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    Woman Raped By Dog


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    If you are anything like me; the title got you going to begin with! Right from the start..the dramatic music got me hot! The huge K9 is barking so loudly and aggressively; you already know that he is about to DEMOLISH that little Asian pussy. The dog's master is laughing almost satanically as he releases the K9. The sexy beast immediately hops in for some hot fucking action! The best part tho is that the entire time there is a young female on looker who does nothing to stop it...although the little Asian rape victim screams and begs...but she does seem to enjoy it. Screams of pleasure if you ask me. This was the best one minute action I've seen in a loooong while.

    Uploaded by laladoggy · Rating: 2.9 (901 votes) · 559314 views


    Anyone know what movie this clip is from? The woman tied up in the chair is actress Laura Gemser.

    scooter206, posted

    His paws scratching her breasts would have been a nice touch. Leave scars. He needed to be more aggressive once on her.

    signe33, posted

    lov it wish could b there

    nailmesweet54, posted

    How is this rape, I do it with my dog for about 3 hours 3 times a say ;)

    Fuckmehpup, posted

    now turn her over so she can get anal raped ;)

    9inchwonka, posted

    If i directed that movie everry women would ov loved it!

    daddy-max, posted

    If any women in the Austin, TX area want a dog... I'm trying to train one. Inbox me! I love to hear stories too. ;)

    LesbianRiley, posted

    the description was bullshit, its obvious that someone doesn't have a firm grip on reality. this whole thing was shit from the beginning. the girl isn't even asian, the dog isn't fucking her and the laughing is nothing more than an annoyance. the description states that the onlooker doesnt nothing to stop it and oh how hot it is, she's fucking tied up and there's nothing hot about a cheezy 70's film that eludes to a girl getting fucked by a dog, more like asian hatred for white people. complete and utter bullshit

    asian705, posted

    I'd love to be tied up and have a dog unleashed on me ;)

    Kinkychick313, posted

    any1 in central pa with a doggy??? msg me ;-)

    plurkitty, posted

    Whats The Name Of This Flick

    topcoat69, posted

    Not Bad Got Hard :)

    topcoat69, posted

    Currently rubbing my pussy after watching this

    SpreadHotPussy, posted

    i want that for me .... tie me up, turn the dog loose

    WednesdayPussy, posted

    any females in tn would like an 8 inch cock msg me

    dogvet2765, posted

    Wish there was more, a cream pie scene and maybe better viewpoints. What was this from?

    zoozoo245, posted

    the laughing was too much, but what a great scene! forced to lay there and let a beautiful dog have his way with you!!! you have no control if he goes into your pussy or your ass, you are just his open hole to fuck. awesome! would love to be there, tied up, multiple dogs using me for their cum receptacle. even if it hurts, it's the most awesome thing that i could do to show these k-9's how much i would love to serve them!

    timula, posted

    what is the name of this movie?

    Jojonori, posted

    Like most it would've been better without the so called laughing.

    1billy4unow, posted

    Could have done without the guy laughing so much but OMG i want to be tied up and doggy raped like that. A Great Dane for me please, I can just feel his cock hammering my tight little cunt now, FUCK I'M HORNY. Guys who would help with my fantasy message me.

    belfastbabe, posted

    could have done without that guy laughing

    want2trynow, posted

    im not sure if this is a turn on or not

    iamtheman2, posted

    disgusting - no need for this

    jrpa, posted

    wish 2 see a complete clip like this...whauw...

    chat4More, posted


    xrc, posted

    the dude ruined everything....

    Hellraiser2000, posted


    nobodylikedog, posted

    that man laughing turned me off.

    camilla87, posted

    does anyone know the name of thismovie?

    wildrose1, posted

    any girls masturbating? inbox me

    oocumoo, posted

    i wud rape her myself

    dudemannn, posted


    bigdamo09, posted

    It would be better if it was longer tbh

    123Lee123, posted

    Anyone else find that Tojo laughing really funny? The Duck did.

    rontheduck, posted

    wow! hot very hot,,,plan on rping a similar scene with my man.after seeing this he better bring a K9 along to dbl team me mercilessly! mmmm lucky victim

    zimking2, posted

    It is great clip. Wish it was longer, and her screams of fear turned into moans of passion and pleasure.

    bluedestiny, posted

    the name of the film???

    rapeme88, posted

    Where are all the South African beast lovers? Mail be at george_herman@ymail.com

    NowOrNever, posted


    Fearkiller, posted

    We enjoyed this flick ! Hot !! Thanxxx !!!

