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    Japanese Girl Missionary


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    Japanese girl gets it missionary style by nice sized dog. Good sounds from her. She way WAY hot and into this. Hope this gets you off!

    Uploaded by magentacat · Rating: 2.4 (660 votes) · 273265 views


    how fake it probbley is a female dog lol

    tazx, posted


    jnrdg48, posted

    It's Fucking FAKE

    wcooksley, posted

    Take this fake shit off the site!

    Ratty, posted

    hate the moaning shit

    foxthefurryboy, posted

    I've seen better acting in a Godzilla movie !!

    brokenstraw, posted

    Yea hte dog isn't moving but you are....How does that work? This a fake ND 1 more thing stop trying to fool people because you fail at it

    Winterkey, posted

    No fucking seen - unless the dog has his dick protruding from his chest...

    HeikkiIlmari, posted


    chili900, posted

    Dude...what the hell? The dog is like really cute, but I don't get it. Is she having a panic attack? Cuz the dog is just kinda sitting there. I think it's kinda bored too.

    redtulips3, posted

    The dog isn't even fucking her!!!WTF???

    JustJB, posted

    Havin sex wit animals is bad

    Badus, posted

    Who are you fooling? This is one of the premier fake jobs if ever I saw one.

    lawsondrm, posted

    japenese women always do the sounds ok, but, they fake it. this poor dog wasn't even fucking her. you could see it from the very begging, no humping, no movenments of fucking her at all! the panting he was doing was NOT from fucking her, that's for SURE! dogs just pant a lot naturally. girl, either put that cock inside you, or give him a pussy that will!! that is what this site is all about, not you moaning, groaning a squirming all around on the bed for a camera. if that's what you wanna do, go find a porn film maker, not this!!

    doggielove2010, posted

    this is bs, jerk that dog first you little bitch

    steveace, posted

    Is the dog is fucking her with his chest????? I want my money back!!!!!LMAO

    ashleytakahama, posted

    didn't lok like he was inside of her.... :(

    doplzcuminmeg, posted

    wtf thats all im saying

    bondy246, posted

    Totally fake. Proof of penetration shot or GTFO.

    Daxioso, posted


    lillyfrench, posted

    The fake moaning and whining just sucks! He isn't even in her pussy fucking her...

    miatrew, posted

    very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good

    nada123, posted

    The dog isn't even fucking her!!!

    mrsbiggirl, posted

    lol the dogs like whats this bitch doing? XD

    drklove, posted

    Fake bullshit! Is that what Jap chicks sound likje when then they have sex? Irratating!!

    eileen4358, posted

    this sucked big time

    inuyasha86, posted

    its a real dog and a real girl, just a dog putting up with someone making noise with no actual activity. Give it a 1 out of 10

    MarySam, posted

    @Miatrew I agree!

    12ofTwelve, posted

    (FAKE) the dog just wanted his dinner take it off the site it is rubbish

    keith962, posted

    I don't like Asian porn - the women always act like they're not enjoying being fucked or even having their pussies eaten out - bullsh^@&!!!

    miatrew, posted

    i didnt think the dog was interested at the moment

    wizard1000, posted

    Movie sucks , didn't look like to me that the dog even had it's dick close to her pussy. Asian actors are the worst.

    beanpot, posted


    chikin, posted

    here ya go guys, this is what a woman does & sounds like when she is faking an orgasm. poor dog, this is so damn fake.. what a joke!!

    kitten2, posted


    dknyizback, posted

    Those Japs sure are a weird people....this is all fake....probably since they censor everything anyway. Poor dog is annoyed at being groped and grasped at while some dick off camera has a tight hold on the prong collar the FEMALE Labrador is wearing to keep her in position for this idiot to rub against!! There IS some comic relief to this aggravating video.....about 14 seconds in the Lab lets out a huge belch.....which pretty well sums up the review of this video!

    TZwolf, posted

    Fuck that fake!!

    cicuz, posted

    wow such a fake one cuase the dog isnt eveing movie and two she is doing all the supposed sex jeez that movie sucked

    ilovedogs24, posted

    thats no missionary fuck, thats a missionary FAKE!!!

    Trojaner76, posted

    WTF???? I dont even think the dog penetrated her.... what an annying girl....fuck her he should have bit her terrible acting

    Toemannn, posted


    schwanzimarsch, posted


    Prizzzma, posted

    realy nice

    a_b_c123, posted

    sweet passionate japanese beauty.

    digitallover, posted

    They haven't sex!!!

