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    Amateur Play


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    A web cam show featuring a girl with a great body and her little puppy. Not much action, but she tries to get the dog into it, she enjoys it. This is a 100 % amateur capture . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . .

    Uploaded by _raven · Rating: 3.3 (12 votes) · 4010 views


    Very nice! Would love to see the continuation of this movie :)

    Holton, posted

    Very nice post would love more!!!

    K_million21, posted

    I love this one!! I tend to prefer the "women on top" or "woman as aggressor" movies, as they are the best possible evidence of her genuinely enjoying it. This video is not exception. It is clear to the viewer that the girl is really into it, and pleasures herself with the dog over and over again. The dog, for his part, seems to passively accept her caresses, but does not seem quite as into it as she is. This is a welcome switch, in my opinion, as we have all seen plenty of videos where the girl looks like she is tolerating the action, but not genuinely enjoying it. While the video quality here is not the best, her genuine enthusiasm more than makes up for it, making this a hot, little video. ENJOY!!

    dragonthane, posted
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