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    Taking The Knott


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    Good knotting

    Uploaded by muffdiver92275 · Rating: 4.2 (264 votes) · 58336 views


    Oh man i want to see this video, help me out. Nothing turns me more on that a girl getting orgasm from a dog, please!!

    balooo, posted

    Nothing more sexy than a nice big pussy swallowing a dog's knot, and holding him, too.

    vonCaldwell, posted

    so exciting

    daddysslut, posted

    my pussy came so hard watch this great job waiting for another one great job guys

    jaxoffme, posted


    hereme007, posted


    hbjst, posted

    I did not write SPAM! I wrote: f*($#%king hot!! LOL

    K9_Curious_CDN, posted

    knott so bad.. lol! :)

    kitten2, posted

    good dog good video

    246748ajacs, posted

    great movie

    benandbow, posted

    How I would love to dive into that lovely looking pussy. Very nice. Goog knotting as well.

    smiley1956, posted

    good but like to see the whole scene

    gotownn, posted

    mhmm. my pussy is so wet.can't wait till i get a dog

    moltobella, posted

    makes my pussy wet

    daredevil5, posted


    hbjst, posted

    mmmmmmm love the knot and her moans. me next

    brittneyok, posted

    Vary nice, great footage, love her moans when he begins trying to extract his knot.

    jayko, posted

    veryvery beautiful show, a very nice knotting

    frany1953, posted


    hbjst, posted

    Thats prety hot!!!!

    halo4u2, posted

    Damn...what a fine lookin pussy...packed full of cock ...luv a cumshot pussy...that was awesome. really goood eatin muff...Robin

    sharintoys, posted

    He acctually tries to fuck her more and get deeper for breeding! In the end she holds that cum in her as bedt she can!!

    mehoff, posted


    hbjst, posted

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    aboadres, posted

    WOW best knotting i have seen to date..luv the pop and the young ladies...little sex noises..she makes when getting too much cock...beautiful little pussy ...sure would like to eat that cumshot pussy..grins or ride that cock...Robin

    sharintoys, posted

    WOW best knotting i have seen to date..luv the pop and the young ladies...little sex noises..she makes when getting too much cock...beautiful little pussy ...sure would like to eat that cumshot pussy..grins or ride that cock...Robin

    sharintoys, posted

    if you listen closely you can hear a suction cup effect. Nice video

    Doggystyle1703, posted

    great knotting video...wish it had some slow motion to show the knot pull out better...but definietly a 10!

    bb_dds, posted


    hbjst, posted

    i really love it seeing the beautiful knot inside her

    sapphireailish, posted

    Looks like she has a hot wet pussy even before the good fuck from the dog. She really enjoyed the fucking and I enjoyed watching. Wish I could be her.

    2lvdogcock, posted

    yummyyyy ummmmmm im craving alrady

    cajeta3829, posted

    Good Video. She obviously loves what she's getting and looks and sounds good getting it.

    rock7150, posted

    can i have her pussy i want to cum in it

    freelander2007, posted

    oh i want him inside me then he can lick it all up x

    allwomanbaby, posted

    Actually, as far as I know, there's still a small chance of a zygote forming... it simply won't last past the first few cell divisions. Horses generally get the most cell divisions when breeding with other species, but still nothing noticeable.

    Sugi, posted

    good video i like it ! she does have nice pussy!

    littlebit3860, posted

    I love dogs mating with human females it just seems so natural and it's so dam hot when she gets a tie and turn as he's pumping her with his cum with the intent to impregnate her. Shame it doesn't work that way. If he only knew he probably wouldn't bother.

    mehoff, posted

    mmmm can i have some?

    Trinitysama, posted

    OMG I wanked so hard watching this over and over...what a body.....and loves the cock. 10/10

    beastman481, posted

    I wanasuck on her pussy lips when he's through beautiful woman!

    mehoff, posted

    Very nice and tight pussy he pulls out and she keeps his puppy makers inside her.Loved the tug o war when shes is knotted with him Hot!

    mehoff, posted

    I love the sound of a dog cock popping out of a tight pussy!! the feel of it too!!

    interested4life, posted

    beautiful pussy on this bitch. It looks very tight and young. perfect for milking that knot.

    knotsqueezr, posted

    I LOVE watching women mate with male dogs!

    WomenAndDogSex, posted

    So hot

    ErinLucy, posted

    Where is all the South African Beast lovers. Contact me. let_me_do_you@yahoo.co.uk

    let_me_do_you, posted

    Awesome ride..and pull out gotta try this

    sharintoys, posted

    very nice knotting also pretty cunt on that Bitch. I liked the sound that knot made cumming out of her.I feel like letting my dog mount me now,see ya.

    moresa44c, posted

    WOW! Yum- nice work

    curious_chick, posted

    Sweet! That what its all about!

    harleypoor, posted


    ak-74, posted

    I think that's Summer's cunt. She's spectacular. Sooo hot.

    atsfrr, posted

    very good very short thank you

    bigdogontop, posted

    Excellent quality video and great content.

    kcx11, posted

    the hottest movie ive seen.. makes me want to fucking that pooch. and i love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love hot dock cock inside my pussy.. ill eat the cock and take it all down me throat.. This movie would be one of the best ones on the web sitr and i think the angle is quite good for the knot to be shown.. i would take that cock any fucking day and she looks like that she is loving every second of it.. good on her. cock lover..

    ruby1524, posted

    A good clip with an excellent knotting. A sexy girl with a gorgeous pussy takes her dogs knot nice and deep, with what looks like some assistance from someone. She moans when the dog starts to pull at the knot, showing just how tight her pussy is around it. Not sure the dogs is fucking her so much as her "helper" is pushing him into her to help finish off her orgasm, but the angle is good enough that you can see her pussy contract around the thick cock. Near the end of the clip the dog finally pulls out and gives us a nice shot of her tight hole gaping slightly, and dripping mixed cum. For just over a minute, its a great knotting clip.

    badkitty273, posted
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