• To see if a climax could be acheived by placing leeches on a womans pussy a clear plastic tube was placed over the clit and pussy lips so the leech movements could be concentrated on those sensative areas. The tube is strapped in place and capped to retain the leeches. The leech movement can be seen in the part two clip "Leech Action" The movement was much slower than expected however a strong climax was acheived.

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    hw13177370331, posted

    Love it, the leeches are going deep into the pussy is there no problem to get them out later ? Maybe wecan use a speculum thats much better, please mail me back thank you. E-mail : waltsoprano@yahoo.com

    waltsoprano, posted

    omg what happens?

    aaaaah, posted

    2 fuckin freaks..........

    mydogsissy, posted

    Love it Wild!

    Adonia, posted

    hi i am a man iv had a few experiences in beastiality if u bored an care to chat share past experiences well just add me seamen_of_d_c@hotmail.com

    rolrex, posted


    bl-ckrosez_, posted

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