    Kitty4horndawg2, posted


    egill10, posted

    That's my mum!

    davidlevine, posted

    you people r going to die :)

    alan361, posted

    Her legs are nice and spread for a person who is "not willing" :) Love this video. Wish I was her.

    BabyGirlx, posted

    do you have a complete copy of that porn i can purchase? it was hot as hell. contact me at rawknott@yahoo.com

    nsiderawbttm, posted

    hate the laugh love the movie

    blove, posted

    omg, seriously? this guys laugh is in my head now.

    Astarte, posted

    well is amazing to see such video and from a movies.

    samsonsam123, posted


    twister14, posted


    greek27, posted

    someone put a little imaganation into this

    wizard1000, posted

    how fuckin stupid

    Excellencey, posted

    Would've been better with out the little homo constantly laughing...

    Agog89, posted

    i like this movie more!

    r789789, posted

    would've been better with the guy gone

    lmnog, posted

    that was funny as hell would have been better with the guy gone

    inuyasha86, posted

    Nothing special I agree about the man laughting. Kind of annoying.

    Chantalprix, posted

    i was laughed at when i was made top take, but i didnt cry!

    bootedskinhead, posted

    not bad

    xiaoweiab, posted

    should have been made enjoyable than rape. the fellow's laughing could have been avoided.

    nagpet, posted


    pepos89, posted

    5 stars

    camuu, posted

    The camera missed all the action. should focus on the nice pussy

    dsx6, posted

    Did that Dog get to "FUCK" that young Female Tied-Up setting in that Chair ? ?

    cooksley.wayne, posted

    Oh I'm so wet after that.

    BabyGirlx, posted

    wow would love that to be me.

    cottee160, posted

    The dude was hilarious. But was the dog actually doing anything to her...like penetration? You can't see what he's doing to her, on the motion.

    zalyndiah, posted

    the laughing is goofy

    triceratops, posted

    was she raped.. I think she enjoyed it

    bindy48, posted

    why cant I find a website that shows women in bondage being forced to have sex with dogs (preferrably MULTIPLE dogs at the same time!)?? Does anyone know where I can find a site like this?

    casiopia, posted

    This was funny

    mooshoo123, posted

    Very entertaining clip, is there more?

    richarrjjj, posted

    That had everything I could want. I am wet now.

    davedays, posted

    it cool bitch

    Alberttovarjr, posted

    not to bad

    buster52, posted


    upyours123, posted

    I couldn't help but laugh right along with this guy XD!! So contrived and ridiculous. Wonder what corny movie that this was pulled from? Oh, and BTW--dogs don't RAPE anything......that's a human domain exclusively ;>)

    TZwolf, posted

    definately would haveliked this much better without the man laughing constantly through the whole thing. otherwise very hot. wanted to have someone tie me up and have a dog get off on me after i watched it. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm so awesome is what that would be!

    sexmaniac45, posted

    this was so freakin hilarious! XD

    serrta, posted


    LADYJ71, posted

    Low quality japanese fakery... Bad

    cockface, posted

    no me gusta

    gallopolveador, posted

    taena ang sarap non ah... sana ako nlng yung aso dun. puki palang ulam na!

    dachshund, posted

    i love movie rape and attached beauty

    franckp4, posted

    This is so funny!

    jesus20, posted

    This clip is from an old movie titled "Emmanuelle". It's a good movie w/ a lot of sex and hot chicks.

    scooter206, posted

    This video is a bet not dramatic type of fuck movies ,it more like a show and no fun at all.

    jokersam, posted

    Waste of time! You are hardly able to see the dog doing anything beccause the woman's leg is in the way during most of the movie.

    redridinghood11, posted

    the dog is the one that makes out here she gets the pleasure and he gets ti unload some of his puppy makers into her pussy right!!!!:)

    mehoff, posted

    what he laughing at the dogs getting all the action!!!

    iutoo69, posted

    The dog should be laghing at him he gets the hot girl to have sex with ;)!!!!

    mehoff, posted

    hey ik zoek iemand in belgie die dit doet en ik zou dit ook wel eens samen willen uitproberen mail mij op kangeroe60@hotmail.com aub groetjes

    kangeroe, posted

    The dog boning sweet but wtf about this vid. I could have gone with out the laughing jack ass. The screaming could have been better if she had showed some sort of pleasure. Fantasy rape is great but not real rape.

    majerleags, posted

    All girls need canine cock. My Anglo-Japanese daughter was fucked hard by six huge dogs on her fifth birthday.

