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    Beautiful Teen With Dog


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    This beautiful teen with her dog get's so horny she calls for it in her room to come lick her pussy while she is masturbating on cam with her boyfriend. A must see with sound. enjoy!

    Uploaded by runethemick · Rating: 3.5 (970 votes) · 146920 views


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    Tolkatore, posted

    She's "not into beastiality", but is letting the dog lick her. Sad there are so many dumb teens, and this is just another one.

    KennyCopafiel, posted

    What webcam site are these taped on ?

    skoalbandit94, posted

    hello im michaellj1972@yahoo id love to find a BBW that was into animal sex of any kind i would do any and every thing she wanted needed or desired for the pleasure of even just watching her play i have no limits age looks and relationship status dont matter to me i just need it desperatly please please please

    michaellj1972, posted

    was hoping she'd get on all fours;)

    harderthannorm, posted

    Hot looking girl getting a good licking. Nice video.

    junglejohn, posted

    im 23 male from Berlin looking for young female and animel too fuck

    Geni456, posted

    21 year old straight virgin male looking for a female dog to fuck near maple grove MN please contact me

    cold12345, posted

    Love,love,love this girl. Who is she? Any more doggy videos with her?

    Mvc123, posted

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    young_one_65, posted

    Hunny your gorgious , please please send us more

    houndog69, posted

    so many retarded comments.

    norwegianwood, posted

    What hot horny action would love to c her let him plow that wet row with his doggie an knot that sweet spot : )

    ramrodo69, posted

    Very nice! Wish i had a friend like you!

    coyote561, posted

    nicee titts

    sooohorny323, posted

    great video thank you for posting it!

    bluedestiny, posted

    You need to get on your hands and knees and let it fuck you like the bitch you are xx

    alanjohn, posted

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    xxsniper229, posted

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    pla48, posted

    Any Chicago guys want to make this a reality?

    conniechung, posted

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    luk3y167, posted

    SURPRISE !!! YOUR A BEASTY BITCH NOW.... FOR LIFE....WELCOME TO THE CLUB........guaranteed she suks n fucks K9

    fuzzyfreek, posted

    the chick is hot with the dog licking her pussy.

    samsonsam123, posted

    Wife wants them both

    billy9129, posted


    crimson80, posted

    man o man i this chick hot ! love the way shes not shy about about the dog eating her pussy .

    ballsblue, posted


    polo54321, posted

    este video reconforta a mas de un macho que quisiera estar junto a esa nena que se nota que disfruta todo su placer con la lengua del cachorro. me recuerda un video ruso que fue muy popular y exitoso donde la chca disfruta por completo de su pastor aleman

    ricardogeminis, posted

    "i'm not into beastiality!" yeah. she just likes her pussy to be licked out by a dog. how is that NOT beastiality?

    oscarthegrouch, posted

    I have seen this movieclip before. animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    Lao tze big chicken and can't find a place to do, the tart unexpectedly find dog to lick, hold to death this bitch

    chmyis, posted

    be nice to see her cum and to be in to the thing she is doing !! good looking pussy !

    Idomares, posted

    Mmmmm proper turned me on cnt wait 2 get my pussy licked by a dog xx

    wickedwitch5656, posted

    fuck frosting!! need to train dog to like your taste... dont confuse pussy with food. My dog loves my taste....

    sincitykitty, posted

    love the movie,

    kelly534, posted

    yes, you are into beastiality ..... this is 2 years old . i often wonder if she ever took the next step , to oral & intercourse .... if so i would love to watch it .... she tried previously with a different dog with cake frosting , the dag was not interested at that time

    MG1487, posted

    1 hot movie i got hard strait away

    pumpman, posted

    haha...if i was there i would be so fucking that girl, she is banging hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    animal6988, posted


