyam10, posted

    Pretty realistic!

    fiona22, posted

    Mmmm ... I wish that woman was me ...

    Lotte, posted

    your dog can knot me anytime

    sherryspatz, posted

    nice clip.

    shonal, posted

    yes, a good knot scene, but where's the drippy cumout shot we want

    redmandog, posted

    actions a bit slow any one in ne england looking for fun k9 bi or couple

    zooladylover, posted


    hbjst, posted

    I loved it! Two lovers locked together as he pumps his hot seed into her awaiting body! So sexy! Nice tie!!Good work showing thier union as he mates wis female lover and breeds her.

    mehoff, posted

    does your wife want to share

    sherryspatz, posted

    Sounds like she loved it ,, hope to see more of her Thanks

    bv4u, posted

    love it!

    spankyzz, posted

    hello nice and i will be happy to join you am donna.email me at donnairis2009@live.com

    donnairis, posted


    ashwanideol, posted

    So glad that giant cloddhopper of hers was in the way of seeing even one of her boobs.

    wutjuwanmedo, posted

    one VERY FINE HOT SEXY sensual erotic & DESIRED WOMAN cum play sometime irish6925@yahoo.com tom' xxx

    fun, posted

    Very good video, but yeah, I would have liked to see the "lead up" to the knotting. Appreciate the work anyway

    LightsOut21, posted

    Showing the knot is fine, but where's the fucking that led up to it? This was rather disappointing.

    Ayame, posted

    Please post longer movies! Would love to see some oral

    Brughel, posted

    This film is most beautiful showing true love and tendernesses. The view of joined lovers is taking the breath in breasts. I adore sounds of their sighing wreathed in one harmony. Connected in ecstasy, entirely fitted. The lover wonderfully politely and calmly is filling his woman up entirely. This way every meeting lovers should end. Very much the good quality of the film with good sound is heightening experiences. At the back a commentary of the husband is heard what they are marking that they form the wonderful triangle of lovers. I am frankly delighted with this film because a long time ago I examined nothing so good and working on my imagination. I could watch this film after several times all the day and certainly for me wouldn't get bored.

    dragonixus, posted

    It is good in the fact that it is realistic, homemade, and i love the fact that she is shaved, skinny, and the dogs balls are laying against her pussy. You can see them both breathing with exhaustion, and quivering with pleasure. This is another in a series of clips, that are just awesome, in the others the dog appears to be well trained, not beating the hell out of her, but nice deep and rhythmic thrusts, this is by far one of my most favorite movies. I have recommended this movie to all of my friends, and all of my coworkers, and will continue to recommend it to all i meet that like this lifestyle.

    Jplough, posted
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