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    Dog And Teen Making Out


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    I like is one alot. next time i hope she wil make more and hopefully take it a few steps further. the dog seems big enough it should be quite intresting. other than that it should also be longer so we have some more time to watch it. its basically about a grl who loves her dog and is intrested in making out with the animal. she has a husky and licks its mouth as she its licks hers. she is definitely getting into it near the end and you can tell she wants it to conitinue. she holds the dogs scruff around his neck while she opens her mouth accepting the dogs tongue into her mouth. he licks for several seconds and waits for her signal.

    Uploaded by ninegale · Rating: 3.8 (270 votes) · 78486 views


    hope she knows where his tongue has been

    icicle, posted


    hotduck1234, posted

    cnt see

    biggregwere, posted

    Very beautiful young woman. Who seems to be in love with her dog. From the way they act--they have been doing it for quite awhile. I would love to see them do it and watch her being knotted buy him. I,ll bet they have quite a few times.

    kojak, posted


    xmfjp, posted

    second time seeing this girl kiss a dog so hot.

    pacman1978, posted

    wat the fuk is da point of dat... white people are so fukin nasty... she gagged too lmao

    aesasd, posted

    wife does this all the time with our dane.

    blylvr, posted

    pretty girl

    kodok1993, posted

    mmm such a turn on from pretty hot teen

    lovedog222, posted

    Gorgeous girl. Kissing just rocks. Very hot

    idesire, posted

    shes cute

    jfay, posted

    o yeah, this is a good turn on, like to have seen her playing more with her lover.

    babytommy81, posted

    Videos like this one are hotter for me than a girl with a "dil-dog". It shows passion and a concern for pleasure of both partners. I would like to think that there is a longer version of this movie where these two join their lower halves as well as their upper.

    TZwolf, posted

    she is a very beautiful girl

    lpitts, posted

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    sascha1910, posted

    geil hoor amai!

    kangeroe, posted

    whooooow so sexy. Thanks.

    dogandmom, posted

    I *need* to see a video of this girl getting fucked silly...

    Serukai, posted

    That is fucking sexy...

    bottle99, posted


    JUNKHEAD224, posted

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    beastgirlsex, posted

    sweet and innocent... :)

    daddysslut, posted

    girl was reallly hott

    B4Buckey, posted

    nice i love doing that and i just got done doing that with my dog

    ilovedogs24, posted

    so loveble!!...very pretty girl and dog....!!awesome!!

    Carlos1988, posted

    hot xx

    alrightybabes, posted

    where can we find this full version please? i CAN TRADE.

    PetcoFetish, posted

    The girl is HOT, would i like to join in there ? oh boy

    colenick, posted

    Hot, oh! so hot I love a dog kissing a girl and this is good.

    donny42, posted

    now thats love

    gdlpsw, posted

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    scotteyy, posted

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    southflexx, posted

    mmmmmmmmm id love to kiss that k9, our tounges flicking against each others. then let him claim me

    slavetok9, posted

    OMG! I loved it! She is so beautiful but very young. She wants some cock around here! i want to see more if you post some too

    az-silverpaw, posted

    hey beautiful girl add me on msn XD big__dick@live.it

    asfalto, posted

    mmm very hot, wouldn't mind seeing a little more from these two

    sexyboy4u, posted

    thats love

    mexboynate, posted


    idohorse, posted

    this is hot and yummy! i want know them!

    magda_lezz00, posted

    i wanna know her

    barryman43, posted

    very good,i like it

    mudang, posted

    aww this is cute...i do this all the time with my bf (my dog). He makes out with me for an hour sometimes.

    pyatt, posted

    very good,i like it,i want to see moar!

    beastyboy6969, posted

    OMG! I loved it! She is so beautiful but very young. She wants some cock around here! The dog does not get into the womb, no cock does man or beast and I should I have had bathe many times, and as for the knot it feels great inside, My Dane shoots a huge load in me all the time but never the Womb

    ZiR0, posted

    Girl is BEAUTIFUL! This is a great clip, nevermind the fact that there's no actual sex. Definitely one of my favorites.

    jojenkins, posted

    The key word is "teen". The thought of teen girls letting dogs go down on them makes me throb! Girls in their mid teens are at their absolute peak of beauty and sexiness. Unfortunately, they are also off limits. As much as I'd like to, I'd never touch a girl under 18. The thought of a beautiful teenage girl letting her dog lick her pussy, asshole, nipples and all over, is the hottest thing imaginable to me.

    Viking25, posted

    That's cute, she seems to be enjoying herself

    mangler510, posted

    a very erotic warm up, beautiful girl.

    nogueira, posted

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    by_jinekolog, posted

    I think I know this girl... o.o She has the exact same dog too...

    Irudnir, posted

    wow my pussy throbbed watching that

    terrizugzug, posted

    Again, audio could have made this something special. The girl was cute, and didn`t seem to mind that the pup had just cum in from eating a pile of cowshit.

    jayko, posted

    Love watching that. for some reason I find that more erotic than anyone being mounted by a dog.

    shteve, posted

    I really liked this. The dog and girl are beautiful and kiss very well. We need more videos like this. I think it would have been better if the did a little more than make out ;) but the movie is good as it is. I reccomend this to anyone looking for a quick fix. I've masturbated to this video 16 times and didn't get sick of it once. I honestly think it's the best video on this site. My ownly irk is that the lighting is a bit dark. Besides that everything about this video is perfect.

    dude102, posted

    i wish i can meet her and fuck the shit out of her then watch the dog take a trie i wish i can meet her and fuck the shit out of her then watch the dog take a trie i wish i can meet her and fuck the shit out of her then watch the dog take a trie i wish i can meet her and fuck the shit out of her then watch the dog take a trie i wish i can meet her and fuck the shit out of her then watch the dog take a trie

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