    HSLC, posted

    great vid wish i was there

    tee-roy, posted

    that was a great first try

    rockdalek12, posted

    this girl tried previously with a different dog & cake frosting . Dog was not interested .... she is young & innocent & does not realize , that yes she is into beastiality.. someone asked her to suck the dog off & fuck him , but she knew about the dogs balls dropping , JUST A MATTER OF TIME B4 WE SEE HER AGAIN . I would like to meet her

    okduijkkk, posted

    This girl is not 15 yo. She's got a young looking face but you can tell from those boobs sagging a little that she's 18-20 yo at least. In any case, she is amazing looking and wish there were more videos of here.

    tnguy71, posted

    I would say the girl is maybe 15-16 years old and should not be on here.

    wishy2, posted

    any girls/guys wanna fuck message me

    summitkid96, posted

    •Aluzky• stickam com/gabai ←That is where that girl streams. She stream that to probably 50+ poeple.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    •Aluzky• Brave girl to do that. She may not be into bestiality but she just had some bestiality sex with the puppy.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    Could not see it. It would not start

    Daneo729, posted

    i can lick her pussy even wihout the cream....it should be sexy and tasty

    nagpet, posted


    maxtor80, posted

    this girl tried previously with a different dog & cake frosting . Dog was not interested .... she is young & innocent & does not realize , that yes she is into beastiality.. someone asked her to suck the dog off & fuck him , but she knew about the dogs balls dropping , JUST A MATTER OF TIME B4 WE SEE HER AGAIN . I would like to meet her

    MG1487, posted

    haha! "returning the favour is giving the dog the damn butter" so genuine!

    doggrrrl, posted

    How is having the dog lick your pussy not beastiality? dumb broad

    one4funnow3, posted

    So funny, although not much happens what makes it so hot is it seems to be real and the conversation with her friends. And yes "I'm not into beastiality" when they ask her to suck the dog off, these boys should have known that before they asked! lmao, she is one of these stupid girls who thinks oral sex isn't sex! god bless her!

    viggenblast, posted

    LOL. nice clip HOT girl.

    dude4mk9, posted

    "im not into beastiality" lol awesome

    carlbradwell, posted

    Watching this...Could not help thinking this girl trusted someone..and they have violated the trust - I am certain she never wanted this clip published here....The erotic value is lost by this emotion...sorry...

    ThisMan, posted

    not thebest vid ever

    vandalus, posted

    the gril here so cold not horny

    dahmosh, posted

    Beautiful girl fantastic body .do not think she wants to admit how much she enjoyed it.Hope to see more soon.

    ralhper, posted

    The video is nothing, but she was some hot.i like that.

    jokersam, posted

    es un pobre churro la califico con un 0

    joseruiz, posted

    nice video, its funny how she is not into it but yet she gets licked

    hornyric, posted


    zoofan349, posted

    So let me get this straight, she is not into beastiality yet she lets the dog lick her and she is clearly turned on by it. And she knows that 3 months is too young to try anything else with him. But how would she know that his balls havent dropped and that she cant do that because the dog is too young unless she is planning to do that in the future. I love this vid very much!!!

    10171981, posted

    Scratch that. She USED to not be into beastiality. :3 Times Change. eh?

    Zooooology, posted

    Great little video. Just wish we could have seen the conversation how/where they brought the dog in to eat her pussy. I can almost hear the girls being convinced that it's ok to have her dog eat her pussy.

    jiggyman101, posted

    "Man, how is me sucking off a dog hot??" --you just said a mouthfull dude. lol. No but really, how much hotter would it have been than what you gave us? Way hotter, duh.. And do you kiss your mother with that mouth? lol Does the puppy kiss ITS mother with that mouth? lmfao at airheaded cunt

    tonktaf, posted

    Why can i never get this lucky in the video chat rooms!! :)

    alrightybabes, posted

    Oh yea baby!! You're good looking face, pussy and tits! I use peanut butter on my cock and the two dogs that have licked me love it and keep cuming back for more! I'd like to eat your pussy as much as this dog did. Thanks for the moview while I masterbate!

