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    Beautiful Asian Sucks Dog


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    WOW Here we have another, perhaps the most beautiful asian coaxing the cock out of a big black dog. The close ups are great and in my humble opinion there is no more beautiful woman in the world than Asians. This lady is no exception, she is gorgeous . It looks like its filmed in a prison with all the bars in the background along with a larke king size bed. I would happilly use that with this lovely lady. Then the dog cock is seen dripping as it is expertly licked by this lady. She is good at this and clearly enjoys her task. A beautiful set of breasts, great lips and wonderful black eyes all add up to a wonderful clip. in a word EXCELLENT

    Uploaded by renhoek · Rating: 4.4 (1078 votes) · 99381 views


    Ohhhhhh I wish I was doing what she is doing!

    lilbud200, posted

    It is quite obvious she enjoys her time with such a beautiful cock....there is nothing more sexy than sucking lovingly on such a sexy dog cock and feeling his release fill your mouth!

    lilbud200, posted

    Very nice! But ridiculous they censor the insertion.

    KennyCopafiel, posted

    I loved seeing the cock dripping of cum into her mouth. Tasty!! She looks like she is really enjoying it- I know I was. I wish it did not end as she was about to plunge that wonderful cock into her cunt. It left my cunt steamy and wanting more-especially that well hung doggy cock.

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    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, I love sucking like that! I'd love to take him in just like that!!

    lilbud200, posted

    Heiss....das wird die muschi wieder feucht....wer fickt mich und leckt mich?

    geilemuschi65, posted

    God damm, she is so hot. I almost cumed, as she was licking the balls of the dog. And then I really cumed as she was licking the sperm. GREAT VIDEO :-)

    alef55555, posted

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    Spinelli69, posted

    Oh that would be worth the wait coaxing that nice cock out of its sheath....very nice cock and she knows how to suck....oh I was wishing that was me!

    lilbud200, posted

    great, one of the best movies here, but why the shadow before her pussy?

    mirojo, posted

    oh my gosh more videos need sheath worshiping like this omg the way she treats the sheath with her tongue hELLO. thats what i want to do with my tongue and lips but with more swallowing. ahhh my dog penis dildo does not do the real thing justice. i can only wonder what it feels like!

    livingdoll, posted

    It ended just when it was getting good. I wanted to see that cock in her pussy filling her with cum.

    ewilson, posted

    Hot fucking video! Beautiful woman, great cock on that K9. I would have had to rip her clothes off though!

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    mastiffdog, posted

    Once that neautiful cock came out she worked it well. It is so hot when they cum like that for you. Wishing I had my lips around that beauty7

    lilbud200, posted

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    OMG..I had to rub my clit!! that was super HOT!!

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    That is some amazing head she is giving that big lucious DC!

    breeder09, posted

    FUCK!!!! When is the next video..I would pay just to see her...She soooooo SEXEY..And sense iv been on this site ,which has not been long.. Iv seen a lot of women pretend to suck doggy DICK but none like her.She puts them all to shame.HOT HOT HOT..MORE MORE MORE..

    letmeecmor60, posted

    wow very very hot

    tonloc173, posted

    Typical commercial crap...

    CyberWolfy, posted

    doesn't take the knot...shes boring....doesnt swallow all that cum...shes boring....hellooo animalsexfun...actually has girls swallowing WHOLE and taking knots...wtf is this shit?

    marylasher122, posted

    mmmm very horny! made me cum

    marksuffolk, posted

    it takes a while to get the cock to erect

    pangetkaboy, posted

    Great video!

    SuperMeMN, posted

    yes! the best!

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    thats simply the best ever ive seen on here , wanna see the whole thing

    ballsblue, posted

    very horny movie!

    Prasak, posted

    I love to watch asian women have sex I get horny just seeing theme fuck and all that cum nice.

