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    women dino sex hot greasy and full of a lot of action. Cumshot on her back, full close up deep penetration long as cock, hairy and mabye european. obviously someone in a costume, but very sexual

    Uploaded by horseyboo · Rating: 2.6 (126 votes) · 64523 views


    I knew a girl who was into zombie fucking as she wanted to be fucked by one, I bet she would love this as well.

    hairyseeker69, posted

    This a very funny movie

    koepeldak, posted

    looks like spielbergs work.

    KoolStoryBro, posted

    how did they keep a straight face?

    rollupp, posted

    Looking to suck-off well-hung dogs and horses, in the Mid-Canada area, for my first time. Also seriously considering "losing my virginity" to a good pet! Please contact me asap!

    1seximama, posted

    bad to watch

    amitaba, posted

    Lmao! Complete turnoff, but a great laugh.

    stridingdog, posted

    ROFL what a loser movie :)))))))))

    anonymdansker, posted

    More likened to Dildosaurus...with long, unkept claws that hosts bacteria.

    adultflea, posted

    This is an excerpt from some cheesy porn movie from the 1980s (not the big hair of the blond getting the load from a green Barney). . . .The action is low level porn with grainy photography and the awful (e.g. bad) dino costume. There is one glimmer: when the faux dino climaxes there is seemingly green love juice pulsing again and again across the blond's ass and back. . . .since I appreciate my man's cum as much as my K9 lover's--this cum bath is somewhat stimulating. . .otherwise, don't bother.

    morgan_faye, posted


    zomglolol, posted


    hbjst, posted


    hbjst, posted


    hbjst, posted

    Barney finally does porn.

    msinvet, posted

    What is great about a movi with an idiot who is dresed like a dinasure .For gods sake; where is your mind?

    ja69, posted

    i love this one its really erotic :)

    lovemee, posted

    great one!

    lovemee, posted

    great one!

    lovemee, posted

    Big Bird's ancestor...Hey! There's '-cest-' in the middle of that word! Just noticed...: We all should take time out to be silly every day: Adults should devote an hour or two and kids at least five or six depending on age...WAIT! I mean kids should BE kids not participants in this mode of life...'K?

    abl72lok, posted

    Really...Thats a costume?

    busterknot, posted

    Barney....the porno

    vincemoon, posted

    This is cheesy, but funny.

    jayko, posted
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