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    Bitch Shiting Fish


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    bitch shiting fish,woman shit a fish for your ass,woman had introduced and expulced the fish,is a anal sex,is really extrem and fantastic,woman has a sexy ass. . .

    Uploaded by blackcatt · Rating: 3.7 (109 votes) · 56662 views


    Talk about deep sea diving

    kountryqueen, posted


    lilcock1, posted

    well... that's no little gold fish now is it? lol

    browneyedog, posted

    The doesn't disappoint its a bitch shiting fish

    triggerhappy88, posted

    name of video

    mamoon17, posted

    that was so hot. I wanna see more

    dogomatix, posted

    lol didnt expact that

    Jordon, posted

    Thats how justin bieber was born

    Visage123, posted

    what did i just see O.O

    madra-salach, posted

    wtf is this o_o

    koenlol1, posted

    lovely ass on this girl

    buckeyebm, posted

    Oh, and DO NOT call this THING a bitch....my beautiful K9 is offend by the misuse of that word....

    TZwolf, posted

    'Bout the most disgusting thing I've ever seen...and I thought I'd seen it all after the "spike" (maggots) video. Humans are the vilest creatures ever to crawl out of the swamp. There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING sexual about this and NOTHING to do with beastiality about this....WHY the fuck is it here?

    TZwolf, posted

    wie der Name des Films? as the name of this movie?

    14092011, posted

    ok than :D it was ight

    superbator1, posted

    very cool

    hogwild73pont, posted

    Get this to table 4 pronto!

    hellopuppee, posted

    wow, fuckin wow, that is very hotttttttttttttt

    bootedskinhead, posted


    hellshole, posted

    ein wundervoller Film

    schwanzimarsch, posted

    this is a great short vid...i have been shitted on by women but that was fantastic and would luv to have a woman shit fish on me...

    luvembig, posted

    Great movie. I do wish she's shit a turd that big !!

    straightarrow09, posted

    I used to have this one on another disc. It was way better quality

    budfurd, posted

    Hmmm? Somethings fishy?


    At first I thought it said "bitch shitting fetish". Then when I read the comments, it says fish, not fetish. Prior to knowing it was a fish, I thought this woman had the widest shit log I ever did see!!!:) I have had quite a few women shit on me, and never had a fat log like the one that plopped out of her ass!!!:) Nice clip! It would have been nice to see her insert the fish into her ass hole. :)

    psychedelic, posted

    kinky, would have liked to see the insertion of the fish.

    littlelana, posted

    nice to watch her shit at the same time.

    xbgold, posted

    what the f????

    burnraid, posted

    damm nice, loved it

    scatman54, posted

    Well, my cock will be a perfect fit up her ass!

    jayko, posted

    I had to watch it twice to make sure I saw it right the first time. lol

    duderino321, posted

    Sweet! A new fishing hole to try out!

    harleypoor, posted

    That's just gross ... and weird. Something like that should not be posted here.

    maxguevarra, posted

    Yeah,not bad, I wanna be the one to shove it up there though.

    jayko, posted

    That is some fucked up shit, get that off here.

    desimator900, posted

    This looks like a japanese vid I saw a long time ago

    xbgold, posted

    wouldve been better to see it go in first

    irnmaiden123, posted

    i think that was pretty fine and i wouldnt shit out a fish out any day but that was cool but i think there would have been more and i think more people should upload more fish porn to the site but on the other hand this video was very very good and i really like it and this kind of porn is cool and awesome to watch while i do nothing but all of this was good and deseveres more people to watch and even this site is good for sex with animals but good all very good and i like all of this and more fish porn the happier i am but thank you for making good videos

    poopshit12345, posted
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