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    In this one I tease the dog by leaving my panties on. She goes crazy with want until I pull aside my panties and allow her access to my pussy.

    Uploaded by doggyslut5 · Rating: 4.3 (273 votes) · 53150 views


    Oh baby I love you and your pussy licking dog more please

    Matelot1950, posted

    please come back, your videos where amazing!

    lovebbw4life, posted

    Make more vids!

    delaney1019, posted

    yeah youre ugly beebee u fuckin cunt

    DoubleDude, posted


    beebee12345678, posted

    Shdia101: Whats wrong with chubby chicks? I find them more alluring than the twigs that you see these days.

    Flickexx, posted

    I don't care what you all say about her being fat. You can't deny this video is such a turn on.

    clitorliscious, posted

    anybodyy notice the only people to fuck their dogs are the fat probably ugly ones trying to get their animals to do what they can nevr get a REAL man to want to do .... either way i came this is hot as hell !!

    shdia101, posted

    I love hearing her talk to her dog it makes it so sexy.

    austin87, posted

    The way she talks dirty to the dog and moans just makes this video so hot. Thanks for the upload.

    animallover1981, posted

    wow! this video makes me cum every time, is so awesome.

    kosongo, posted

    omg i luv this video... i like the way her feet curl .. and flex... u know right there her pussy is feeling so good. makesme wet everytime i watch this.

    sexygirl209, posted

    good clit licking from the little guy

    blush1960, posted

    this video is awesome, i whish i can have that dog to lick my pussy mmmmm

    hotprincess, posted

    This video had me so hard n horny, wow, please, more more. Excellent in every way.

    roverover, posted

    Hot and it made me hard

    Kyuuka, posted

    i have many dogs and a few horses if anyone is interested. Message me :)

    summitkid96, posted

    More!! More!! PLEEEEASE post more vids like this!! How about a close-up of your little doggie's tongue on your clit? Now THAT would be perfect!

    littlemongeral, posted

    maravilhoso. cãozinho ensinado faz direitinho. parabéns pelo video. o próximo faz d ladinho pra ver melhor!! rs.

    GOY, posted

    Yep...she is a 'good girl' licking mommy's pussy. Mommy is a 'bad girl' letting her. Gotta luv 'bad girls'.

    snaffster, posted

    omfg. thank you. My dick kinda pulsated. I think you may like another sight I am a member of. check out thefatforums . I love the sight. thanks

    majerleags, posted

    nice one...

    ciggy, posted

    awww soo cute. ;]

    us3rname, posted

    My favorite video on here.

    yummmeee, posted

    anyone wanna rescue a dog. sopping wet. i came last time i watched this.

    twinkle3, posted

    Great audio. they way she talks to her gitly puppy with love. she seems lonely but that was hot. had to watch it a few times to get off cuz these free ones are SO fkin short. i can barely type i'm so fkin horney. masturbating in my chair over that clip AGAIN! can't get enough of puppy love clit licker. yum.

    twinkle3, posted


    igorsmith99, posted

    what a good little clit lapper

    tweetypie, posted

    hot and sexy she is fat but that is so hot ! must watch She should have sex with a woman

    zoe1234, posted

    I'm not usually keen on big women but this chick is hot. She has a sexy voice and she is very responsive. I LOVE this clip. Great audio and very sexy!

    mishajaja, posted

    ooooh my god that was by far the hottest thing I've ever watched!!

    puppy_love20, posted

    i cum everytime i watch this! i need a little dog to lick my pussy like this

    lickmepuppy, posted

    I wanna be suckin her nipples while her cute pup licks her out

    luvly, posted

    video was to short but still nice would love to see another of that women

    FFrank, posted

    i had to get my cock out and fap, i came and it felt great

    kingkong11111, posted

    I get so wet every time I watch this. Id love to get my tongue on those panties too and taste your pretty, yummy pussy. Loved it when you started spreading your legs. Would LOVE to see more.

    lionlicker, posted

    Looks so yummy.

    lionlicker, posted

    I could watch this over and over again, love the sound of the dogs tongue eating her big cunt, got me soooo wet.

    littlelana, posted

    didnt show anything but the back of the dogs head and i would have like to seen her face a little

    michael3715, posted

    i wanna eat that pussy!your hot girl

    masterverdin, posted


    rick1y, posted

    fuck...love how she talks nasty to her good little puppy and how much she likes her pussy being licked! i wanna experience the same thing!!

    texasgalll, posted

    I love how she keeps saying "Good girl'. So hot.

    Jlandon08, posted

    I'm not really fond of little dogs, but I love BBW women and this clip make me horny.

    grey.wolf, posted

    This is still my favorite vid! gets me sooo wet every time. Little dog sure loves the taste of pussy! yummmmmmm

    littlelana, posted

    ans to lovelickin: I just played with my pussy & clit until I was totally wet then spread my legs for my dog, put my fingers in my pussy and held them out for my dog to lick. She would sniff for a minute then spend as long as I would allow licking in broad strokes across the clit, curling her tongue and pushing down into my cunt, and driving me nuts in every way imaginable!

    ridgerider, posted

    I was hooking up with a girl a while back who told me she wanted to try a K-9 session. Yes she was a bigger girl just like in the video, I like prsonality over size. Cute face and a great personality can get me past the size. She told me she wanted to have a puppy inside her but she only owns small dogs.....Hmmmmm, makes me wonder, since the voice is soft and kind like her was, and I can't see if she has any tattoos......

