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    Spikes At Work


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    The spikes have been poured into a plastic tube placed over the clit and pussy lips. These little gems increase activity as they sense the warmth and moisture. In scene two you can clearly see the clit being worked on.

    Uploaded by justme2justme2 · Rating: 3.8 (253 votes) · 54411 views


    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand i lost my boner

    ppjsy, posted

    this comment is for "aaaaah": we don't choose the cunts we get, so don't critisise like this! It is not fair!

    clittiek9, posted

    it looks like it feels damn good!

    amannluv73, posted

    i tried that, shit, is fucking amazing

    LollipopLover, posted

    hairy ugly cunt ... but i want these ll squirmers on my clit mannnnnnnnn mmmmmmmmmyah eh!!!!

    aaaaah, posted

    Ohhh man i wanna try this im a man and thats gotta feel good!!!

    horselover192, posted

    omg wanna try this

    aaaaah, posted

    I want to Fuck your pet can any one help me on this I in Suffolk email on davidhw@hotmail.co.UK

    lookinside, posted

    ohh my..! like when my dog have worms.

    Humboldt, posted

    What would there be there to eat for maggots on a cunt, on her clit, not even IN her cunt. The only thing that maggots do is eat and grow and eat and grow, till there's nothing more to eat and then they puppet and morph into a whole other kind of animal. animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    I love this. it must feel amazing.

    mammal50, posted

    anyone with a male dog message me

    shangjii, posted

    dear god that must have felt great!!!

    aaaaah, posted

    I got turned off by this. You guys no how deadly that is to do that?

    aikaamaya, posted

    What a turn on..

    outlaw319, posted

    sicher besser als jeder vibrator!

    NastyGirl66, posted

    So are they biting it or what?

    keahshu, posted

    Wenn es hier Frauen aus Deutschland gibt, die auf sowas stehen, bitte schreibt mich an, würde euch gerne kennen lernen:)

    insect_lover, posted

    Similar experience can be had with blowflies..if you are able to trap two or three (however just one works well..)and use a container over the clit...I have found even a cup works well, you need to keep tapping it to make sure the fly lands on the clit..but the orgasm is outstanding! Don't knock it till you try it!

    humpnfun, posted

    ooo i want to try this!!

    aaaaah, posted

    that's maggots, on.a.pussy. WTF is that about

    Yodasears, posted


    knotinmybkyd, posted

    what i don't understand is why someone would do that. what if one of those thing got inside of her and she couldn't get it out, or an eel, or leach. that would be a very awkward story for the doctor.

    db21fl, posted

    wow must tickle that little clit feels great I'm sure . Would try this!!

    aaaaah, posted

    thats kinda creepy

    Tron12, posted

    Have to keep watching! Super Wild

    Adonia, posted

    It's so disturbing... and arousing! If anyone knows how to get this done, drop me a line!!

    curiousmeee, posted

    Love it!

    Adonia, posted

    This is fucking awesome and gets me so horny. I wish there was sound

    diggerbgh, posted

    Wer denkt sich so eine Scheiße aus?

    gutnichtschnell, posted

    I wouldn't give it a second thought. Would love to experience that

    gloree, posted

    hot! i bet that feels awesome on the clit!

    smitka22, posted

    Hmmm, who the fuck thought up this shit?

    hereboy, posted

    This is fucking awesome and gets me so horny. I wish there was sound.

    alifealife22, posted


    DanishMale, posted


    dragonsgirl, posted

    im willing to try anything twice as long as itll get me to orgasme. i come to this vid so often because it gets me so wet, if anyone knows how to get the stuff to make this happen or osmthing like this message me i would love to have the experience of having something crawling in me making me orgasme

    lickmykitten, posted

    k peludaaaaaaa

    lunitaperrita, posted

    anyone from oklahoma city or around come and chat at caddi1983@hotmail.com hurry

    caddi1983, posted

    Love this vid. the fact that her whole body is moving turns me on Sx

    MattSally, posted

    Love this vid. the fact thatnher whole body is moving turns me on Sx

    MattSally, posted

    Over on the male site, a guy uses crickets...which bite enough to make him cum. Wonder if crickets would work on a clit?

    dogweener, posted

    some hairy legs for a girl...

    docterXpwn, posted

    I never seeing this before, do woman really like this?

    phx85, posted

    There's nothing wrong with wanting to experience this. I'm with littlelana on that one. For those that think it's weird or don't like the videos - it's simple - DONT COME TO THE SITE

    gloree, posted

    I love this vid, I gets me so wet every time I watch it,the only thing that would make it better would be the sound of her enjoying it. I would love to have this done to me,If anyone knows how I can get the equipment needed to do this PLEASE let me know, is there anyone out there that can help?

    littlelana, posted

    I'm with lynn h this is something I want to try!

    littlelana, posted


    gateman, posted


    monika381, posted


    hbjst, posted

    a cunt full of maggotts you'd be worried if you found this in your one night stand LOL

    xbgold, posted

    Now that's something you don't see everyday!

    ponypoker, posted

    omg i want to try this so awesome

    lynn_h, posted

    Ladies turn! A year after "Pint of Fosters" showed us how hot it was to watch maggots wriggling over a man's cock, we now get to see them do their work on a woman. In this video a plastic tube is strapped over the woman's clit and the clear steady camera work lets us watch as they wiggle and squirm and do whatever it is maggots do. While I think the idea of maggots, in general, gives me the creeps; and when I see them I'm repulsed, I can't help but be intrigued by what that must feel like, and how lucky that woman is that she has a partner helping her experience something new and interesting. Well worth the watch.

    febfantasia, posted
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