    Dell360, posted

    it would be grate to see this girl letting the dog not her and watch her deep thout the dog all the way including her swoling his not

    slipere, posted

    wow she is very pretty, and she look to enjoy the sucking of this dog cock. is little voice is very sexy, it so exciting .... she enjoy the sperm and swaloow it ...... very good video

    david040, posted

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    It amazing girl was beautiful but we can not see her fucked by the dog .

    samsonsam123, posted

    Really want to find a girl like this to have fun with... her and her pet.

    Pussiple, posted

    i would love to see the rest of the vid where she is doing the dog plus the bed in the back i would use the so we could have even more fun with the dog

    inuyasha86, posted

    Name: Risa Murakami

    kain_80, posted

    Excellent, that's what I'm talking about!!

    paulo100, posted

    wish i was there helping her

    Speed2454, posted

    Took her awhile to get that boy interested but then she was rewarded for all her efforts with a nice cummy facial. Too bad it wasn't longer. Would have loved to see her fuck that nice cock.

    wineman123, posted

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    I must to try that one day. Moram ovo probati.

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    yes yes!nice i want that cock in my cunt its perfect

    SipDD44, posted

    Before you meet the dog, go learn about dogs first. You seem to think, that dogs must like, what people like. Well, they don't. So, go learn about dogs first. I love asian women, especially, when they like dogs. She was very aware of the camera. I was already thinking: how hard is it, to give a dog a hardon? And then... whammo... he has a hardon and she starts sucking it. That was SO fuckin hot! And whammo... I had a hardon... wish she was here, to suck it for me. L A T E R ! ! ! 29 animalpsychologist 3.

    cleclego, posted

    eine sehr hübsche Asiatin, sie ließ sich Sperma vom Hund ins Gesicht und in den Mund laufen, schon stark. Ob ich es machen würde weiß ich nicht, bin sicher zu jung für sowas, wenn ich mal so alt wie die Frau da bin evtl.

    Mausekind, posted

    i would have been hard in 1 second, real hot lady,big cock,heaps of cum, great movie. where can i meet her and the dog.

    itsme1234, posted

    That was fuckin hot! It started out a bit slow but she really sucked his huge swollen cum squirting cock,very nice!***** 5 stars

    breeder09, posted

    I love asian women, I love asian women who love dogs more

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    The girl is so wonderful..Wow!!

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    5 out of 5, but the stupid dog must be a fag or something, because it took him 2.5 minutes to get his dick out with all that coaxing! It took me a few seconds of watching this to get hard. Girl was hot, I loved her sexy outfit and she sure knows how to suck a cock!

    jackf9, posted

    This is great, she was HOT HOT HOT and they way she sucked that cock had me wanting to join in. Worth watching

    traps27, posted

    oh my goodness!!!!WOW

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    Wakkawakka2, posted

    there is something hot about an asian chick talking sweetly as she does something naughty, and then there is something fawking hawt about an asian chick sucking/fucking a pup and talking softly Boing!! BOIng!!

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    tc8, posted

    WOW AWESOME no need for subtitles I am signing up after seeing this one want to see whole movie I just hope I can damb hot right now thx

    lonely77er, posted

    mmmmmmmmm so much cum i love the tast of a dogs cum so much

    pinkcunt, posted

    god..what is she saying?!!!

    hotdawginit2, posted

    its a fake cock!

    lukenlinda, posted

    great girl and great piece of cock on that lab. she love cum

    fredpotts, posted

    By far the best I have seen! Whether she is an actress or just an Asian beauty enjoying herself and loving her dog, she gets the message across that she LOVES the dog. The dripping, stringing jizm is a plus!

    bijousucez469, posted

    •Aluzky• Good video, though I agree with Nekkofox, I rater see real zoophiles on home made videos than look at commercial porn with paid actors that don't love dogs. Also, the miss the part where they masturbate the dog >_> and spiting all the cum on the floor, is not sexy.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    best movie on this site!! Nekkofox - u gotta have your eyes checked, or maybe ure just a racist fuck.

    EvilWolf, posted

    This was bloody awful. How in the name of whatever deity you worship did this get a 4.5? You get ONE MINUTE of her actually blowing the dog. Granted, he spurting pre all over her face, but that doesn't make it a good movie. And Jesus Christ, will she NOT. SHUT. Up?! I hate this crap. She's obviously in it for the money, not because she enjoys this, so whoever wrote the review up top needs to be cudgeled with a brick for his stupidity.

