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    Pattycakes At Home Alone With Poodle


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    Well it certainly opens wit a great view of a lovely pair of breast on a shapely blonde. We are very aware from the close up of her vagina that is a well used and experienced part of this ladies body. I suspect a very comfortable and great experience it would be too. Now the little dog begins to do his part and he is only at it briefly befor there is an interuption as the pup nedds mre "honey" or "butter" to be on the job again. The close ups during this interuption are great, clear and exciting. the sound is good and the blonde is clearly enjoying herself as she encourages the dog and gains the most pleasure for herself by assisting with her fingers. Pretty cool !!

    Uploaded by suave430 · Rating: 3.6 (583 votes) · 97604 views


    pretty package.....scar marks from what appears to be breast reduction and a full all the way around the wait tummy tuck..is so, hard to believe the results...beautiful pussy lips and clit

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    nice pussy I wanna lick her as well

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    Hot video, she has nice big tits and a nice big clit too.

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    Really good licking clip, thanks for posting.

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    best clip on here

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    Xprettyy.....why you lying??? ur profile clearly says MALE....I hate people like that!!!

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    Xprettyy, posted

    Its not bad...nice body and audio.

    jayko, posted

    Very nice! Great pair of tits on this lovely woman, and an incredible cunt to go along with them. Nice licking! Keep up the good work!

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    Im a 19 y/o male, college freshman in north florida. I just got a male pup, and I am looking for a girl thats also in college to train him with. i've never done anything like this and I would like it if you havent either. it may seem a bit wierd, but I wont be "involved" so its not so bad. we can take it slow, talk for a while before settling on anything. maybe it can turn into something more if we connect. once we decide on everything and we both feel comfortable, we can talk about setting something up. -John

    zettles, posted

    plastic tits and a road kill pussy, no wonder she has to bribe the dog with grease to get it to eat her stinking pussy

    woolaston, posted

    anyone n San DDiego

    wma53ca, posted

    no thats not an abused pussy, thats a great looking, long lipped, sexy bald pussy that has made some men and animals very happy. That is a great looking pussy, when it looks like that I enjoy tongue those alot.

    sexycassy, posted

    i hate fake tits and lock at this scars, shit cheap work

    fuirs, posted

    The lady is gorgious . I love to see pretty girls with there dogs because it shows " pet sex is not an act of desperation " she could have any man she wants , but she still likes her dog

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    Calgary, Canada, anyone? I'm horny for a cock, any cock, to fill my wet, wanting pussy. I have a camcorder, let's make a video!

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    pussy like a cow :D

    mishek, posted

    that pussy has been abused LMFAO

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    that is one nasty looking pussy!!

    Riverchick, posted

    The camera was a bit shaky, but other then that it was good.

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    fit as fuck wow thanks for showing me that horny as hell now x

    blueboy86, posted

    •Aluzky• Since poeple have mention it before, I also think her pussy looks ugly, it may look better with fur covering the ugly parts. PS: I like to see lover having sex with no tricks involved, not arousing to see a dog eating his diner from a person body.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    die perfekte möse, geile titten und ein süßer pudel, was will frau mehr, geiler gehts nimmer

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    Love the way her pussy hangs open!!

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    watching dogs lick pussy mmm

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    Jesus Christ (seems to me, I just started a commehnt like this, not too long ago), Pattycakes has got one hell of a beautiful body. And she's got about the most beautiful cunt I have ever seen. I don't use superlatives lightly (or else they mean nothing). So, when I do use them, you can be sure it is, what I say it is. ABOUT the MOST beautiful cunt, I've ever seen. I LOVE her innercuntlips! It's the innercuntlips, that make her cunt so beautiful. I've seen such lips before, in fact I save their pics, ev'rywhere I find them on the internet, but hers are exceptionally beautiful. And she's got beautiful tits too. Bought or not, they are beautiful. The dog was not impressive. I have seen dogs, lots of them, doing a better job. But that cunt... those lips... I just LOVED seeing them. I wish I could press my nose between those lips, press my tongue in between those lips. I wish, I had a tongue as a giraffe, that I could shove all the way into her cunt and lick her whole cunt at the inside. But that is just wishful thinking. A dream worth having. animalpsychologist.

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    mmmm lucky dog

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    rolrex, posted

    Dont really care for fake breasts.. never have , never will.. feel an looks to weird.. kinda a shame, im sure she had beautiful tits befor she let some guy cut em open an put silicone or some shit in em.. not cool.. this vid sucks... juss my opinion tho..

