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    Teen Dog Girl


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    Teen brunette on bed with skirt pulled up above waste, begs for the dog to fuck her, pleading for the dogs dick to spread her swollen lips. Wanting to feel the dripping of cum deep inside her, she grind up against the dogs cock, milking it inside her for all he has.

    Uploaded by jerz · Rating: 3.5 (276 votes) · 72012 views


    Outstanding! Wish I could see the whole affair thing!

    jepcsp50, posted

    Any ladies within 100 miles of Dallas who would care to communicate with, and educate, a guy who just found this site last week, please message me here. Thanks.

    likkrman, posted

    It was great but too short, Do they have the whole movie. I want to see the whole film

    luluisland, posted

    Good video, just wish it had been longer.

    Shirosune, posted

    wow. great

    k9viewer, posted

    nice dog gives a very sexy young girl a good licking and then mounts her at the end for a fuck. would love to see this girl lots more.

    RollingStone, posted

    Dog Rapist

    lawless75, posted

    shame she didn't let us see more.It's great

    ncwildlife, posted

    bell0965 me and the dog would have to fight to see who got fuck that hot little babe.

    bell0965, posted

    that girl is sexy, the video is good but short.

    jimmy77, posted

    wow, this is amazing

    muffinglob, posted

    very sexy

    Jwmd, posted

    This girl is from Polan, do any one know where I can find more clips with her ? secreat82@tlen.pl

    homix, posted

    NEEDFULL - need a friend to help out with that Dane???

    K9_Curious_CDN, posted

    this is so nice!!!..i like the girl and how she likes it.any girl in holland who would try this with my dog?

    hondensexman, posted

    There is a much longer 4 min version out there, and it's good!!!! ;)

    Scotlady, posted


    moooooooman, posted

    oh i wish i could try this. any guys in the US interested in hooking up with a young hot female, message me. I've got pix and can give u my email addy.

    fuckmehardbaby, posted

    I did that when I was a teen not that long ago until my dad caught us with the knot inside me and he got rid of the dog. As soon as I moved out I bought a Dane

    needfull, posted

    what is with the phoney mourning and groaning. dogs a long hair. you cann't see a damn thing. nothing happend.

    1robert, posted

    damm wish it was longer,

    mwm4, posted

    the dog liked her.. nice clip

    kitten2, posted


    leek2009, posted

    Too damn short, this babe has got potential!!

    malfeaseance, posted

    too short fuck! dammit!

    Jergles, posted

    she is so sweet! wow, i love her too!

    Prasak, posted

    i am in love with this bitch...i want to fuck her and watch any dog stallion goat and donkey fuck her...and watch her suck all the dick she can take...marry me sweetie...we will live a life of ecstasy

    gfnme, posted

    Nice clip.

    nikkic, posted

    I want some too

    amy12345, posted

    hot girl with dog screeming for more ,like it a lot.

    maraba, posted

    Great clip-smokin hot girl and would be better if it were longer. Maybe missing beginning. Great overall.

    doghorses, posted

    nice movie she is very hot love the moaning

    gman9999, posted

    very attractive girl but the dog is not very well trained .. she is a happy girl tho

    masternslave, posted

    whats ur number

    Hoooooze1, posted

    That not the best. From 54sec only 5 secounds action. The dog must learn licking and fucking by order and not when he want! The girl is ideal for lickimg and fucking. Specially for facesitting too. Zuwenig Hundsex. Gerad aml 5 sek. von 54 sek. Rest nackte Ficksau, die aber geil aussieht. Ideal fürs abficken in alle Löcher,lecken und Gesichtssitzen.

    sadfuck, posted


    medo1962, posted

    This was the first video I ever seen and now 11 years later every time I stumble across it online I turn into a young curious boy again. I LOVE this video Thank You!

    watchingitwow, posted

    I watch this video just because of the girl. She's wonderful.

    nogueira, posted

    too shot but great stuff

    lehlohonolo, posted

    Only thing wrong with this flick is it's too short! Sexy, hot little chick. Beautiful, really. I would like to have seen the dog really work her over and finally, of course, I wanted to watch her suck him off. But overall......ummmmm, good!!

    sucez, posted

    Szép a lány, kutya nélkül szívesen...

    mukymac, posted

    I love the look on her face.

    uncleanly_knit, posted

    hund leider nicht richtig abgerichtet

    hebr63, posted

    nice body, luv the nipples, wish can joint to assfuck the girl

    zjoolee, posted

    Baby, you look absolutely LUSCIOUS/SEXY & WOW what a delicious sensual & DESIRED BODY cum let me lick your gorgeous cunt anytime anywhere irish6925@yahoo.com tom

    fun, posted

    I wanna that girl.I'd marry her rigth on the way

    nogueira, posted

    agree with sildolan! both need hardcore training in mount and penatration'lol' good looking girl!

    bigdamo09, posted

    agree with sidolan! both need hardcore training in mount and penatration'lol' good looking girl!

    bigdamo09, posted

    How phony can you get. Moaning and grunting over dub to no action. I feel sorry for those of you whe have never experienced the real thing. This girl is cute but action and voice over suck.

    sildolan, posted

    Wish ti was longer, the girl is cute, the dog just is a bit slow,

    catman9, posted

    it needs to be longer and to see more

    doggiedoer2, posted

    I wish there was more!

    BIGGchief2009, posted

    eine Traumfrau! :-)

    sweetleo, posted

    Yummy! The dog looked like he was eager to lick her pussy and when he started hitting it from the back I almost lost it! I wish it was longer cause normally all you see is a dog licking or fucking but you never see them both together!!! So next time lets get the whole thing because just thinking about it makes my pussy reallllllly wet! NOT TO MENTION the woman in the video was SEXY as hell, I wanted to sit on her face while the dog was licking her pussy and suck on her beautiful tits when the dog was hittin it from the back, I think I might even want to suck off the dog tooo. Soo many things come to mind when I see this hot video, Possibly one of my favorites!

    PetPeeper, posted
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