    Nekkofox, posted

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    gerard007, posted

    i want a girl hot like that i would so be in her as she was sucking that dog or she could be sucking me as the dog was fucking her hot pussy

    mrbill63, posted

    Possibly the perfect movie. OMG!

    fortytwo_au, posted

    I would have liked to see the cock starting out of it's sheath

    chrls, posted

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    Sampik, posted

    Wow...ouff...nice lady .Dog loves !!!

    lecossais13, posted

    i would love to drink him and her, wow ee

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    one of the best videos, very nice girl, a wonderful cock and her whispering is so hooooooooooooooooot. i like both, this is perfect, exzellent.

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    bitchboi52, posted

    Oh Risa Murakami, is there anything you won't do? I had no idea she did bestiality, but I'm not surprised; she does quite a bit of femdom, usually pegging, and it's all every bit as sexy as this. <3<3<3

    Suichi, posted

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    rosellemike, posted

    I won't take as long to get hard for her

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    deonesdeones, posted

    Superb film. Lighting and camera work is expertly done and the lady is obviously in love with her work. Her sensuous lips lovingly coaxing the jucies from the dog was a sight to behold. If there's a more attractive Asian girl out there doing this type of filming, I have yet to see her. Long may she continue giving herself (as well as her audience)so much pleasure. Betben.

    Betben, posted

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    ThisMan, posted

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    This clip still rocks, even if it is professional.

    jayko, posted

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    tiberious, posted

    god god i wish someone could translate that movie into english... i think i heard her mention my name!! lol lol

    shaymca, posted

    I wonder what took her so long to get his cock out of its sheath. Wish they had started this clip then and funish ed it with him fucking her and cumming in her cunt.

    cincinnati_bi, posted

    This was extra ordinary. An amazingly gorgeous woman sucking a huge cock. The video was clear and she definitely ws enjoyng it. You could tell she loved his cum in her mouth too. A must see. Would love to see part two where she rides him.

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    Scarletslut, posted

    Dog has a nice cock, but she's (as usual with the asian movies) totally clueless. She can't even jack the dog off properly to get him hard. The unseen (as usual) "dog handlers" get the dog humped up and hard off camera (as usual.) Pitiful performance. These movies are about a cute girl "lowering herself" to "dog level" and this apparently turns on the asian market. I think beast sex should be about mutual pleasure and not subservience and debasement.

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    tonktaf, posted

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    cincinnati_bi, posted

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    Prasak, posted

    Beautiful. Sultry. Erotic. This byte is much, much, much too short. How we would love to watch her really go to work on that thing!! Even so.......quite exciting!

    sucez, posted

    I haven"t read any of the other reviews but I gave this one an awesome rating. The woman is beautiful with great tits. The shoot is clear, good angles, and very good sound. But the awesome part is the woman's attitude toward the dog. She is treating him as an equal and actually making love to him. In the beginning of the clip she is caressing his cock through his sheath and licking his balls. Even though he is not getting an erection she starts licking and sucking his sheath. It is so hot! She appears to be licking the tip of his cock through the opening of his sheath. The cut is made to her licking his now fully erect cock . She is looking right at you as he squirts into her mouth. She takes it completely into her mouth and lets all the fluid drool out of the corner of her mouth as he keeps pumping his pre cum. The film cuts off just as she has changed positions and is above him squatting to slide his cock into her pussy.

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    seaman37, posted

    Such a good clip, it's a shame there aren't more of it's kind on the internet, at least not easy enough to come by. Could hardly contain myself when the cum started to pour out of him, into her mouth and onto her face... ...my heart is still beating fast, and all I want is to see the rest of the clip. Hope I can find the clip of her fucking that dog. If anyone knows of any other videos like this one, please let me know xD The woman in this is really beautiful, just as the name of the clip suggests, I'm curious if I can find more videos with this woman in. <3

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