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    Df3 Woman Mounted By Dog

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    Amateur woman gets repeatedly mounted by her dog.

    Uploaded by Satyrboy · Rating: 4.3 (15 votes) · 1189 views


    Mmmmm, love her body, she's great!

    sahb69, posted

    Keep trying, but I think relative sizes is making it very hard.

    alicebotts, posted

    lady nice pussy

    desert_rat, posted

    Skinte mne ! Plizz! gidroyd@mail.ru

    vbhevbh, posted

    Thats why Math is so important! its the angle of the dangle to make it all work! she needed to spead her legs wider to get lower or get a couch cushion for the dog to stand on so they would both line up properly to meet their goal of some good fun sex! I like to plan a head to make better sex even when its knot being filmed! Hope this helps others when they play?

    petloverhere, posted

    I love how he just goes for her even before she hits the ground! Good boy!

    Fluffy_Panda, posted

    hot lady nice pussy

    alice1, posted

    hot lady, she definately likes sex with him but she wanted that cock in her

    dogluvr, posted

    she is hot -- I wish it was me instead of the dog. Nice ass and tits

    turry5b, posted

    good video. loove the amateurs!

    sandman963, posted

    Cool vid thanx Satyrboy

    RudeBoy, posted
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