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    Beautiful Woman Fucking Dog


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    A nice (and so lucky, I'm quite jelous to admit)lady fucked and licked by a brown dog. The clip is short but nice,it starts with a good mount and tie where you can see the dog's ass pulsating to spread all of his semen inside the lucky woman, and ends with the view of the massive dog's cock and a great licking! The sound is missing, moanings would be very welcome and I wasn't able to see the cum...But it's still a good movie. Maybe we'd love to see more from this great couple!

    Uploaded by salax · Rating: 3.5 (856 votes) · 162495 views


    i can`t see a beautiful women, she has a nice ass, not more

    mirojo, posted

    I'd love to have been in her sexy ass and feeling the dogs cock knot rubbing my cock as I came in her too.

    rokmon, posted

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    blueyedcwby69, posted

    Great clip! n She definately knows what she is doing! Would love to fuck that ass of hers too....

    junglejohn, posted

    That dog would've fucked her again and again. Nice big cock on him too

    rokmon, posted

    i need to congratulate his lady for knowing how to fuck a dog - lettinng him turn whilst knotted. most women dont do that. doing so really adds a taste and lets dog feel he is fucking a bitch and act naturally. Thanks

    qhuma4321, posted

    Dully is amazing!

    impala, posted

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    raven2426, posted

    wonderfull!! you should have slid your cock into her ass at the same time

    spartan6996, posted

    Woman and her dog making love wonderful and we see him pumping his sperm into her beautiful vagina and locked inside of her to keep the semen in her ;p

    mehoff, posted


    animalka_66, posted

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    blueyedcwby69, posted

    mhhh da wird meine muschi wieder nass

    geilemuschi65, posted

    Liked seeing the cum being pumped into her pussy. would have liked to see more cum dripping out.

    ewilson, posted

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    Baebunny, posted

    Damn nice video, even without audio! Great looking pussy and ass, nice penetration. Good clip!

    junglejohn, posted

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    coryhogan, posted

    Any girls out there wanna fuck a nice guy with 8"? I love licking cunt and asshole.

    larrys-pc, posted

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    mmffnnff, posted

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    henchman71, posted

    Great job on filming,just love resl homemades.Anytime you want to throw some else in there,even to do be the cameraman just let me know.Thanks for this video.

    1billy4unow, posted

    I would love to lick the doggy cum out of her pussy...be covered in dog cum! She is so lucky!! Anyone have a dog I that wouldd fuck me?

    lynn7272, posted

    Really fuckin sexy

    sjohnny99, posted

    Such a beautiful pussy on this woman( nice lipps) and her lover has a nice big cock on him loved to see him pulsating inside her welcoming pussy to ejaculate his sweet doggy cum sound would have been really nice but a good movie.

    breeder09, posted

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    guyyug, posted

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    hotrod167, posted

    Nice bod, this could have been great with audio. Nice slow extraction....

    jayko, posted

    The dog knew what to do and did it well. Liked to have seen some more evidence of cum

    farmtrev, posted

    Would luve to have this dogs knot in me!!!

    doplzcuminmeg, posted

    Mmmm, she's got a great ass.

    tazman99, posted

    lucky bitch to get bred like that! very good to allow the dog to use you as he pleased. would love to get that into my pussy!!

    timula, posted

    great movie

    alxandru, posted

    Great movie,but only if it had sound would it be greater..

    Chachaicko, posted

    uh. the title says beautiful woman fucking dog but we cant even see her face wtf. umm i give it 1 thumb up. whoever made this video was just thinking about themselves and not the viewers. ;[

    beastmaster707, posted

    Very nice and what a well hung boy he is! Love to see him knotted in that pussy with his asshole clenching which means hes pumping that eager pussy full of his seed,lovely.

    breeder09, posted

    Love watching a fat girl get fucked

    kinkyhorsefuck, posted

    the video was misstrey because there well no mounting and cum come out of the pussy.only thing is the knotting is some thing awesome to see the dog pump cum,

    samsonsam123, posted

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    summitkid96, posted

    great knotting,,,,,,

    mousemat, posted

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    animallover107, posted

    die you sick animal fucker!!!!!!!!!!! all of you scum should be wiped out of existents.there should be a genocide for you sick bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you blue waffle cunt

    darkmonkey19, posted

    that was hot loved the close up of her hot pussy with his dick in it !!!!!!!!!!!