    BILLYCORR, posted

    this video was alright would have been better if he had knotted in her...that would have made it AWESOME!!!

    1curiousguy, posted

    Tying up a girl and having Spunky do his thing is hot - for everyone! Fucking her hard after pup is even hotter - his hot cum inside makes her pussy so damn hot on your cock. This is a good clip. Too bad the dog's master laughs like a maniac throughout the clip. Turn off the sound for a better experience. :)

    pullatrain, posted

    i would love to be tied up and raped by a large dog like this

    knotincunt, posted


    tempchic, posted

    silly, but... who wants to tie me up like this?

    TLbeastly, posted

    i want to be raped by dogs as people are watching, i am soo wet right now

    littlelover, posted

    FAKEFAKEFAKEFAKEFAKEFAKE.....from a dog shut. Love Peggy

    MsPeg, posted

    well that was silly

    xxxcrowxxx, posted

    love this movie exept that stupid guy laughing all the time (its a real moodkiller)

    jarno, posted

    need to get rid of the guy and his sorry laugh,totally fake but action was hott

    B4Buckey, posted

    not a great lover of this

    ticker73, posted

    need's to edit out the fugly guy with nasty teeth

    axe_hole, posted

    sooo fake and two i wouldnt be screaming i be loving it

    diggerbgh, posted

    The idea of being raped by a dog...oh fuck that is delicious, I want to be made to scream

    dragonflychild, posted

    the laughing turned me off and was there penitration?

    westland, posted

    malo o muy malo

    abzoo, posted

    I have to agree with the "laughing idiot" remark...kinda killed the mood

    dogweener, posted

    XD Muhaha...

    Peterpul, posted

    the laughing idiot ruined it! ugh!

    kitten2, posted

    It was too fake and overdone. It was almost funny, but not exciting to me. =')

    Aislinn, posted

    As fake as it was, I sure would LOVE to be that girl!!! >;p

    nonamedangel9, posted

    AWFUL!!!!!the laughing was sooo silly,Uuggghhhh..shouldnt have been here, the worst one yet......FAKE IT TO YOU MAKE IT, but not on my credits

    k9chik, posted

    ok sooo fake and two i wouldnt be screaming i be loving it

    ilovedogs24, posted

    Fake...very fake but delicious!!!!!

    Mandica, posted

    Not too bad.

    shandalil74, posted



    what is the name of this movie

    cakes, posted

    shoot that asian wanker lrt the hound do both freo

    freo, posted


    unperfectbite, posted

    thang you

    totolata001, posted

    very nice upload more like that

    angelcross8, posted


    hbjst, posted

    How I wish it was me

    horsewhore2, posted

    this is a clip form Emmanuel II movie from the 70s, so it explains

    rikitiki, posted

    sexy ..verey cool..yaaaaaaaaaa

    moony9, posted

    Not a bad clip. Would love to be tied up and raped by a big dog ;)

    wantdognow, posted

    it is a good clip , i wants to be raped like this by a dog

    sumabitch, posted

    Worst fucking acting ever.

    coksucker0687, posted


    mikeymoo, posted

    I loved the way the dog is fucking the woman-he is really banging that pussy!

    hairy, posted

    To me it was a waste of time!

    DanishMale, posted

    Seemed Cheesy to me.

    krazy84, posted

    he needed to leave a little dna

    rayders, posted

    Fake and disturbing at the same time. The girl being 'raped' isn't asian, she's clearly blonde. The girl sitting 'doing nothing to stop him' is also tied up, obviously. This looks like a bad 70s clip from some messed up movie that never made it.

    wettighthot, posted

    it would be nice to see some penetration

    Imwhtim, posted

    I'd have to see the whole movie to make any real comment on it! But I did notice his cock never entered her pussy, was just sliding across her belly at least from what this short clip showed?

    petloverhere, posted

    It's a bit James Bond like but then the naughty version, including Jaws!! Very boring!!!

    Lenny2007, posted

    why i can only see free movie?

    nanb, posted

    It is my opinion that anyone that enjoys this is very sick..... don't get me wrong, I love my animals and my girls, but this is not enjoyable to watch, even tho it is fake......