    FlickLickMyClit, posted

    What a beautiful woman with a beautiful,beautiful perfect pussy! I want to eat that fine good lookin pussy!Its a #10

    breeder09, posted

    good puppy lol

    damtrav, posted

    good video, she is gorgeous, great tits with large aureoles and nipples plus a beautiful cunt with a great labia enclosing what looks to be a large erect clit, very, very, nice

    bulldog42, posted


    mrbill63, posted

    ha ha darkmonkey19 signs up here to post comments like that? oh well, i doubt any of us true beast lovers really care what you have to say so really you're just wasting your time! now, onto this clip, i love her pussy and the eager white pooch is really attentive to it, clearly must love the scent and taste. but i can't get past the massive long ugly surgical scars on her breasts. such a turn off, their shape is ridiculously cartoonish and the scarring so bold. why anyone gets implants is beyond me, hate them, and when the end result is this bad it begs the question even more. i love all natural women who love their pets honestly and not just for show, on cam, when the cameras aren't rolling too. i doubt most things about this vid and really am not at all turned on by it, regardless of how hot her pussy looks and how much the doggy is doing a good job. what a shame :/

    browneyedog, posted

    die you sick animal fucker!!!!!!!!!!! all of you scum should be wiped out of existents.there should be a genocide for you sick bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you blue waffle cunt

    darkmonkey19, posted

    i think u a lucky gal & wonde where u living ????

    truleytruley, posted

    she is hot pity she didnt spread her shithole for a tounge lashing love seeing women doing this and alot of them secretly do it.

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    i want to lick your pussy and great boobs 2

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    Gorgeous pussy lips, how I want to suck it !!!!

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    Gorgeous pussy, large pussy lips and clit how I want to suck it mmmm, cannot stop watching this clip!!!!

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    fuck me

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    great body lucky dog

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    as usal the bonus area is poor end wityhout inintres

    yefimia, posted

    great dog great pussy

    bestvibrations, posted

    Id love be there next to the poodle we could take turns licking that beautiful pussy

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    her pussy made my pussy wet, lovely !!!!

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    what a beautiful pussy and those tits wonderful

    fredpotts, posted

    I want to take the dogs place....gorgeous pussy!

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    LADYJ71, posted

    really nice

    delbezy, posted

    Thats a nice pussy, needs more than a lick. You need to be fuck.

    willievel, posted

    By far one of the best videos yet. U can see the dogs tongue lashing that perfect pussy over and over again.Incredible,amazing,the girl too,she's gorgeous and loving her doggy licking.More please.Thanx

    roverover, posted

    ich auch bayerng

    etu, posted

    lol at the end it was a private web cam show

    pokeking, posted

    super frau super busen und die votze, die schamlippen und die clit, total geil, ich möchte der hund sein

    bayerng, posted

    lovely girl big boobs and nice pussy would not need honey or butter.

    ralhper, posted

    i love your fat lips

    Spells50, posted

    would love a 3some

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    nice pair of pussy lips...would love to see it close up and spread

    Sondie, posted

    anyone gujju lady

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    nice lick

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    She is loving every moment!

    Chummer, posted

    Try a golden retriever. They lick pussy without needed butter. :-)

    reggy, posted

    it like K.F.C. finger licking good.

    jokersam, posted

    wow hot

    smallrob, posted

    molto bella e interessante vedere cime gode facendosi leccare dal suo cane. devo provare anche io

    giuseppina, posted

    this was great..nice breasts

    cmscutiepie010, posted

    damn she is hot...i would kill to see her bare feet!!!

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    hot girl cute dog

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    thats one hot sexy pussy can i like it 2

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    look at this chick on this site and tell me if they don't have the same tits, exact same nipples, and face, and she's also a teen camgirl named Pattycakes. i think it's her, but she's not doing beastycam from this site. anyone know a good beastycam girl, pm me the info please. right on.

    southflexx, posted

    love her body very hot love her pussy to.

    ghantry10, posted

    Her boobs aren't fake, they have been reduced and reworked, and by the looks of the rest of the body, she has had other work done to achieve the current form.