    Cruiser55, posted

    seems like she likes it to me

    danielasub74, posted

    Funny how she says she is not into bestiality. Good the people that are can still enjoy this. =')

    Aislinn, posted

    what great tits... nice video for a an amateur

    beastybunny, posted

    Exelente ..... dan ganas de hacelo ya mismo que buena idea la crema muy bien.

    sagileo59, posted

    god that turns me on...love to chat with girls who will let me watch

    fittrucker, posted

    ive seen pics of his. thx for posting vid

    heavypetting23, posted

    Habe diesen Film schon öfter angesehen. Finde es super, dass ein junges Girl mit dem Körper einer Frau solche Spiele mag.

    gutnichtschnell, posted

    haha funny stuff, shes in it for life now she just doesnt know it!! haha

    zoocartoon, posted

    so sexy

    pussybabe, posted

    Hey idiots out there, if you don't like it , don't watch it and post stupid comments! She pretty, and obviously new at this, give her a break, she had the guts to post it. Remember a former President said "I did not have sex with that girl!"

    relli, posted

    I want to be mounted like that..i never have im barely 18 with an amazing body virgin tight pussy and beautiful face;) please help me get mounted and message me

    freakhh99, posted

    So schöne web - Cam - chat´s hatte ich noch nie. Die Frau scheint herrlich jung zu sein, könnte von mir aus noch jünger sein. Ein Film der real ist, kein gestellter Porno.

    gutnichtschnell, posted

    "I feel fat right now"

    Scrabit1, posted

    very hot sexy girl. If anyone wants free pics and clips just send me an email at zach8892@gmail.com and let me know what you want.

    Micka8892, posted

    i love how she "isnt into beastiality" gave me a good laugh and a hardon great video

    mathello, posted

    one more who try the good thing

    happynono, posted

    seems like she likes it to me

    ratfinkfj, posted

    Excellent vid, not rehearsed, natural, pure innocence - that's what makes it sexy and erotic. Wonder if all most girls would react the same way ...

    Panther, posted

    if she's not into bestiality, why is she doing that?

    br00dley, posted

    very sad for me I can not enjoy this hot video hopefully someone will help me

    pajeroman, posted

    pretty awesome,,, wish it were longer

    mwm4, posted


    ja69, posted

    Damn. Where do I find these women?? Seriously, I gotta find me a woman like this.

    deacon82d, posted

    wow so brave to do this on cam...I wish I could see more liacastle@ymail.com

    Lia1988, posted

    awesome!! this looks just like my girl friend and her dog :D

    herbienbrian, posted

    Lol! This is a hoot. Yes, she is cute, nice tits too... but a real stupid young one! To say she`s not into beastiality after the pup licks her clean and makes her tense up! lol! duh!!!

    jayko, posted

    She say's she's not into bestiality, while she's being eaten out by a puppy! Duh!

    par_tgirl, posted

    You gotta love teenage girls who let dogs (in this case a puppy) lick their sweet pussies. This video is so genuine, no acting going on here. I love her reaction when that lucky little beagle is licking her. "Oh my god!", with a big smile on her face. Sure, she's a little chubby, but so cute! I wonder how much of her yummy pussy that dog is going to get in the future. Lots I hope, and hopefully we'll get to see it. Please, more canine cuntlapping videos!

    Viking25, posted


    sexlvr674, posted

    It was a good clip, would like to see more of her.

    staceysOwner, posted

    I guess another kid would like it, i didn't they just seem really silly and dumb maybe she'll get better as time goes on

    mochamilkmaid, posted

    boring--any girl can get the same results from an untrained pet dog with whipped cream

    tanalia, posted

    nice bitch, i'd like to fuck her

    toni72, posted

    nice young girl - maybe 18/19/20 i love these webcam girls and, this girl seems really like her dog licking her pussy we need more! :)

    MrNY, posted

    it be a better movie if she was getting fucked by the dog.

    billyum0123, posted

    she is very hot but kind of dumb said she is not into beasttialy but is having her dog lick her would love to see her get knotted

    doggiedoer2, posted

    mmmmmmmmmmm she'll be a doggy bitch very very soon! love those hot girls!

