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    Brunette And Dog Part 3


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    OOOh sooo many positive posts..Thank you for all..AND the story continues :) some anal and more to see cuz the girl is turning to front..and all is revealed. .i think she does have a great time with inside dog cock. anal just for fun. WATCH and ENJOY

    Uploaded by 4rp33k4 · Rating: 3.7 (612 votes) · 92460 views


    The dog wasn't even hard. Rape, pure and simple.

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    blueyedcwby69, posted

    I agree, the dog looks sedated. On top of that the angle and force she was using could have seriously been hurting it. Turn OFF.

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    reaper93, posted

    dog looks like he might have been sedated. this is not a turn on... poor animal.

    browneyedog, posted

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    I heard the dog whimper. That is a sign to stop.

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    buxs1953, posted

    Great video, but anal isn't much of a turn on for me.

    Quenched11, posted

    Lucky Dog! Love to have this sweet Bitch ride my cock like that!

    harperreese, posted

    this is damn hot other than the fact the dog isnt fully erect.

    lilwolffuck, posted

    poor dog, you can tell he has been abused. this needs to be taken down

    whowhatwhere1, posted

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    oocumoo, posted

    The clip was too short. I was kinda hoping that the dog would jizz inside her and it would be dripping out as a flood.

    druggie, posted

    Oh, it's that dogabuser again. Why all the sighing? She's just abusing the dog. And all the people standing around are cheering her on: 'Ride that dog! Abuse him! Abuse that dog! fuch t hat dog! Abuse him! Abuse him! Abuse him! HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody and a PROSPEROUS 2012. animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    Does it feel good? It's hard to get the knot in, isn't it? animalpsycologist.

    cleclego, posted

    i want to be with her double

    looking64, posted

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    Such a small dick for a big dog???

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    may be the women is enjoy the dog .

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    Der hund hatte keinen spaß daran! Man sieht: Sein schwanz ist nicht dick und lang ausgefahren :>(

    capricornus, posted

    Great Vid, makes you want to fuck your dog

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    dogs might be ancesyors of humanbeings not monkies

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    Dam, I need to die and come back as a dog.

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    birich, posted

    This is so sad, you can tell the dog isn't enjoying this, his dick didn't even get hard. Her action and sounds were so fake. There are plenty of dogs they would be eager, this one might have had she/they got him aroused. This dog has been beaten into submission please take it down, don't encourage animal abuse, there's nothing sexy or arousing about this horror.

    albesexy, posted

    It looks like the dog was used in dogfights. This video really needs to be taken down.

    Horny16YrOld, posted

    love it 100% worth watching

    dogestyle69, posted

    what a lovely pussy she has!!! thanks for sharing! :)

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    Nice clip.

    darpo, posted

    That dog's not beaten. My neighbor's dog has beaten. That dog's face looks like that because his parents passed down their genes. That's the combination of the two.

    gggfff, posted

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    ralhper, posted

    dit is echt geil je ziet goe hoe ze in haar kont word geneukt

    kangeroe, posted

    Wow. This video needs to be taken down. That dog has been beaten, look at his face. This is clearly animal cruelty, especially since the dog isn't even enjoying it.

    dynastylek, posted

    she has the hottest pussy i have ever seen

    dawtydawtydawty, posted

    that has got to be the best clip i have seen........great action. and a beautyfull woman..she really is enjoying it

    kutha, posted

    love to see more of her face and tit as she seems to be enjoying it so much. ralhlper

    ralhper, posted

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    tercel, posted

    one more time with the free bonus area? ...come on you crap, change video, no one more time I did watch that video

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    kangeroe, posted

    hate "dildog" videos... look to much like animal cruelty to me.

    havik82, posted

    great clip, love the clean shaved pussy

    wildboar069, posted

    Were do you find Women who like this I would love to know!!!! Damn i am missing out! LOL.

    Poomann, posted

    how is this dog not hard?

    dragonsgirl, posted

    excellent, love her wet and hot pussy

    kendall10, posted

    Great excercise! Thats why she looks so good!


