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    Leech Action


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    The leeches have be placed in a clear plastic tube strapped over the womans clit and pussy lips to concentrate the sensation of the leeches movements. The leeches movement is strong and there is no biting whatsoever. The woman does climax but the length of time is much longer than expected.

    Uploaded by justme2justme2 · Rating: 3.5 (221 votes) · 67390 views


    i dont get it

    spinekiller123, posted


    britneyspears11, posted


    amannluv73, posted

    any girls masturbating? inbox me

    oocumoo, posted

    this is so exciting!

    mammal50, posted

    um... maybe if you tie me up

    talynndar, posted

    I love U ....I want a million leeches inside this pussy and ass hole too...............

    tapiro_abb, posted


    qhidir, posted

    ... where does one get leeches, anyway? And I agree, they look like worms.

    curiousmeee, posted

    OMG YES!

    Adonia, posted

    first time. i never knew of this technique. does it work for guys?

    suamaci, posted

    does any1 know how and where i can get hold of some leeches i so want 2 try this and make a vid 2 post on here i want 2 have them latch on my clit and pussy and gorge on my blood till they get so big and drop of mess me please

    lesley, posted

    I think this was quite special and did make me very horny. Love to see alternatives to the hold dog and pony show. Would love to see her scream in orgasmic pleasure as they gorge on her blood drawn from the clit until the grow fat and satisfied.

    alifealife22, posted


    THECURIOUS1, posted


    mexboynate, posted

    I like the hairy bush ; not keen on the idea of leeches though...

    peterdwohl, posted

    its kind of odd...if most of you complain about the fat hairy cunt bitch...why the hell are you on this site...most of the women are they way...unless you go to one of those paid animal sites, there you can see all the skinny bitches you want to see... Otherwise...stay here and shut up... and why don't you stick your dick in honey and stick it in the hole of the ant hill...and let them go at you....that'll be a sight to watch..hell I'll even pay to see that....

    doggie101, posted

    Here's an idea that might sound like a goof...but I'm serious. What would happen if you put "POP ROCKS" in that cylinder and added a wee bit of water? It would be interesting to watch...lol

    dogweener, posted

    If that were a Leech, it would have latched onto her clit and started sucking blood.

    ponypoker, posted

    Those look like earthworms, by the way. Was the sound lost somewhere in conversion? The prequel had sound.

    Komsomol, posted

    NIce try to come up with something weird and different. Unfortunately, it didn't work. Another fat chick. Where are all the young, slim animal loving girls?

    Viking25, posted

    You're forgetting half of the people who're into animals/leaches in the first place are fat, hairy cunts who can't get laid so they resort to animals. Why's everyone on this site an idiot? There's one yet to be answered.

    nikorikopiko, posted

    Why did it have to be a fat, nasty hairy cunt bitch to volunteer for this experiment? Is this what we`re reduced to? Geez

    jayko, posted

    Sooooo....when is some woman going to shave her pussy, rub it with honey, then sit on an ant nest. That could be kinda fun to watch =)

    dogweener, posted
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