    chuncee, posted

    love to see k9 having his way with beautiful woman nice knotting and withdrawal

    jdw142, posted

    I kept browsing the video for this 'beautiful woman' couldnt find her =C

    ds2k9, posted

    Not very good at all !

    petesfolly, posted

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    summitkid96, posted

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    looking64, posted

    What the livid fuck? Where was the mount? It went from her jerkin' him to his knot being in her...where's the in between? Where's the fucking? This was boring as hell! Yes, knotting is awesome, but the action it takes to get there is the real gem of a film.

    fmalovr420, posted

    nice pussy good knott and lots of cum!!

    bigdamo09, posted

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    ilovetocum, posted

    it sucks

    patch, posted

    id like to knot her and id even clean her up after like the dog did

    ttach, posted

    •Aluzky• Video should be named "beautiful pitbull fucking a woman"

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    quiero coger,,y tener sexo con ellos hermoso culo, y deliciosa la verga del perro,,caliete mevoy amasturbar...

    virginiadelhoyo, posted

    i wanna pound her amazing fat ass while the dog slurps her pussy......fuck i just came on my keayboard...

    TheRealAldea, posted

    sound would have been nice,so would a long shot,but not bad for what it is worth checking out.

    mcnesby, posted

    Quite hard to se what hppens in the beginning. I takes a while to understand what it i you see. And i can't see why its titeled Beautiful Woman, the only place you can see she is beautiful, is in the title.

    PolleNy, posted

    i bet she was moaning... wish we could of herd her...and cleaned her up at the end nice

    jamesgg, posted

    you could see him pumping her pussy with cum

    fredpotts, posted

    Really didn't get to see him fucking her but did see him knotted injecting his cum in her wanton pussy.

    breeder09, posted

    nice but no sound

    assdoc, posted

    O' that looks so so good

    bordoux, posted

    bon chien!

    Sampik, posted

    The pull out is so hot, I wish there was sound.

    ilovecreampies, posted

    What a beautiful pussy which in turn deserves that huge throbbing dog cock knotted in her and then he licks his lover clean,very nice.

    breeder09, posted

    love, it, all but no sound. the dogs knot looked really tight, so horny all the licking he wanted to do after pulling out. also loved the girls pussy and shaven ass, so hot, even the sexy stretch marks! this is how it's done people!

    browneyedog, posted

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    zengestu5, posted

    •Aluzky says• Nice video, though it needs better illumination.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    beautiful pussy ,I like it

    246748ajacs, posted

    It's nice, not to often we see good ass to ass shots

    mangler510, posted

    beautiful pussy soft i could fuck her in the ass at the same time

    usa26, posted

    what a masterful lover he is and suck a beautiful cock...i want some

    mmmlike2watch, posted

    What a lovely thought: to be helplessly locked to him until he has completely sated himself. And then, joy of joys, for him to lick you with such wonderful brutallity. What a dog he is! And what fun she probably had, too!

    pats69, posted

    Great cock & knot Beautiful pussy & ass, looks like he pumped her full of cum.

    olderbi, posted

    That was beautiful. I'm so jealous.

    Decemberist, posted

    what a lovly fuck mmmmmmmmmmmm

    bilgerman, posted

    really nice close ups nice withdrawall shot

    woodcock, posted

    wow great i wana lick a pinky like tha

    yaz_boy, posted

    what a beautiful cunt and a beautiful cock

    kiario, posted

    dont like dildoing, love missionary

    mizzk9, posted

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    kangeroe, posted

    Wow love the pull out what a big cock.

    rookiegirl, posted

    exitant tout ça je suis du quebec

    Sampik, posted

    lucky dog fucks that nice pussy and than licks it clean.

    fishlover, posted

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    rolrex, posted

    I love how he's pushing his snout into her pussy, my dog does that and it feels amazing.

    rookiegirl, posted

    I love how he's digging his snout into her pussy, my dog does that and it feels amazing.

    rookiegirl, posted

    Fuck and Lick Great.

    adc4you, posted

    Verry good like the fact that the dogs as hole pulsated and that he was a good boyand licked her clean

    babydollaz, posted

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    manbearpigss, posted

    Very nice i would love to fuck her now.

    ghantry10, posted

    deliciosa...lindo nó...

    legislador1, posted

    linda demais

    klebercicera, posted

    how do you know shes beutiful..u dont see her face!!?