    Someone please wake up the dog.

    cincinnati_bi, posted

    Great video..enjoy the tight fit

    polarize, posted

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i just cum see that clip! make me super wet there,yummy,i wish i was her MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

    lillyfrench, posted

    What an amazing movie...the girl moaning with pleasure while mounting that gorgeous cock...She is really enjoying every moment...the light is great and the angle as well...definatly one the best clips ever...thanks for sharing!! I only feel a pity I was participating on that party... :)

    mefirstime, posted

    a great movie,,,,but I would have given the dog a blow job and watch his cock get a lot bigger; but fabulous flick....it sure msde me horny!!!!!!

    fredog51M, posted

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    she needed ALOT bigger cock in her gorgeous ass than what she was getting here---THEN lets hear her moans of pleasure oh yea!

    silverado53, posted

    The dog had no enjoyment out of that what so ever.

    DebbieX, posted

    This was a very good clip. it may have been more exciting if the dog was doing the work.

    bobbyjo, posted

    omg ur cutting off his circulation

    qwerty69999, posted

    my vibrator was working over time

    attala200, posted

    I enjoyed this clip until my vibrator run out of batteries......she has the hottest pussy ive ever seen, i would love to lick her...

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    lovlov11, posted

    I got my vibrator out and enjoyed this clip several times!!!!! awesome!!!! thanks

    LoveCouple2, posted

    I liked it! More more

    thinnernow, posted

    that dog laid there and took it like the dog that he was.

    billyum0123, posted

    It luke like a femail dog whit a dubbel dildo,a this right

    ks16, posted

    i agree nomansslave; she should have been on her hands and knees, taking a big hard dog cock up her ass , my x wife used to love getting an ass full of hot dog cum .

    nytro, posted

    The dog doesn't know how lucky he is...

    fullani, posted

    it would have been better if the dog was fucking her not the other way around.

    nomansslave, posted

    Overall, this movie is actually pretty boring. The girl is up on top, and she is sexy enough, but at the same time, she does everything during the entire video. At one moment during the video, it looks at the rest of the dog, and the dog looks like it is sleeping. It would have been better if the dog were doing some of the work, or if it was even conscious. If you can overlook those minor details then it is a good movie. Otherwise, it's one to skip. I haven't seen parts 1 or 2, or 4 if it exists, but 3 is one video that would only be useful to keep up the continuity of what is going on.

    qazxcvbnm842, posted

    after watching this clip I honestly have to say that it is a standard clip, there is nothing special about it and one can see it seems to be acted out. The lady is not beautiful at all, however the moaning of hers is. It mainly focusing on anal which is a bit of a shame as we can see that her partner is not really enjoying it. There is no evidence of a knot and it would have been better seeing a nice long lasting knot with it coming out and some cum involved. all in all a standard clip.

    rchp198921, posted

    This is by far one of the BEST BEAST videos I've ever seen. You can clearly hear and see how much she is enjoying herself, and the dog is just laying there enjoying the ride she is giving him. Good clear camera work and good lighting, everything is clearly visible. Also there is no background music to drown out the action, you can hear her moan, and hear all the sex noises these two are making. Not to mention how smoking HOTT this girl like is, absolutely beautiful. The only thing that could have made this video better is if she would have sucked him off after riding him so good. Bottom line, this is a must watch!

    shadetree, posted

    The lighting is really well done in this video, the woman sounds like she is really enjoying her self. When she starts fingering her self and going up and down on that cock I found it really hot!! So sexy! I am jealous! It is a great video.. I may watch it a few times because I like it so much. I really hope to find more uploaded videos on pet sex like this! I feel that buying a premium pet sex thing would be completely worth it. Some day I will make some that are even better too! Thank you so much!

    Argledargle, posted

    i like this, i like to see it go in her pussy,we liked the way she rode that cock, the view was great could see all the action. would like to see a woman cum maybe squirt dog seemed to be in to it, so calm. even made me wet wanted to see the knot fall out of her pussy. going to watch it as my fingers are stroking me like she was on top her sliding down on the dog cock her fingers in her pussy as she was bouncing up and down was good. like hear her as she enjoyed her self would have like to licked that pussy cleaned

    georgelick, posted

    What a gorgeous-looking young lady. Seemingly enjoy herself with each and every stroke. Obviously, got me very, very hard watching and listening to her. One of the best clips I have seen in quite some time. Lighting job was also one of the best I have ever seen on this site. The young lady's excitement truly made the clip very well worth watching. I might even watch it again after writing this, and stroke my on cock while watching it. Clip kind of made me wish I was her pet dog. View shown in this clip were also very good. Got to see everything from the nice looking and tight little ass to the beautiful wet pussy. What a great clip. Keep up the good work!

    watcher53, posted
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