    teddybears, posted

    I wonder if they would wanna watch a dog licking a guy off????? If you do girls, send me a note

    joey158963, posted

    I wonder if they would wanna watch a dog licking a guy off????? If you do girls, send me a note

    joey158963, posted

    She's hot. I'd love to see that dog when he gets older and is ramming his cock inside her.

    ilovedoggyknots, posted

    a dog fucking her also would have been good.

    billyum0123, posted

    Real nice vid! I wish I was one of her friends in the chat. I tell her to use PB next time.

    pyrofox, posted

    it won't be long untill she is laying back and taking a mature dog into her pussie

    edwardc, posted

    so hot! you can tell that she is well on her way now to being a real k9 bitch. She loved getting licked so much, it's just a matter of time before she'll by dying to get mounted...

    suecurious, posted

    whats your number

    Hoooooze1, posted

    whats your number

    Hoooooze1, posted

    For someone that isn't into beastiality, she sure was enjoying BEASTIALITY. LOL. What a great looking gal. luv thoes tits. Liked the movie.

    crusty66661, posted

    it would have been nice to see her filled with dog cum

    billyum0123, posted

    as it says:- pretty teen (gorgeous!) bit pretty stupid not into beastiality? that's a dog between your legs he's giving you oral sex, and you love it! which bit of beastiality do you find hard to understand?!!

    yourholeinone, posted

    I would enjoy the vid more, if it didn't FUCKING KEEP LOADING EVERY 2 SECONDS!!! MAN!!!

    Doglovin39, posted

    so fuckin hot.. damn..

    Dmac6d9, posted

    I would have licked her without butter

    Stan1960, posted

    who cares if she likes it its getin licked

    LcoolJ, posted

    lol she said she's not into bestiality...lol

    lovethatass99, posted

    AS she said he is only three months old "not good"

    st_benard, posted

    GREAT fucking video...i thoroughly enjoyed it

    erin, posted

    she hot like to see her knoted the dog

    goodtoo69, posted

    she is so hot

    yatong, posted

    great movive and a sexy hot girl love to see more of her

    codyguy, posted

    oohh hübsche frau und geiler film wäre gerne dabei nice woman and hot clip i am hope of real

    Udo500, posted

    I am a fan

    dogsnr, posted

    lol, 3:10 seconds, "Oh my god no...I'm not into bestiality" ....while it is relatively hot, she is stupid lol.

    desimator900, posted

    love the video

    k9_mary, posted

    excellent! great job sexy. Butter was creative.

    Malepuppylips, posted

    waste of time she doesnt even like it, and the people talking is annoying

    P1nkMeNow, posted

    that is hot id love to meet a girl that kinky in england near me in lincolnshire

    shagbag, posted

    very nice movie i love the way she down with the whole thing I love the way she just looks at the camers very very nice movie wi sh it was longer and that we could see more of here...i really want to see a movie with a spanish girl doing the same thing please do re submit more movies in the future i sure there are epopel that would love to see them...im looking for a gitl that likes to do the same thing i really love the way she let the dog east her out...i hope that u sumot more movies in the future thank you for reading my comment

    luvtoes, posted

    this movie is great, although its only a couple minutes long, it has to be one of the best on the website. The comments from this girls friends as well as her own reaction to the dog licking her pussy is great. As well, this teen girl has great tits and a nice body and the whipped cream on the pussy is even better. Even better is when she says that she doesnt like beastiallity but just keeps on moaning as the dog keeps licking. Overall i would have to rate this a 5-5 with no complaints. this girl should definatly keep the movies coming

    cuminu, posted

    The video is amazing. The girl is very attractive and young looking. She seems to be really enjoying her new dog licking her between the thighs. The commentary between her and her friends online is great and adds to the enthusiasm. The best of it is when she states she is not into bestiality while she is moaning from being licked. She seems to love the attention she is receiving by the dog as well as her friends. She appears to be on a web cam chat with her friends and they are rooting her and and asking for more.

    shawnb, posted
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