    sy30sw, posted

    muy bueno

    fernanxxxd, posted

    Eine wunderbare Fotze, ein herrlicher Hunde Pimmel, was will man mehr? Wer in Germany / NRW hat real mit Haustieren Sex und lässt mich erstmal zusehen, später evtl. auch mehr...?? Diskretion ist selbstverständlich!

    gutnichtschnell, posted

    For a bigger girl she sure has a nice strong pussy to hold him inside her that long, would love to be next so the dog could clean me out of her after I loaded her up, then I would sit back and watch him mount her again.

    becauseican, posted

    Great vid. Love the knot in the lady and watching the dogs ass pusating while he pumped his cum in her. The lady has a beautiful asshole and pussy. The dog was well trained and enjoyed fucking this lady. Need more vids like this one.

    cherokee429, posted

    Nice but could'nt tell if she took the knot or not and no doggy cum leaking from her cunt hole but dog does like licking pussy!

    breeder09, posted

    Where was the fucking part and where was the beutifull woman part?

    luvbunny, posted

    damn ....to be your neighbor. mmm

    curious_chick, posted

    poor lighting and no sound. could have been great; what a let-down come to pet-animal-lovers.groups.live.com for petsex chat

    hamilton2, posted

    where was the beautiful woman? what a piece of shit

    edwardc, posted

    nice i so want a dog in me can any1 help me add is lesley_boyfield@live.co.uk

    lesley, posted

    Not bad. At least the girl did'nt take a crap on dog. And the dog ate her out well so her boyfriend can do her.



    Peterpul, posted

    What a gorgeous dog. He's one of the nicest looking studs I've seen on this site. Go, he's incredible, and that cock is amazing.

    rottx, posted

    I so luv'd seeing that nice hung dog tied in her cunt like that n pulsing.. mmmmmmmmmmm i want that SOOOOOO BAD... nice pull out very gentel.. nice hung male stud there.. n devine cummm lickin after..

    luvs2sqrt4u, posted

    I`m new here and don`t get all the different lingo like tie, I kinda get knot but when you tie what happens??

    debdog, posted

    beautiful?.. just be honest and put "FAT" in the description next time.

    dustman5000, posted

    very beautiful, nice visual wish i could hear other then that perfect video i love watching the dog pulsing as his hot cum is pumped into her

    lickmykitten, posted

    Nice, wish i could meet and make friends with someone into pets and sharing

    ced, posted

    would have loved to tongue-fuck that honey's asshole...looked like she's had a few dicks up it and opened it wide...maybe the dog dick up her ass would have created a 'sound wave' that could have increased the visuals 10 fold

    gfnme, posted

    Now that was nice. They both got what they wanted Lick that bitch, then dick and knot it, then lick it again.

    jardypop, posted

    Great great!! the way they are tied with the dog pumping his cum in her. Taken with normal house lights on which makes it a red colour and no sound it would have been nice to hear her when they were fucking.

    smutpets, posted

    beautiful butt with red knot. great

    panchakumari, posted

    wow! she is one lucky lady, I would love that 2 b my pussy! the video made me so horny, wish I could find a dog like that to help me out!!!!!!

    kcfucd, posted

    very hot vido, love this one.

    IsabelRose, posted

    where the beautiful women then ???

    madcyril, posted

    Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful

    246748ajacs, posted

    this isnt the best but i wont complain. If anyone wants free pics or clips send me an email at zach8892@gmail.com. Hope to hear from some of you

    Micka8892, posted

    DOGHAULER. Great movie almost wish I was a male dog. But I'm not. Wonder if the lady needs some help shaving her pubic area.

    DOGHAULERS, posted

    she has got a hot pussy though!

    xanadu, posted

    This realy is crap. A total waste of time..

    DebbieX, posted

    i must have some dog in me,, because i always lick my cum out of a girl after i fuck her ,,mmmmm x

    nytro, posted

    Really not much to see here,except some asshole

    edwardc, posted

    A nice (and so lucky, I'm quite jelous to admit)lady fucked and licked by a brown dog. The clip is short but nice,it starts with a good mount and tie where you can see the dog's ass pulsating to spread all of his semen inside the lucky woman, and ends with the view of the massive dog's cock and a great licking! The sound is missing, moanings would be very welcome and I wasn't able to see the cum...But it's still a good movie. Maybe we'd love to see more from this great couple!

    Candylovesdog, posted
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