    LoboK9, posted

    hey ik zoek iemand in belgie die dit doet en ik zou dit ook wel eens samen willen uitproberen mail mij op kangeroe60@hotmail.com aub groetjes

    kangeroe, posted


    stoffel59, posted

    It was worth the watching. Got mr hard.

    Johnpaul12, posted

    I have never laugh so hard at the comments on this clip especially @ Tiberious comment-just priceless LMAO,this vid was sooo freaking fake!!!

    mizzk9, posted

    most retarded clip on here so far. dog ain't even in her and she is very annoying with how fake she is.

    tiberious, posted

    Hope the dog found a new home. Poor dog that woman was so fake.

    reader70, posted

    sie sollte den hund nicht mit dem fake gestöhne aus dem Konzept bringen.... das ist nicht real :) gepoppt aber wem es gefällt ;)

    ColdestBlood, posted

    funny thumbnail XD

    romuro, posted


    horess5, posted

    She deserves an oscar for the permormance, that dog didnt want to go there did he?

    Scarletslut, posted

    no video just sound what a rip

    zevon1, posted

    poor girl

    moony9, posted

    I hate when dogs dont have interest. Dogs should be able to love and enjoy and have control with situations like this!

    Fluffy_Panda, posted

    she can wrap those legs round me!

    hamilton2, posted

    omg. that was TOTALY fake. the dog was bored and i doubt he was even hard. as far as the level of interest the dog seemed to have in the girl, it probably wasn't even a male dog. lol ... there goes 2 minutes of my life i'll never get back. that was one shitass video. i think i'd believe a CARTOON more than THAT video.

    beingstrange, posted

    How lame!

    suzzie, posted

    so svet

    zhoca, posted

    so set

    zhoca, posted


    sexysneha17, posted

    Poor dog, he just wanted to lay down.

    Decemberist, posted

    i wouldn't have been as bored as the dog looked! lovely girl, lke to have seen the penetration

    hamilton2, posted

    young hot female from florida looking for fun. message me if interested in hooking up ;)

    fuckmehardbaby, posted

    faked her orgasms, he wasnt even hard so he wasnt in her

    arkreb68, posted

    if don't know if it was really in her either, and the sounds she was making was so fake!!!! you could tell by the way the dog was looking around the room, he didn't have it in her and he must not have enjoyed her pussy either

    sefriendlyguy, posted

    take my word for it the bone was in her :)

    kitten2, posted

    lol i bet the dog wasnt even in her...

    Furries, posted

    crap pure crap

    gateman, posted

    nice one

    prokarps, posted

    sounds like a cheap hentai movie, what a piece of crap.

    mrsbiggirl, posted


    leek2009, posted

    Would be one thing if she was doing all that moaning as a result of the dog humpung - it might actually hurt but she is doing all the humping and the dog is sitting on her showing no interest oe sexuak reaction. This is about as fake as it gets. I even think the moaning is lip synked!

    udpets, posted

    Rubeson:I saw this girl and other Japenese girls in a video made in Japan. THey were all restrained in some way and made to submit to their handlers and the dogs. The girls are good actors because on further inspection you could see the dogs were all friendly females.

    rubeson, posted

    What utter crap, the dog would need his dick to be two foot long before he could even touch her groin.

    st_benard, posted

    lol funny as...

    ponyparadise, posted

    Waste of bloody time

    petesfolly, posted

    gd vvvv gd

    umesh43, posted

    Could it be that was the dog screaming trying to get away from that crazy bitch ?

    ellana, posted

    the dog didn't play...

    uuuuh, posted

    while there's a chance this is fake, it was totally adorable. I came.

    Squeebl, posted

    that dog looks as bored as I feel watching this

    AnimalLover19, posted

    The puppy was not interested at all!! He was only trying to get away from al this fake noise!!

    Lenny2007, posted

    all 2 do about nothing......boring.

    loco21, posted


    masra4, posted

    shame we couldnt see any penetration all sounded a bit fake.....

    jenna69, posted

    This is a pretty go vid, though I think more positions are needed though

    TigreElSabel69, posted


    matilde21, posted

    I liked that positition would have liked to have seen a penetration view

    doggyboy_86, posted

    ug, ug, ug, and ug

    hogsnapper4, posted

    bad bad

    jigglemeplz, posted

    That was fake. Extremely bad. Unless you just want to listen to fake orgasms because that is what you think they sound like.