    LilRed1, posted

    that you female onlooker who does nothing to stop it is actually tied to the chair she is sitting on but whatever

    09striker, posted

    looks like a stupid movie.... and of course that scene is fake.

    8crazyemotions, posted

    this is real rape! now we want to see the other girl in the same position, and see more close up of the penetration.

    hamilton2, posted

    very nice

    mohidsait, posted

    this suck!!

    thebetch, posted

    me encacantaria que me follase asi de esta manera un perro

    aliciacalida, posted

    dunno why she didnt like it

    bettykerr, posted


    piecemaker256, posted

    hilariously bad and great at same time.,, worked for me

    Wannatryit, posted


    goldengun1, posted

    so bad it's almost good

    sarlinas_sub, posted

    what movie is this from ?

    sparkydan, posted

    totally fake CRAP

    xbgold, posted


    hbjst, posted

    what crap...and what is up with that creepy dudes teeth?

    curious_chick, posted

    thats weirddddd

    Vicks1234, posted

    dude, whats with asian people thinking rape is sexy? oh wait, americans do too. is that why it happens to 1 in 6 women? THINK, people!

    leeseeloo, posted

    AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAH! nooooo! Nooooooo! let her go!!! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH, must have been hard to wright the lines for this movie ! LOL

    buttknot, posted

    Where's part 2

    Lurkio123, posted

    interesting idea, not so great execution.

    blindtuxedo, posted

    honestly.. dont see why women get upset. shes obviously got higher standards, which means shes an idiot anyway for thinking shes better than the pooch. sex is sex. lol

    zeebler, posted

    The girl is nice looking but there is no way he could have actually penatrated her unles she was higher off the floor nice try though:(

    mehoff, posted

    very sexy and interesting movie

    Danusia, posted

    boring fucking boring

    madcyril, posted

    I love the theme...production kinda sucks..

    jayko, posted

    It's going to happen to all of us one day when China takes over the world!

    Dripd1, posted

    this is from Emanuelle around the world XXX european edition, i wish it showed more though

    CyrelIzerius, posted

    That scene is from one of the Emmanuelle movies. I just don't remember which one.

    the.archer1213, posted

    horrible. All mounted. It looks like chinese movies. Worse production. It seen to have a hands man forcing dogs back to do scene. dogs didnt have interest in fucks this girl. just watch a real movie and u see difference.

    ms2115, posted

    Great little clip. It shows some originality and thought. Pretty cool how they show the different characters but I would have liked some closeups of the penetration,etc. All in all,a decent clip,far better than most I have seen here.

    sugaride, posted

    thats fucking hot, they should show more detail though.

    inthe48, posted

    How is the name of the film?? I love Laura Gemser!!

    dogkiss, posted

    I have seen better

    bvasquez, posted

    de situatie en het gebeuren is geil,alleen dat gelach hadden ze er uit moeten knippen :-)

    adisa, posted

    great video, love the evil guys laugh, his lack of cunning words and silly puns made the video alot better, shame their wasnt a creampie or any cum for that matter, and the other girl who just stared at the girl getting raped and didnt try to help her at all made me laugh. she slave should have been tied up into doggy with her ass sticking up into the air so the dog could fuck her harder and faster.would have been easier for better camera angles to see the dog actually fucking her. apart from that i loved it.

    jamesmars1, posted

    Interesting and I am curious what did this even come from cause what ever it is I would like to know to see if I could find it anywhere or anything if it even came from something to begin with that is? If it didnt come from anything the vid itself is still quite interesting in its own right cause it would be interesting if this did come from something to be able to find it on the internet some where and if it found maybe a link could be posted or somethign to this I dont know but still.

    Nekoboii, posted

    If you are anything like me; the title got you going to begin with! Right from the start..the dramatic music got me hot! The huge K9 is barking so loudly and aggressively; you already know that he is about to DEMOLISH that little Asian pussy. The dog's master is laughing almost satanically as he releases the K9. The sexy beast immediately hops in for some hot fucking action! The best part tho is that the entire time there is a young female on looker who does nothing to stop it...although the little Asian rape victim screams and begs...but she does seem to enjoy it. Screams of pleasure if you ask me. This was the best one minute action I've seen in a loooong while.

    cumon3, posted
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