    becauseican, posted

    hot hot..was wollt ihr den,sie hat geile dicker lippen und großer klit zum lutschen gut geignet,bin eben so geil geworden,nur frauen melden bitte

    ebrusch, posted

    look closer at her boobs you can see the scars around her nipples and down bottom of tits fake tits

    antton, posted

    wow, i not a fan of fake boobs but wow those are nice!... sexy heels and big meaty pussy!? hot! :)

    deraven, posted

    eh...not my thing. not a fan of fake tits or using "treats" to get licks. She appeared to enjoy it tho- so good for her

    curious_chick, posted


    hotman1969, posted

    very hot... i imagine its an intense orgasm...

    daddysslut, posted

    that is a gorgeous pussy...love the fat lips

    billy_clyde2000, posted

    that is one good lookin pussy i would love to lick it my self before or after the dog

    dillondog, posted

    Yep, She has so much clit,there maybe no room for dick


    my what fat pussy lips and clit, Im surprise lil poodle didnt chew on that fat pussy....

    k9chik, posted

    um. ew. wtf. no.

    hotamale, posted

    Young hot female from FL looking 4 fun. Message me if interested ;)

    fuckmehardbaby, posted

    Nice pattycakes. But, She should have used the usual man sized container of syrup from her boyfriend first!


    wat a babe lovely pussy great tits oh wow wat a lucky dog

    dogfucker03, posted

    good doggy and hot pussy, but those tits are marvelous and so huge .....yummmmy

    fredog51M, posted

    that is one of the most fucked out cunts I've ever seen and she has hideous boob job scars. Ick.

    Decemberist, posted

    ...huge pussy lips being licked by small k9 on this slightly overweight hottie

    tonyk9, posted

    Her rack looks fine to me, and those lips, the bigger the better, more to suck in and play with. I think she should bury that butter deeper inside and part those lips, maybe some in her ass. Nice clip, thank you, hope to see more of her.

    auggie_dog, posted

    hahaha the comments on here are funny as hell!!

    zoocartoon, posted

    i love those big cunt lips...lucky dog

    coonycoondog, posted

    Her pussy is disgusting

    freakhh99, posted

    Eine sehr viel benutzte Pussy, aufgepumte Titten, aber toll verdorben, weil sie ihren Pudel drann lässt. Würde gerne bei einer Frau mal live zusehen, bin aus Germany.

    gutnichtschnell, posted

    i dont care if she is used or abused. lol. shes hot. nice big tits..

    wagamanel, posted

    Would love to get my mouth on her cunt lips!!

    cockhound5150, posted

    Damn she's ugly

    acabadra, posted

    guys her tits look weird coz shes had a boob job..(not a very good one)

    manbearpigss, posted

    Wow! Big tits and some very big cunt flaps! My wife is much older and I share her all of the time. Her pussy is well used and stretched too, but I think this young lady has her beat!

    Bigeightincher, posted

    I wish that dog was licking my pussy!

    kcfucd, posted

    thats some nasty ass tittys look deformed!

    fatbaby158, posted

    those are nice breasts! Wish I could chat with a girl that looked like that... doggybondage69@aol.com

    doggybondage, posted

    a nice cake and great tits on this girl. if we do come back from the dead i want to come back as a dog. hope my owner is a female though, not a male that likes to fuck dogs up the ass. you say that the female can fuck the dog (me) with a dildo? that may be so but at least i can get a pc of my ownner's pussy and ass and receive bj's.

    seivom10, posted

    that was fantastic, made me change my mind about small dogs

    kcfucd, posted

    can i chat with her?

    mrcreedy, posted

    Smoking hot vid!!

    K_million21, posted

    wow, i love this sexy bitch!!! i wish i can see her with some great danois!!!

    Prasak, posted

    very lovely lady and she is very into it thanks. not very often do you find a woman with a body like that that enjoys the action from a dog. She has amazing boobs and a very nice stomach. Just wondering if the dog is a male and if she ever returns the favor back to the dog. The sounds was a little quite but after a while you can really tell the dog was hitting the right spots. keep enjoying do thing with the dogs and making more of the videos comeing. Thanks again for the great video and shaing with everyone that has the same interest

    bigbuck15, posted

    Well it certainly opens wit a great view of a lovely pair of breast on a shapely blonde. We are very aware from the close up of her vagina that is a well used and experienced part of this ladies body. I suspect a very comfortable and great experience it would be too. Now the little dog begins to do his part and he is only at it briefly befor there is an interuption as the pup nedds mre "honey" or "butter" to be on the job again. The close ups during this interuption are great, clear and exciting. the sound is good and the blonde is clearly enjoying herself as she encourages the dog and gains the most pleasure for herself by assisting with her fingers. Pretty cool !!

    riumddd, posted
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