    Okfarmgal, posted

    lols the dog is like wtf does this chick want from me

    ytrewq12345, posted

    Poor dog is getting raped by an asian chick. As a matter of fact, the dog is trying to get away and is not even enjoying himself...

    duduhead, posted


    seesohai, posted

    I thought this vid was so bad that I did not even get a hard on, total shit vid.

    kudos, posted

    omg she must be realy horny dogs just sitting there and she is screaming like that lol

    spydog50, posted

    Those Japanese will always copy without getting the meaning of it.

    Jones111, posted

    is this a fucking joke? the dog is just standing there!?!??!

    sdfdrgvvvt, posted

    Whoow a horny girl and dog.

    Piffen, posted


    sdfdrgvvvt, posted

    what a fake try something else

    lehlohonolo, posted


    lillyfrench, posted

    mmmmmm what crap

    herbride, posted

    So fake. The dog wasn't even into it. she was faking it. Poor puppy was just sitting there hahahaha

    Mmmnice, posted

    What utter crap, he would need a dick two foot long to ever touch her in the position. FAKE, B.S. and what ever

    st_benard, posted

    It is obviously fake as the girl is doing all the moving. If the dog were involved he'd be less likely to be looking around. Plus, dogs don't mate sitting down. Only humans and the great apes have sex that way. Nice try, tho'!

    VegasLady, posted

    umm ... totally fake?

    nn1234, posted

    Damn...this little lady is slim and sexy..i just wish we could have seen her pussy full of cock...or cum pouring out hope this cutie makes more videos....thankyou ...Robin

    sharintoys, posted

    You were there and are trying to tell us that this was actual missionary, I bet you never get anyone pregnant.

    limpnoodle, posted

    Shit dumbass the dog didn't even get off!!

    limpnoodle, posted

    Ha the dog doesn't even want her pussy.

    limpnoodle, posted

    My god...I've...I've seen some fake clips in my day, but this is just so blatantly obvious...

    UberNinjaCerber, posted


    jaimes, posted

    That was really bad.

    SamLeah, posted

    This fake ass bitch needs her head cutt off and omg the whiny ass voices most asian chicks do is just simply stupid!!

    mizzk9, posted

    i have to agree with Kaaty, it doesn't even look the dogs cock is in her, she is way to high and the docks cock would be either laying on the bed , but for sure not in her.

    sefriendlyguy, posted

    wow that was such a nice lover embrace

    sapphireailish, posted

    This dog would need to have a two foot long cock for it to be inside this girl. Sorry it just doesn't cut it, but I'd be real interested to see the dog penetrate this rather nice young woman in missionary if they'd like to try again. Even the dog looks over at the camera man with a look in his eyes that says "How long are we going to continue with this silliness?"

    kaaty, posted


    damndogs, posted

    This video is not looking real, though I have to admit that I enjoyed it. The sex is not looking real as it looks as if the girl is acting. It could be better with a larger dog and with doggy style. The girl seems to be really pretty and it would have been good if she would have been shot from other angles. The girl's moans are awesome and almost caused me to cum. She should have smiled and maybe encouraged the dog. The video was very enjoyable and I liked it.I wish its quality could have been better. Overall, I think that this was one of the better bestiality videos and was really good.

    kk1000, posted

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    nokianokia30, posted

    that wat am talkin bout dogen better than men wow she loves the dog dick she should put it in her ass fuckin hore let her have it she likes that dog dick she should fuck three dogs one time she needs it she is so horney aernt the men doing there job women want to fuck animals thats good go girs fuck ur asses of with animals and ur pussy i love seeing that o it more men ur seriouse dyour the ones doing it not me how does it ffeel to have a dogs cork in ur pussy good then fuck some more and poat for me to see ilove it

    wantmenow, posted

    That was the worst fake job I've ever seen. I wish I wouldn't have wasted my last free video on the Japanese and dog missionary. Damn what a waste of my last video. But I thank you for letting me see some really good ones. I like watching the missionary style ones I don't know why but I just do. You could tell it was fake because the dog wasn't close enough to her to be penatrating her. You could tell by the way the dog was acting that is was not right. She was also keeping the dog close to her so you couldn't see anything. And very poor acting on her part. Thank you for letting me express my feelings about it.

    wildman63, posted

    I like how the Japanese girl really fucks the dog as a puppy but should wait until the dog is 5 or 6 years old then the dog will fuck the shit out of her making her really make a scream instead of that fake shit that she is doing when the dog doesn't have a big enough dick yet. The girl can be a little younger and hotter so she can really feel the experience of that dogs dick inside and on her face and mouth. She could mone less and fuck a lot more so people can get there shots out.

    malezoo, posted
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