    becauseican, posted

    i luv this video... i get so horny everytime i watch it... what about u.? wish it was longer tho.

    sexygirl209, posted

    Amazing vid. Sexy voice. Im so horny. I want a dog.!

    jemiie, posted

    loved how she talked to her dog... that shit was hott.... and cumming tooo... omg! and i luved the way her pussy looked in those panties... i could smell it thru the computer .... wish that was my tongue in that shit.. im gonna play this over again, im so fucking wett... thank u!

    sexygirl209, posted

    So Hot, this is definitely one of my very best fav vids, makes me wet every time yummmmmmmmy!

    littlelana, posted


    lovelickin, posted

    I think I'm gonna have to let my little dog lick my pussy now! Very HOT!

    pomielover22, posted

    i want my pussy licked now! ;)

    madness69, posted

    really hot

    awesomedude91, posted

    any guys in FL want to hook up for some fun? i love being licked... by dogs and guys... message me ;) 20yr old female hottie

    fuckmehardbaby, posted


    stephanie_grams, posted

    my fingers are always in my pussy when im on this site pretending and wishing i had another dog with a long tongue lashing in my pussy juices,maybe i will buy one never had a girl dog befor, but all in all love this vidd u make me love been bi and a lesbian yes i am both i love pussy and dicks

    BlackFoxs, posted

    how does she get the puppy to so eagerly (want to) lick her pussy w/ such intent ? i would LOVE to be able to get a dog to do that. Anyone have any tips please ???

    beingstrange, posted

    definately got me fingering my wet pussy, love how much she enjoys her little doggy especially when she opens up her pussy so she can be eaten out, sooooo good! Love the hot talk!

    littlelana, posted

    I am so horny right now

    ataylor09, posted

    As I watched this clip, I am running my finger in the slit of my pussy pretending that it is this dog's tongue feasting on my pussy juice.....wish it was the real deal

    Sondie, posted

    good girl? lesbian dog haha hot vid

    browns82jk, posted

    This is definitely one of my all time favs......especially when she spread open her pussy and really started to enjoy the dog licking her pussy....would love to see more of this pair....is there a part 2??

    Sondie, posted

    Super cum on!

    jillj, posted

    really hot

    mlukes21, posted

    the womans voice got me sooo wet

    itsasecret88, posted

    I knw thats right the movie was a good movie but her voice was turnin me on more than the clip

    PeacanDelight22, posted

    yes I had to come back to watch it again and again and am so turned on ech time....that is sooooooooo goooooooooood!!! Would have loved to see this woman's pussy and clit and see the doggie tongue working it's magic

    Sondie, posted

    i'm not sure what got me wetter - watching that little dog lap at the woman's pussy, or hearing her words of encouragement! HOT!

    concave_scream, posted

    Wow.....I just love this vid.....wish I had a dog like that to lick my pussy every day...I would be in heaven!!! I can't stop watching and feeling like it is my pussy being licked...it makes me so damn wet!!

    Sondie, posted

    that was hot got my pussy wet i think i wanna a yoki now

    tonybnice, posted

    I like it, never thought about a toy dog this way but love to watch em lick that fat pussy!

    mochamilkmaid, posted

    get a stud dog, get out your camera, put your ass in the air, and take the dick. we're all waiting.

    kadedog, posted

    awesome vid, love the commentary, makes it so hot. Looking forward to much more.

    wsj9328, posted


    ntw-2795, posted

    so fucking good!! more please ,,,,,,,,

    meduza, posted

    Wow awesome and the sound and voice more!!

    hitokirizero, posted

    Holy fuck that is GREAT!! The talking is puts this movie above all my other favs. This is my new fav!! I really hope to hear and see more from you!!

    lovebbw4life, posted

    god thats great!

    kr50416, posted

    love her chatting , what a dirty slut ,i love her

    prs00050, posted

    i love you!!!!!!!!!

    xanadu, posted

    emmmm AMAZING!!!!

    K_million21, posted

    very nice video would love to be next in line after the little dog. The sound was ok and the angle was spot on maybe a little more view of tongue and pussy contact shown.I loved how you reall felt like the dog enjoyed it as you can here she did. I was hard as a rock when you hear the wetness of the dog lapping up her sweet juices and watch as she pulls her legs back to let the dogs nice tongue dig in deep into her wet swollen pussy. I really liked this video and was a good licking video with the focus and sound and need to she more of her on here.

    djdi09, posted

    this is a very hot little clip of a beautiful and sexy BBW and her little dog!! The dog wants to lick that lovely pussy through her panties at first, and does so with the woman giving it access only through them. But when the sexy woman pulls aside her panties, the dog knows EXACTLY what to do, and goes about doing it very well!! You can hear the woman giving the dog encouragement, and from the moans coming from the babe, she obviously enjoys the tongue-lashing very much!! It is a hot little video, and will definitely get your juices flowing, as I am sure that was the case with the sexy BBW!!

    generalleee, posted

    Wow, this is a very hot little clip of a beautiful and sexy BBW and her little dog!! The dog wants to lick that lovely pussy through her panties at first, and does so with the woman giving it access only through them. But when the sexy woman pulls aside her panties, the dog knows EXACTLY what to do, and goes about doing it very well!! You can hear the woman giving the dog encouragement, and from the moans coming from the babe, she obviously enjoys the tongue-lashing very much!! It is a hot little video, and will definitely get your juices flowing, as I am sure that was the case with the sexy BBW!!

    silverfox1751, posted
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